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Finger Pointing – November 8th

8 Nov

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope it’s a beautiful autumn day wherever you are in the world. In Los Angeles it’s mid-70s and a little bit crisp, a lovely November day. I had such fun looking for standouts, and was thrilled to see there were a lot of super pages in the galleries today. Come take a look with me!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Two Sisters by britgirl

I said wow out loud when I saw this one! I love that whimsical drawn background, with the bees buzzing through the scene. The sisters tag stacked on the other tag on the side is a great accent. I really like the way the word art is clipped or taped down, helping to provide tone to the photo. This is just delightful.

Family by amien1

It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you convert a photo to black and white, isn’t it? I love that she kept the photo large too; it’s such a great candid shot. Nice angle to mix it up a little, great embellishments and really, that is a seriously cute dog. I like the simple journaling so they can remember the moment, and the handwritten font worked perfectly.

Winter’s coming by helenedubois

This is a very evocative look, I definitely felt the winter chill! Love the soft tones, and the curled framing. The watercolor effect is amazing, so that the background looks like it came right out of an art studio. I love that digital can mix looks like this.

notepaper by Zinzilah

Great back to school page, I love the focus on the child’s age in the stamp. Cute, whimsical feel to this, and it’s such a vibrant photo, it totally made me smile. I like the border work accenting the notepaper.

clam dissection by mocamom

This one gets points for being the most original topic… possibly ever! It’s a great, uncluttered design with a fun title and an interesting story. Isn’t that what scrapbooking is best for? Loved it.

Whimsy Christmas challenge by digigrandma

I love a good theme for a Christmas album! How cute is this?! I enjoyed that Merrilee shared that her great inspiration came from a grocery store handout! The little arrows leading us through the page are a clever touch. This is just fun.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love! Have a great rest of your week.


Finger Pointing — October 19th

19 Oct

Well hello and happy Thursday! Today is all about boys, apparently, there were so many fun boy pages in the galleries today! Oh, and just to be even-handed, we do have one girl in the mix! Sit back and enjoy, I think you will agree, these are some terrific standouts!

This is Liz J. , and these are my picks!

100% boy by silent ranks

I love that repeat circle theme she’s got going on here! What an effective way to lead us through the page. Great idea to soften the photo to a low glare black & white, it blends in and becomes part of the design just beautifully. Love that word art!

hide and seek by jcb6500

That background fade is very cool. The text on this is just darling, it made me smile ear to ear. I love that little face peeking out from the tree, and I can totally hear him calling to be found! The cut out diamonds and chevrons made a cool border to lead us into the photos. I like the font she used a lot, it’s nice to use a handwritten font for the title and text when the subject is so dear.

A New Chapter by craftytam

This page makes good use of a fairly bold polka dot, and it really grabbed my attention. The photos positioned right up against the edge is also a good part of this design. I particularly liked the imagery of him walking away from his mom to start his high school adventure – anyone who’s ever watched a child start school (at any age!) will get a lump in the throat over that sentiment! Again, this uses an appropriate font for the theme, which just ties it all together so nicely!

Street Painting by Anita

By looking over the artist’s shoulder in the photo, this scrapbooker was able to create a sense that we belonged in the scene with him. It makes me want to see how the painting looked when finished, don’t you? I particularly enjoyed seeing the photos of the model in the front of the “gallery,” and the onlooker nearby. The brick overlay is a way cool, artsy touch.

love this by RosetteShauna

I do love a creative real-life scrapbook page! The rainbow BIG HUGE sentiment outlined in white, and handwritten text border just pop against the black background. So effective! The curled, distressed papers used to mat the photo made a great backdrop, and I love the scattering of buttons and sequins glued all around. Super page.

Hug a tree! by kikimama

I just love the word strip/pp strips that Chrissy used as a background here! It’s a fun photo, and the big word art and big title match this big tree hug perfectly. Great colors, and love that epoxy frame!

Those were fun, weren’t they? If you enjoyed today’s posts, please click through the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great weekend, do some scrapbooking!


