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Finger Pointing — July 18th

18 Jul

Today’s picks are about love letters, great titles, cool photo crops and lots of great feelings! Come take a look, I know you will enjoy today’s pages.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Vienna by michele hillam

I love the wire title work on this one, don’t you? I’m always interested in successful letter sized pages, and this one really shines. Love the paint behind the photos and title, the swirly string, and the whimsical embellishments. That stacked journal spot under the top photo provided just enough room for the story, which I enjoyed reading. All of the little touches like the buttons, flowers and banners really add just the right amount of flair.

Lucky in love by luan37

Wedding photos and wedding albums can be kind of tricky to scrap, because there is a lot of same-ness from photo to photo. It is so fun to see a unique idea for a wedding theme, like this one! I love that idea to combine the bright patterned non-wedding themed paper with that adorable cropped photo. It’s clearly a bride and it makes a very distinct statement about her attitude and optimism for the future. I like the little leaf scatter with the butterfly, for a simple and sweet accent against that neutral wood background.

Week 2 letter home by beckychart

It’s a love letter! That’s a lovely way to commemorate an important anniversary. This has a unique and effective color combination. Love those torn big corner patterned paper pieces. The white hand-written font lends a more personal feel against the darker background, and the text is just wonderful. Congratulations on your anniversary, and I too wish you many more happy years together!

beach time by emily33

This makes such a beautiful impact with the large, sepia photo bordered with the big, bold elements across the top. The corrugated cardboard title works well in the photo’s white space. The little bits of floral and script text overlay in the corners creates a nice balance.

Little happy moments by JanaO

Love that photo technique, wow! Lots of fun blending on this page, with a cool color block background that appears to be incorporated into the photo. The little border embellishments tie it all together beautifully.

Getting Along by kathleen.summers

What a beautiful page! Kathleen has an amazing eye for combining elements. Gorgeous colors and embellishments to border the photo cluster. It was smart to convert a couple of the photos to black & white, it makes it quite restful. I really like the way she numbered the photos with the large alpha numbers, and gave us a key to match the action in the photos, that’s a great idea. Nice combination of fonts in the title too. Love this one!

Weren’t those lovely?! If you enjoyed today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leaves the artists some well-earned praise! Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — June 28th

28 Jun

Today, apparently, is all about yellow day. With some orange. And pops of green. Come see what I mean!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks. Full of fun today!

Rojo and Dad by MrsGaramer

I love it when the very first layout I look at is a yes, yes, YES, this one is a standout! And so it was with Rojo and Dad. Love that big open-wire word art! It makes quite an impact against the pastel background. Nice paper stacking, great photo perspective, and an all-around lovely feel to this one.

So Much Fun by DeLisak

I love how this page looks like they are zip-lining right out of the trees at us! DeLisa created a wonderful scene surrounding those fabulous photos – lots of fun embellishments, and pretty foliage to set the stage. Great word art, great times, clearly!

Sending Love and Hugs by Char4355

Oh, you’ve got to love a beautiful card with lattice-work and amazing die-cut detail like this one! Gorgeous gradual color change on the flower. The stitching holes are a great touch! Whoever receives this card will absolutely love it!

Home50 by geek_girl

I like this one for a few reasons: 1. Cute. 2. There are a lot of popped out elements that make this look very much like a paper page, which I always enjoy on a digital page. 3. Layouts that make me laugh out loud are almost always going to get called a standout. 4. Loved the staggered-look pun in the journal strips. 5. That’s a design begging to be scraplifted.

live bright by sucali

This artist is uber-talented, and I often find myself stopping and studying her pages. This unique design really caught my eye today, with the lean toward the bottom left corner, balanced by the very bold yellow stripe in the background. I like the black and yellow, and that little strip of sea moss paper made a nice color shift. Great word art/journal tag. What I like best about this page is that the white mat looks like the blank canvas of the child’s life, just waiting to be filled. This page is optimistic, and I loved that quality.

Still Waters by MaggieMae

This is so serene and beautiful, just like Julie’s granddaughter! I love how she captured Sarah’s personality with the elements she chose. The brads and twist leading us through the flower background and up to the sun are very effective. Great way to ground the page with the curved stitching border.

