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Finger Pointing — January 28th

28 Jan

Hello, and welcome to the end of the weekend! Wherever you are in the world, I hope your weekend was filled with fun and creativity! Today’s picks are all about animals, kids, and fun. I hope you will enjoy today’s picks, come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

No Problamma by bcnatty

Oh, this page is so darn cute! Great use of the whimsical background, speech bubble and fun embellishments. The word art is adorable, as is the photo. This is just a darling way to document this fun outing!

Little Lamb by Danesa

This is a fun style for a creative outlet: digital painting! I love the subject and the whimsical feel she generated with this artistic endeavor. Couldn’t you just see this framed and hanging in the breakfast nook, to start your day? Very charming, and a nice use of word art too. Love it.

Baby, Baby by lencik_vredniy

I love seeing innovative ways that people find to document milestones. What a clever idea to use the calendar as a giant mat to lay the baby on! This is an adorable collection of first year photos. I particularly like the emphasis created by the last one, where the baby is crawling off to start the day…! The banner across the middle grounds the page nicely, with the photos seemingly haphazardly placed (which was probably a lot of work to get that look!). So much fun, well done.

Fluff Butt by Chippi

The design this template provides is so striking, and this artist filled the swirls perfectly with the beautiful coordinating patterned paper. But it’s that bunny that really makes this page wonderful! The trio of buttons strategically placed worked well to lead us through the page. I like that the photos are unframed, that made a nice change after the framed, cut-out effect of the template swirls. Such a cute page. I hope the bunny has its own scrapbook album!

Fave Moment by Missy Whidden

I love the doodly style on this page, with the painted stripes, handwritten line of text, stitching and stickers. And did you notice, this is a real life page, not digital! I bet this was some work to put together, and she did a great job balancing whimsy with the black and white photo. I would love to scraplift this one digitally!

Life Doesn’t Come With a Manual by tammielsmith

I am wrapping up today’s posts with this stunningly beautiful page. The design and colors are so lovely, and the photo is delightful and pretty. But, it’s the text and title that drew me in. She said what we all feel about our children, and said it really well. I also really like the gesso look on the background, combined with the light doilies. The border work at the top and bottom are a nice balancing touch. Such a beautiful page!

Weren’t those delightful projects? I hope you loved them too. If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – January 8th

8 Jan

Happy Monday! It’s such a treat to tour the galleries after the holidays! So many wonderful pages, so many wonderful contests, so many wonderful ideas! Today we are mainly keeping it real with some good story-telling, both in words and in design. There’s humor and love and color and beauty, all the things I love about scrapbooking!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Hello, I’m Janet by Janet Long

Okay, that’s just clever, isn’t it? I love the extraction (check out the shadow for her paper doll!!!). The lines of text with the arrows leading into the doll are hilarious, imaginative, fun, fun FUN! I just love when someone creates something original and interesting and resourceful, and this one takes the prize! Great job, I absolutely love this. And I totally agree that every piece of clothing should have deep pockets, well, yeah!

The snowblower saga by jodegaard

This page drew me in with all its delicious winter-ness. I like the large background photo with the trees creating a scene for the inset photos. The text is a nice tribute to the artist’s altruistic husband, who uses his snowblower to do good deeds in their neighborhood. Because of the journaling, the page came to life for me, and became so much more than a wintery setting, it became a true-life good guy story. I so appreciate reading the stories behind these pages!

Little Moments with You by Carrie1977

This page gives the appearance of being light-hearted, pretty and fun, and indeed the design is all those things. But, the text tells us that there was a more serious real-life experience happening here, with a child in the hospital. I love that she documented the moment this way. She kept it real, and the important moment can be recalled in their scrapbook, but at the same time the design is light and uplifting, just what you’d want to convey at that moment. Love the border work and use of white space. Terrific shadowing on this page! This is a delightful page, both for its design and for memorializing the experience.

Hello 2018 by ctmm4 (aka Candy Moe)

There is no shortage of New Year’s pages in the galleries this week, so it’s a hard thing to narrow down one to showcase. I particularly liked the colors on this one. And I liked that she used slightly imperfect close up shots. There is something so effective about a good tilt on a page! This template provided a nice home for all the important bits, especially the story of their celebration! This one had a poignant realization about her kids not being home for many more celebrations, and I loved that she scrapped that sentiment.