Finger Pointing – October 1st

1 Oct

Hello and welcome to October! I blinked and then it was autumn. How did that happen? To celebrate, I have some autumn joy to share with you, along with some great use of white space, a fun grid design, some winter magic, and some pages that just shine with love. Ready? Here we go!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Autumn Goodness by motherbear

This just grabbed my attention from the gallery, it’s such a gorgeous welcome to autumn! Love the black framed inset photos against the bigger background photo. Lots of great elements all working together here to create a stunning page. I can almost smell the season in the air. I love the use of the text and brush work throughout this page. Well done.

October white space challenge by bahtoy

What a great vertical design this has! I love the boy colors and boy look to this, partly because the design’s versatility would also allow you to swap out the colors for a different theme and it would work equally well. Great use of the black curly swirly elements to make the design pop.

Snow angels by mcurtt

Since it’s October, it’s time to start looking at winter pages again, right? I love that funny little tree on this, like you’d see on the counter at the hobby store (or craft store, in my case!). She did something quite clever with this particular color combination. I really like how the aqua pops off the gold background. When I looked more closely at this page I realized that it’s actually quite an old photo, from 1951, so this is a rather unique take on a heritage look. I like it! Love the white paint drifting down the page, like snow. Great text, too.

Authentic by Jaye4

I am a bit white-spaced challenged, I admit. So I was drawn to a second page for this post that made great use of white space. But this one called to me first because of its unusual subject matter – Guiness! Then I noticed all the cool touches, like the arrows and map paper and wonky brush stitching, and the sprinkling of confetti. Just a fun subject, that made me a little thirsty.

New Course by Sharon-Dewi

This artist had several really special pages in the gallery this week, and this was my favorite. I love how she documented her new teaching experience with so many photos of her day! And the little journal tags with the snippets taking us through the day with her are so fun, it makes me feel like I am right there with her. The map paper is a darling touch, and I like that she offset that with a pretty floral print and couple of well-shadowed embellishments. That is a great grid pattern to the photos too, with the right-hand column a different width, it adds a completely different dimension.

Seven Things About the No. Seven by hillareyd

I love pages like this. They are so fun to look back on later when the child is older. And we all know how quickly time marches on, making it easy to forget all the nuance of a particular phase. The design is so fun, with the squiggly bits and the repeat phrase surrounding the piece, and the great use of the numbers. Truly a standout!

That’s it for me for this first post of the last quarter of 2017, and I hope you enjoyed today’s picks too. If so, please take a moment to click on the linked titles of the pages and leave some praise. It’s a special thing to be a standout, and they all deserve the recognition! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – September 24th

24 Sep

Hello and happy Sunday! Today we have six wonderful, thought-provoking, feel-good, feel-contemplative, feel-scrappy great pages for you to admire. I think you will really like today’s picks. Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Date Night by spcoggs

What a great design! I love the way she incorporated the text around the word art. This is a terrific use of white space. The narrow word strip running along the bottom, and the cross-stitches across the top give it nice boundaries. Love that pop of light aqua in the heart flair to break up the monotone. The XOXO element is a great background behind the nice date-night photo. Plus, it’s a great story of love and marriage and a supportive family! Love that.

Grammy kisses by suzanner

I admit I’m a little biased about all things grandmother. Isn’t this the cutest?! I love the placement of the photo, and how all of the elements flow from that not-in-the-center spot. The whimsical drawn hearts and stitching combine in a fun way with the torn paper and pretty florals. I like that script text paper as background. All around a lovely design. And, of course, the best part is the love radiating off this page. Go Grammy!

2017 First day of school in Alaska by easyeyes4you

The thing I like best about this page is that the way she incorporated the inset photos with the large, similar background photo, gave an initial optical illusion of the inset photos being part of the background, as if they were repeated in the main photo. I love the artist touches with the paint brush, dripped paint and painted kid on the scooter. Great title work too. This is a fun way to celebrate the first day of school.

2017 goal by luan37

The title of this one caught my attention, along with the gold background. It’s a great, simple design with a simple statement. I’m thinking this was just something she had to say out loud, to help keep her on track while she finishes the year and decides what’s coming next in life. I really like this about scrapbooking, that we share with one another our goals and aspirations, our frustrations and joys, and it’s a safe way to vent sometimes, too. Love the off-kilter framing on top of the three different colored paper strips.