I hope you love today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked titles and leave some praise for our standout artists! Thanks, and have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — June 14th

14 Jun

Hello and happy middle of the week! Hope everyone is having a fabulous week. Looking through the galleries is such a pleasure mid-week, because we see some pages made just for the sake of the art. It was little flower sprig day for me, apparently, as you will see! And, a whole lot of other fun embellishments, themes and terrifically creative ideas. Come take a look!

This is Liz J. , and these are my picks.

you & me by keepscrappin

I was drawn to this one because of the unique tones of sepia and yellow, and then I read the text and my heart just melted. Look closely at the photo and you’ll see that this wonderful family photo includes one rather far away. You just have to love that technology allows us to visit loved ones this way, and what a wonderful way to document her Mother’s Day “visit”! I like the placement of the banner, subtitle stamp and journaling. The elements, like the pretty butterfly and flowers, make this into a very special page.

Moment by broomy

The way this “moment” is recorded made me laugh out loud. You can totally see this little person processing the pros and cons of her reaction, and settling for the sulk. The four rectangular photo spots worked nicely with the arrow and subtitles to give this great movement across the page. I love that big, fun floral background, so pretty! The framing of each photo makes them pop just enough against that bold paper. Love the little cluster of well-shadowed foliage as the lone accent.

memories by helptheold

The template gives this page a unique double-split, different shapes and different directions, and I loved how she made it work for her! The subtle tones and text paper really make the shapes pop but not overtake the theme. The lovely photo made me smile! I like the clock and surrounding elements as a subtle but effective statement about the passing of time. Such a pretty page, well done!

Kids yoga by golya

This has such beautiful colors, that lavender and red is so striking! Love the use of the arrows to lead us into the page at the top and in the middle. The horizontal line extending the photo is a nice touch! Nice shadow work. I like the elements across the top, they connect the whole piece nicely.

Peanut Butter Bacon Burger by shelbelle

She had me at bacon, seriously. Okay so the thing about scrapbookers that we all know is true is that we have no qualms about taking photos of slightly unusual subjects. And we align our unusual photo subjects just so under the proper light, and walk around the item taking photos as if the object is a fashion model. All of which is completely normal for us, right? And so I give our artist here total props for using her prop! Great close-up! I love the story, the gingham picnicky-looking background, title alpha, seal of approval and the cute little flowers for embellishments. Well done and yes, I really am going to try one of these, it looks delicious!

I need a hero by Nath

Whenever I say “Wow” out loud looking through the galleries, I know I have a standout that must be shown. This is nostalgic and beautiful. I love the way she used the hearts, and how they pop against that multi-toned circle cut out. Such effective and unique placement on this page, I could study this one for a long time (and did). The title is quite evocative too, and the purpose of the page, going into her mom’s book, really resonated. I love the circle stitching and buttons as simple, but perfect embellishment. Just wow.

I hope you loved today’s picks too! Please click on the linked title and leave our artists some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of your week!


Finger Pointing — June 7th

7 Jun

Hello and happy Wednesday! Oh, today’s picks are so wonderful, and I am very excited to share them with you! I hope you enjoy these too. Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J. and these are my picks.

Best by hclappy

It’s like we’re looking through the windshield at this group! I love the whimsical touches, and how she used the edges so well. Great shadow-work on this one! It’s not a perfect picture, and that’s part of the appeal to me, since she made it work for the fun tone of this page. The big lettering makes a nice bold statement.

Carpe Diem by MelDesigns

Who better to showcase designs than the designer! I loved the use of the elegant background paper, word strips and off-center-focus on that adorable photo. The little strip of papers bordering the top, adorned with the stitching and cool arrow element totally worked. I like the photo treatment on this, toning down the photo a bit helped me to look more closely. The two different styles of hearts above and below the photo were a nice touch to keep your eye focused where it belongs.

Currently Traveler’s Notebook by Gail L.

I love the idea of keeping a traveler’s notebook by your side, recording all the achievements and quirks of your child! In this case she was recording his current “likes,” a style of documenting childhood that I just love. The photo treatment makes this look vintage. I love the yellow color blocking, use of tags and sticker title. And, best of all, it’s a real life notebook, so she can add to it and embellish however she wants!

In my garden by dids

This is a marvelous color study! Very bold and well framed with that grid behind and surrounding the photos. Nice, subtle extractions on this page. I like the unusual chocolate color she converted the photos to before the spot coloring.