February 2016 Snow Day by Glazefamily3

That stripey triangle made all the difference on this page! Plus, you’ve got to love that smile beaming out from the page, it just screams get on a sled and ride! I like how the gray background stacks against the white foreground, and grabs the attention of the b&w photo. Sweet colors and effective use of little paper bits. The stars leading us down the page are a good finishing touch.

Currently by Anke

Anke has a lot of wonderful pages in the gallery so it was hard to pick just one! No one can convey a good artsy scene like Anke! A good dog page is always going to win any contest for me, and it has the extra benefit of Anke’s artsy touches too! The wintery feel is made so much more fun with these great snow-dog photos. Love the design, colors and big, bold word art on this one.

I hope you all love today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing — December 14th

14 Dec

Hello all you lovely crafty people! I had so much fun looking through the galleries today. All of the holiday pages are really putting me in the spirit of the season. Today we have a fun mix of Christmas, Christmas, more Christmas and one really happy just-because page! Come share the joy.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. I hope you love them too.

Home for Christmas by Arte Banale

Agnieszka is one of my favorite scrappers, she is SO talented and creative! I could study her pages for hours. I love the inset photo of the cookies on top of the drawn house, it’s just so evocative and homey. I can just smell those cookies! Just beautiful, I love this one.

Handgemacht (DYD day 12) by Rikki

How special! This artist incorporated a hand-made card from a friend onto her page. It turned into a super, pretty, whimsical, fun page. Love the font for the title and the drawn ornament embellishments. And what a lovely tribute to the friend’s artistry, preserved forever on this page.

Happy by AnikA68

You have to smile at this fun page, don’t you?! That masked photo just screams joy. I really like the layers of texture, color and patterns used around the photo, and it’s the perfect word art too. Very fun page.

Merry everything by ferdy

The digital-ness of this page really caught my attention. There are certain things that can only be accomplished by scrapbooking digitally, and when it’s well done, it’s just amazing, like this page. The incredible shadow work makes that hohoho accent really pop, looking like a digital die cut. I like the word art extending across the photo. The unique stencil background really caught my eye, that’s a very cool lighting trick from top to bottom. A very festive and fun page!


Santa (C2C 2017: day 2) By LeeAndra

I find posed Santa photos very difficult to scrap, so I am always on the look-out for clever ideas like this one. The colors pop right off the page on this one, and such a great combination of colors they are! I love the circle cut out frame, and the text circle and doodly line circle surrounding the frame. Beautiful wood look print for the background. This is so fun with the bold beautiful big announcement of the big guy running across the page.

In the kitchen by seniorgal

I really enjoyed this one. Great whimsical not-traditionally-Christmas polka dot background, which lent this page a unique, original feel. I love the look of concentration on the little baker’s face as she criss-crosses the cookie with the fork! This post is great inspiration for all the holiday bakers, and a reminder to keep taking those precious photos. The small mats of plaid, stripes and floral papers worked well to give the photo a home.

I feel like baking Christmas cookies now, how about you?! Weren’t those fabulous?! If you loved today’s picks please click on the linked titles and let the scrapbooker know you appreciated their work. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — December 2nd

2 Dec

Hello and happy Saturday! I admit that I started my search for today’s posts thinking I would steer away from winter pages. It’s so early in December still, I thought there might not be many posted yet. But, wow, those galleries are just filled with gorgeous wintery pages, so I was quickly persuaded to show you some of the standouts I saw. And, of course, there were a couple of surprise, fun non-winter pages too, just to round things out.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. I hope you like them too!

Winter Wonderland by Rosey Posey (aka Lorilei Murphy)

I found the circular design on this real-life paper page very appealing! Some things are easy to do digitally, and not so easy in paper scrapping, like circular elements. So I have to give her credit for a well-balanced and fun design. Love the puffy alpha for the title work and the whimsical elements that create the circle. The muted tones of the elements work well to keep the focus on the bright photo.

Dear Santa by Adryane

Okay, I give up. I started out this post thinking, “It’s too early for Christmas pages, I’m looking for something else.” But, seriously, who could go past this hilarious page and not call it a standout?! The elf is adorable, anchored to the page and shadowed in such a lively way. The text made me laugh out loud (more than once). For those of you that do December daily albums, I admire the tenacity and ingenuity these take. This is a great page for the album, well done.