Currently by danceERB

I love this one SO much! Of course, that color scheme of red, white and black is quite striking, so it got my attention right away. I really love AAM pages like this one: quick, to the point, no nonsense, no fluff, just the facts, ma’am. Love those cute little whimsical journal cards that she used to tell us what she’s up to right now. The little bracket with the oops-I-missed-let-me-stamp-it-again date stamp(s) on the left is a super cute touch. The torn paper made a nice variation in an otherwise graphic-look page, and completely changed up the look. The folded heart is a fun detail. Love the quilted background paper. Great page.

Remembering Foxy by Christine Irion

And, to round out the wonderful feel-good pages of the day, naturally, we have a terrific dog page! Christine is an amazingly talented scrapper, so I was not surprised to find this wonderful doggie-tribute page in the gallery. I love the big word art brush she used on the white space in the photo! Great border work to ground the page, wonderful repeat word art, and the sentiment made me catch my breath. The whimsical dog elements are a fun touch.

That’s it for me for this Sunday! I hope you all love today’s picks too. If so, please click on the linked title and leave the scrapbook artist some well-earned praise! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – September 17th

17 Sep

Hello and happy Sunday! It’s hard to believe we are already half-way through September. School is in session, autumn has arrived, and the season is evident in the pages being created. I saw lots of wonderful pages in the galleries today, so let’s get right to them!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

school days by elwaechter

The angle on this page is quite the draw! I like the little group of b&w photos for the story of the child’s first school years, it gives this a vintage fun look. Great title alpha. All the little squares of school-themed patterned paper are the perfect accents. I like that she kept the angle on the short bit of journaling telling us about the star of the page.

Akaka Falls by NeelaNalam

Here is a great real-life paper page that uses some terrific techniques. I really like the vertical flow of the photo, using the full height of the page. The flair stickers make a fun border and add a fun tone. I always enjoy good use of word art this way. The list style journal cards gave her plenty of room to talk about this adventure, so she and her family will remember the best bits of their trip. That stripey paper used throughout gives this a great, cohesive feel.

Gloucester Buckets by Tamsin

At first glance I thought this “photo” had a very cool treatment, so that got me to take a closer look. It’s actually a painting that the scrapbooker incorporated into her page. What a clever idea! I can see using this in so many different ways with art work that you love. Great artsy look to this; I particularly like the stitching to the folded and torn paper, it grounds it nicely.

remember this by Bexy

This design is a simple, and an oh-so-fun way to use washi tape or strips of patterned paper! I really like the embossed look of the background paper, it makes such an interesting change to a real-life look from the whimsical feel of the stitched down paper strips. There are some other fun touches to this page too, the postage frame, the popped-out sticker word art, and the well-shadowed, layered flowers.

Lakeshore Leaves by AZK

I love the artistry of this page, welcoming autumn! Great perspective was created with the rake and the different types of leaf images. I really like the combination of styles, between the masked photo, the pencil line drawings and the stamped-look leaves. Wonderful poetry and wonderful fonts. Really lovely page.

US – T&Z by wendymck

I love the story of Wendy’s two daughters sharing a senior photo shoot! This is just beautiful, with the b&w photo and gorgeous colors in the paper and leaves. I like the framing with the stacked envelope paper, 2 cent postage strip and hanger. The blocked word art is a great addition, and makes great text.