Super Cheese by robinsismai

This had me grinning big (Super Cheesing!) too! What drew me in was the hilarious slogan on this clearly-not-a-gangsta child! Her expression and that photo capture are just priceless. Love the use of the big photo, with all the fun embellishments running up the side. That’s a great way to journal, with word strips staggered throughout. Thanks for my smile of the day!

A Scrap in Time by myssp

There is something so special about a comparison page spanning a life. The fact that Rachael had a photo of this charming fellow in a tux twice in his life was pretty darn amazing! I love the soft look she gave this, and the red, black and white color scheme is very striking. The framing over the all-grown-up-now photo really makes a statement. Really wonderful page.

Those were so fun, weren’t they? If you loved today’s picks please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise. Have a great rest of the week!


Finger Pointing — May 25th

25 May

Hello – happy Thursday, we can almost see the weekend from here! I am delighted to bring you some super-inspired and well put-together projects for todays standouts. Come take a look and enjoy!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

This by bellbird

Oh, okay so that wasn’t actually the title bellbird gave this piece, but that word art popped out at me so I took the liberty of giving this page a title! In fact, I liked the way all of the little word strips worked to frame the inset portion of this piece! That sunburst photo made an amazing backdrop! Combined with all the little doo-dads and elements, some whimsical, some real-looking, this page is stunning.

Sandy Feet by JennyG67

I saw this page on a FB digiscrap group, and went searching for it (which reminds me to point out again that you never know where the GSO bloggers are going to see your creations, so be sure to post your beautiful art out there in digi-land! The more you post the more likely we’ll see it and love it!). I love the perspective on this page. The background looks like the water turned into paper turned into water again. I can’t honestly tell if it’s really the photo creating that background, or paper, but either way it turned this into art and I was quite drawn to it. The word art woven behind the extraction is very eye-catching. The elements adorning the corner are a nice touch.

Soul kitchen by Antonia

This is just fun! I absolutely love the way she did the title, that’s just super. There are some great elements used to create her “kitchen” here. There’s a companion page that gives us a lovely look at the cook! Well done, I love the super creative use of elements!

Top 10 vacation memories by stormchaser

I thought this was a very clever way to document an idea. She probably has loads of photos from each of the 10 vacations highlighted, but it’s left to our imagination to envision the places described. A fun, whimsical style that is fun to read. I particularly like the reminder to be happy! The speech bubbles make quite a statement (oh, a pun!). Great shadow work too.

Some see a weed card by Nimena

This card is so soft and beautiful, what a great use of materials! I love the asymmetrical stacking with the vellum. The gold brads make it quite elegant. Just lovely!

road trip by digi371

That color combination, between the b&w photos, kraft background, and pop of teal throughout, is just amazing! I love the bold, stamped title running down the side. Sherry did a nice job of delineating between the sites in her photos, and I like that she labeled each to the side. The brush overlay and painted page border really worked to tie it all together. I really like this one.

So hey, weren’t those terrific fun? If you like today’s picks, please click on the linked title and give the crafty ones some praise, they’ve earned it! Have a great weekend, everyone!


Finger Pointing – May 13th

13 May

Hello and happy Saturday! I love Saturday blogging, because it gives me lots of time to scroll through the galleries. There were lots of scenic pages today that called to me, wide, tall and well-cropped photos, and some fun, whimsical pages too. Come take a look, I know you will enjoy these projects too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Mary Lake hike by MariSt

Well wow! Check out that panoramic! I don’t know about you, but I find panoramic photos very challenging. She used this technique very effectively to capture the scene. I love the translucent big word art overlaid on the left side of the layout. The little inset photos hugging the sides tell the rest of the story about the setting. Part of what I like about this is the absence of a lot of digital embellishment, she really relied on the photos and just a little bit of text to set the tone, and it worked!

April Fun by grannytoby

Oh my hybrid heart! I love the popped-out stitched clouds and paper-filled title work on this real-life paper page! The leaves, stickers, sequins and beautiful colors are so appealing on this. The corrugated paper used at different directions created fun depth, along with the pop dots! I was so caught up in looking at the design, I looked at the photos last, and then broke out in a huge grin. That big #1 is such a fun way to memorialize the occasion! Just adorable, all the way around.

new adventure by happyGRL

That photo crop and the happy colors on this real-life paper page really drew me in. The title work done with stickers and thickers (raise your hand if you know what those are!) on top of the photo is a fun touch. I like the whimsical feel she created with the doodly background and banner behind the photo, and the effective use of white space. This is just fun, and it makes me want to walk into the photo and tag along on the new adventure along with them!