Peace by Kythe

Wow, this is so pretty, isn’t it? I love the crackle effect on the reindeer, and the glitter overlay. That one shot of color in the midst of the trees creates such depth. Just lovely. Great shadowing on this page.

Gingerbread disaster by cinderella

Great story on this one, and I really enjoyed the bold use of an unusual non-traditional color scheme for a Christmas page. I really don’t think the house looks bad, by the way, and I’m sure it tasted fine! The IKEA flat-pack gingerbread house concept just cracked me up. Great use of the button sprinkling and whimsical touches, and nice shadowing on this page. Fun border combination between the stacked paper and doodly line border. I hope she won’t be so put off by this experience that she doesn’t ever bake another gingerbread house (although from the date on this, I can see that I may be encouraging that too late already!).

In Review by ErinShannon

I loved the theme of this one! Congratulations to this artist on getting her Associates’ degree, and even more so for continuing on the path toward a Bachelors! This had a lot of fun touches, the pencil and jar, the doodly circles and border, and the list numbers, which I thought worked well best because she largely ignored their list-i-ness, and used it as a jumping off point to give it to us in straight journaling.

Travel by Mielz

Mirjam is one of my favorite scrapbookers, I think she is amazingly talented! She turned this scraplift into something very special. I like the black and white conversion on the one photo in the foreground, and the map paper adhered to the coin frames was just perfect for this theme. So pretty and austere! I feel like I am on the sea looking out the window of the cabin at these amazing sights!

Weren’t those wonderful projects? If you like them too, please click on the linked title to leave some praise. They all deserve it! Have a great rest of your weekend!


Finger Pointing – November 26th

26 Nov

Hello, and welcome to the last day of the four-day weekend in the United States. Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and gratitude, and that is just what I felt when looking through the galleries for today’s picks. It’s wonderful to be part of such a terrific community of talented, creative people! I just loved what I found for today’s post, and I hope you do too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Polaroid & Selfie by purlz76

I SO love a good hybrid project! This is a wonderful combination of an All About Me style-composition, and a fun real-life planner. The quirky combination of journal cards pasted (literally!) into the planner make a fun read. I like the idea of the monthly selfie page; that would be fun to look back on later as a reminder of your style that month. I also like the coloring she included to fill in some of the blank space on the pages. And, I appreciated the presentation, including the markers, scissors and glue in the photo. This made me happy.

Zoie-goggles by destiney1

This totally made me smile! That little face peeking out behind her self-made goggles, is just the cutest! I love this design, too. I am always amazing at how a little angle in a design can completely transform the look of a page. The pretty strips of accent papers in different sizes and combinations with the large journal tags all work nicely to mat that adorable photo. The stitched circle made a nice frame for the word bits. I love the sentiment and the feel of this one!

floral card by Convintojm

Being a card-maker myself, I am quickly drawn to beautifully crafted projects. I enjoyed reading the process in the description that it was die-cut and colored. This is so pretty! I love the pearl accented swirly bits. Just lovely! I know the recipient will really appreciate the love and work that went into creating this.

Calendar 2018 by Madi

I thought it was rather clever of this artist to showcase all of the calendar pages she created in the form of a layout! This way she can preserve the entire calendar past its year, and look back at the entire set of calendar pages as one. I like that she used art and other layouts to create the backdrops for each calendar page too. That must have been fun to create!

Top 5 Thanksgiving memories 2017 by karlimarie

There is nothing better than a good list to get memories preserved on a scrapbook page! That little turkey costume was a show-stopper for me, and I had to take a closer look then! Love the list, love the left-hand weight of the page, and that giant circular word art was just the perfect way to balance the page. Super cute. I had to include one Thanksgiving tribute in today’s post, and this was my favorite!

team moment by Maruma

Uly is one of my favorite scrapbookers! She has lots of variety in her pages! There were actually a couple of other pages I could have easily chosen of her recent work. This one just tugged at my heart-strings, with the giant heart outlining the little team-mates working together to cross the sand towing their wagon. I love how the photo is blended with paper and the grid pattern, and the sea-fronds edging the page are a nice touch. Such a sweet feel to this one!