That’s it for me for this Sunday. I hope you all enjoyed today’s picks too, and if so, please click on the linked titles and leave some praise for the artist! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing — September 11th

11 Sep

Hello and happy Monday! I am jumping in with a quick post. I hope you will love these picks as much as I did! Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Tackle by AnotherAmanda

There are four things I really liked about this page. One, huge fan of angles. It is simply amazing what a difference tilting things makes. Two, love the mix of different types of flowers, both of which are very pretty. For what appears to be a boy page, I love that! Three, the little bracket journal spot is just a fun way to break it up for the journaling. Four, all of the word art, spread out, stitched down, different styles, all together worked beautifully. And fifth (yes, I know I said four!) I giggled at the idea of the baby climbing onto her and tackling her while she photographed him. This is quite adorable and made me smile. Doesn’t get better than that!

precious boy by aly321

Another sweet boy page! Love the journaling on the lines below the photo. She created a great combination of whimsy with the wonderful stacked embellishments surrounding the photo. Seriously great shadow work! I particularly like the light wood embellishments offsetting the blues in this one.

end of summer by JustMel

Love the split look to this page. The tent is a great embellishment, and the journaling fits perfectly in all that white space below. Great use of the white space again in that gorgeous photo. I love the little half circles leading us through the page. The stamped date is a great final touch. This is terrific.

every photo has a story by faby33

Isn’t that the truth?! That’s an amazing look she achieved with the dark background and pretty white word art. I don’t know what I was expecting her to say about this, but when she said that the children and dog had found a new favorite hiding place – the trunk of the car(!) I knew this was a stand-out. She could have scrapped this any number of ways, but the effect with the unusual stage-lit photo treatment was just a super technique, I am just wowed!

Between the Pages by jessicalynn01

Well, start them young, I say! Love that book pattern for the background, all the bright colors, and the fun glasses frames. The stacked folders with the genre tabs is a very cute touch. Love the title alpha, and the little journaling card that mimics a library card. Just darling, I loved it.

Remembering nine-eleven by jw

It’s hard to believe it’s been sixteen years since this terrible day in history. My last pick of the day is the most important. This is a wonderful tribute page, well done. I love the way she incorporated the drawn buildings, that’s a beautiful touch. Thank you for creating this one.

That’s it for me for today! If you liked today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – August 16th

16 Aug

Who’s in the mood for a little whimsy?! Me! I just love feel-good pages, and today’s picks are all about fun. We also have a bit of vacation-y adventure too, and to finish things off, an awww look-at-the-cute-dog page. Come take a look, I think you’ll enjoy these too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Best Friends by shawnbear

This page makes wonderful use of an unusual color combination that totally works. I like that she found a way to incorporate that sunspot in the photo into the focal part of the circle enveloping the two friends. Great use of bubble wrap paint, layering and I love that whimsical grid paper! Nice font for the simple statement about the length of the friendship, too.

Can’t People by Keely-B

Hilarious use of the journal card and the great whimsical background paper! I love the sentiment and the pairing with that very expressive photo. Very fun use of the smattering of elements, well placed and well-shadowed. This made me laugh out loud, and that always gets me to look closer!

Water Adventures (Canada 150) by joannebrisebois

A fun example of a designer using her own products! I love the whimsical touches with the dotted line and bracket framing, and the loosely painted and scribbled background. The numbering system intrigued me and made me want to see the rest of the album! This is a terrific vacation page, loved it. It’s particularly effective on that notebook style template.

Together is the Best Place by Missy Whidden

How fun is this real-life paper page?! Love the very artsy painting for the background. That stitched heart is the perfect jumping off point for all of the other great embellishments she used. Converting the photo to b&w worked perfectly here, and it just pops against all of the colorful bits behind. I particularly liked the use of the word art at the bottom, which made for a happy statement.

Arya Snuggles by RebeccaH

She had me at snuggles. Look at that face! Okay so part of why I loved this page is that she used imperfect photos. I love when people use imperfect photos creatively, or baldly, just putting them out there, because they capture a moment that you just couldn’t let slip by, in a very real life setting. The little alpha dripping down, journal tag and all the whimsical elements make a nice balance. I liked the dark mat polaroid style of the base for the photos. Cute little date element! I really loved this one.

On the Road by sarahorton

I couldn’t resist this vacation page! I love that key line word frame over the large photo, the little rectangles of patterned paper leading us across the page, and all of the great travel embellishments. Such fun photos and great vacation feel to this! Nice use of word art. And, it’s a great reminder to take pictures of where you are along the way, loved that she included the highway sign. Super design.

I truly hope you all enjoyed today’s picks too! Please click on the linked titles to leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great rest of your week!