Wild Pacific Trail by janedee

This great travel page has so much to love! That texture added to the background photo gives this an artsy look, while the inset photos, title and story tell the tale. I like that combination, just enough artistry mixed in, yet telling the story of their outdoor excursion. The wide border combined with the stitched border ground this nicely. I like the drawn-look chevrons leading us into the title, and the painted mats supporting the photos.

Golden Sunset by caapmun

I love how Carmel created a wave effect over the photo! The near-monotone look of this and the photo treatment make this look so beautiful. And all of the touches of gold turn this into such an elegant piece! Really lovely.

maurices by Barbara Unzen

As we head into Mother’s Day, I had to pick a page that says “Mom” to me. This page about Barbara’s daughter, Lauren’s, first job, grabbed me with its great bracket title work. Such a cute idea for the store “advertising.” I enjoyed reading Barbara’s proud story, and the way she combined the two colors in the text kept it fresh. That wide photo bordered with the stitched ribbon and circle background paper really appealed to me, it is simple and effective.

I hope you all enjoyed those picks too, and if so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some much-deserved praise. Have a wonderful Sunday, and Happy Mother’s Day to mothers and daughters alike!


Finger Pointing – April 27th

27 Apr

I was so happy to find so many uplifting and fun pages to showcase today! As always, looking around in the galleries was such a delight! I hope these pages bring you as much joy as they did for me.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Duly noted by lindyshay

Nothing better than a good dog selfie to start the day! I love the simplicity of this design, with the big, bold deep-shadowed circles. Too cute. Great doggie photos. That dog has some personality! The simple text lines and pretty yellow drew me in (right after the awww, look at the dog! moment). The little wire heart is a simple and sweet adornment, and the sticker word art is a great final touch. I like it.

Chronicles of a naturalist by mediterranka

This page has such a great feel, doesn’t it? I love the ethereal quality to the photo, but even more, I love that the child is sketching outdoors. That just made me glad. All of the elements are beautifully placed. I enjoyed the little definitions, the library card, the beautiful florals. Just stunning.

Mrs. Garris, K4, by Stephanie Buice

I am always on the lookout for a great real-paper design! When I first saw this one I thought oh, what a clever idea to incorporate the real tools onto a digital page! It made me laugh to realize it is a photo of the real life page and real life tools. Wouldn’t that be so fun to replicate digitally though! The depth she created with the cuts on the flowers was a super touch. I really like the way she did the journaling with some of the words popped out onto cut-outs. The title work matches the theme nicely, and the little file label frame with the pretty quote are lovely. The best part though is the story of the child’s first day of kindergarten with this lovely teacher. I really must try incorporating real looking tools onto a digital page now!

interview by zinzilah

I like a good interview page! It’s a really fun idea to interview yourself, so this AAM page called to me. I like the map paper and title work. I read each line of this, and felt I came away from this knowing the artist a little better. That’s something we don’t get to do often enough as scrapbookers, give just a glimpse through a simple technique like an interview. It’s a great photo too, and matted against the map paper it seems full of possibilities, particularly given her answer about getting stronger. The use of the yellow bits in the paint, ampersand tag and butterfly offset the neutral colors just enough. Well done.

cartwheel by melscrap

I spent five days in March trying to get a good shot of a cartwheel, so I am seriously impressed by this photo! This is not an easy shot to get! And then look at how she did the text along the slant of the sidewalk in the photo, how cute is that?! This photo really worked for the full page photo look, and she accented it with just the right amount of word strips and whimsical elements. Love the celebratory banner and paint to use up some of the unnecessary white space and make it fun! This one has me smiling big.

Jake by maureenreynolds

Anytime someone used florals effectively on a masculine page, it gets my attention. That fan pattern with the beautiful floral paper is an incredibly beautiful design. I liked the fact that Maureen chose to use that non-traditionally masculine look on a page about a grandson going off to start the next phase of life. The repeat word art is evocative to the theme. There are some nice, subtle details, like the fern, studious owl flair and word strips, that all contribute nicely to the positive feel of this page.

Wow, I can’t believe how amazing the pages were today! If you love today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-deserved praise. Have a great weekend!