I loved each of today’s picks so much, and I hope you did too! Please click on the linked title to leave our creative friends some well-deserved love. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – November 8th

8 Nov

Hello and happy Wednesday! I hope it’s a beautiful autumn day wherever you are in the world. In Los Angeles it’s mid-70s and a little bit crisp, a lovely November day. I had such fun looking for standouts, and was thrilled to see there were a lot of super pages in the galleries today. Come take a look with me!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Two Sisters by britgirl

I said wow out loud when I saw this one! I love that whimsical drawn background, with the bees buzzing through the scene. The sisters tag stacked on the other tag on the side is a great accent. I really like the way the word art is clipped or taped down, helping to provide tone to the photo. This is just delightful.

Family by amien1

It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you convert a photo to black and white, isn’t it? I love that she kept the photo large too; it’s such a great candid shot. Nice angle to mix it up a little, great embellishments and really, that is a seriously cute dog. I like the simple journaling so they can remember the moment, and the handwritten font worked perfectly.

Winter’s coming by helenedubois

This is a very evocative look, I definitely felt the winter chill! Love the soft tones, and the curled framing. The watercolor effect is amazing, so that the background looks like it came right out of an art studio. I love that digital can mix looks like this.

notepaper by Zinzilah

Great back to school page, I love the focus on the child’s age in the stamp. Cute, whimsical feel to this, and it’s such a vibrant photo, it totally made me smile. I like the border work accenting the notepaper.

clam dissection by mocamom

This one gets points for being the most original topic… possibly ever! It’s a great, uncluttered design with a fun title and an interesting story. Isn’t that what scrapbooking is best for? Loved it.

Whimsy Christmas challenge by digigrandma

I love a good theme for a Christmas album! How cute is this?! I enjoyed that Merrilee shared that her great inspiration came from a grocery store handout! The little arrows leading us through the page are a clever touch. This is just fun.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love! Have a great rest of your week.


Finger Pointing — October 19th

19 Oct

Well hello and happy Thursday! Today is all about boys, apparently, there were so many fun boy pages in the galleries today! Oh, and just to be even-handed, we do have one girl in the mix! Sit back and enjoy, I think you will agree, these are some terrific standouts!

This is Liz J. , and these are my picks!

100% boy by silent ranks

I love that repeat circle theme she’s got going on here! What an effective way to lead us through the page. Great idea to soften the photo to a low glare black & white, it blends in and becomes part of the design just beautifully. Love that word art!

hide and seek by jcb6500

That background fade is very cool. The text on this is just darling, it made me smile ear to ear. I love that little face peeking out from the tree, and I can totally hear him calling to be found! The cut out diamonds and chevrons made a cool border to lead us into the photos. I like the font she used a lot, it’s nice to use a handwritten font for the title and text when the subject is so dear.

A New Chapter by craftytam

This page makes good use of a fairly bold polka dot, and it really grabbed my attention. The photos positioned right up against the edge is also a good part of this design. I particularly liked the imagery of him walking away from his mom to start his high school adventure – anyone who’s ever watched a child start school (at any age!) will get a lump in the throat over that sentiment! Again, this uses an appropriate font for the theme, which just ties it all together so nicely!

Street Painting by Anita

By looking over the artist’s shoulder in the photo, this scrapbooker was able to create a sense that we belonged in the scene with him. It makes me want to see how the painting looked when finished, don’t you? I particularly enjoyed seeing the photos of the model in the front of the “gallery,” and the onlooker nearby. The brick overlay is a way cool, artsy touch.

love this by RosetteShauna

I do love a creative real-life scrapbook page! The rainbow BIG HUGE sentiment outlined in white, and handwritten text border just pop against the black background. So effective! The curled, distressed papers used to mat the photo made a great backdrop, and I love the scattering of buttons and sequins glued all around. Super page.

Hug a tree! by kikimama

I just love the word strip/pp strips that Chrissy used as a background here! It’s a fun photo, and the big word art and big title match this big tree hug perfectly. Great colors, and love that epoxy frame!

Those were fun, weren’t they? If you enjoyed today’s posts, please click through the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great weekend, do some scrapbooking!