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Finger Pointing — March 14th

14 Mar

Hello and welcome to today’s GSOs! I am stepping in quickly for my friend, Jeanine, tonight, so we are going to keep this a little brief. But, there were some great pages out there today, so come take a look with me, I know you won’t be disappointed!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Blah blah blah by DeLisaK

This page is a WOW moment for those of us in the “hearing” world! I really encourage you to read the text on this one. It had me captivated all the way through. Being deaf in world of insensitivity is something most of us can’t even begin to understand, but DeLisa really sheds light on this subject in a raw, revealing way I don’t want you to miss. Love the speech bubble and title, which really draw us in. This is a powerful page, made better by the focus on the text.

best friend by amandaresende

You really can’t go wrong with a good doggie page, and this one totally delivers! Love the doggie close up, the word art, the doggie elements, and the great feel to this. Super fun page, made me smile, and it doesn’t get better than that.

lavender fields by GGGarden

I can almost smell the lavender on this page, can’t you? I love the colors, the music paper, the design, the extension of the photo bleeding outside the frame. Just beautiful!

Pappy by mamaestes

There is something so appealing about a little boy emulating his dad. This one caught my attention with its very masculine look, the cut out bits from the template, the muted colors, and mostly that amazing photo. Truly special in its simple, but straightforward style.

Moments by Deekaa

I love a page with a whimsical feel! And the bonus of this page is that it’s both whimsical and a lovely subject! Love that doodly look to the background polka dot, and the raised sticker word art. This has a fun grid feel to it, and the word art breaking up the grid totally worked. Love the offset camera journal tag, and the colors really worked with the kraft background.

cityscapes by caapmun

I cannot get enough of this sketchy photo style! Love the map paper border and wonky title work. This just makes me want to visit this place! I think Carmel is one of the most talented artists in our community, and I could pick pretty much every page she creates for a GSO! Great job!

I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great week!


Finger Pointing — March 2nd

3 Mar

I had the unusual privilege of blogging two days in a row, and it gave me the opportunity to go back through the galleries and pay attention to some of the layouts I wanted to pick before, and some new ones too! How fun! Come check out these beautiful pages with me, you won’t be disappointed, I promise!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks!

Sledding Schroon by Jk703

Love those big speech bubbles against the page-width focal photo. “Insert loud groans” made me smile big, as it is something we have all heard from some family member or another complaining… but so fun in this page! Love the concept of this one, love the execution.

et bla, bla bla by clindoeil

So who hasn’t heard the “bla bla bla” from one teen or another?! What a great way to document this, with the running text over the blended photo. There is an interesting paint block over the blended photo that really sold this one to me. Love the insert repeat photo to accentuate the point.

So small… by AliSarah

Everyone loves baby feet, right? But here she used a really unusual monotone b&w to feature those baby feet, and the sweet baby sleeping, and wow that totally worked! Love the big floral heart too, what a sweet page!

What’s for dinner, Grandma? by deanie

Between the adorable puppies, the pretty pink tones and the amazing arrow work on this page, I am completely enamored! Love that zig zag border work across the top and the text on this one. So fun, this one really had me smiling!

Wut Did Dinorors Et? by caliten

I am a huge fan of using kid-art in any memory page! I love the title work, the drawings, the dinosaur phonetics, and serious cuteness of this one. The little artist is going to love seeing these in a scrapbook sometime soon!

our car by lego

Great story telling on this one! Really love the whole concept, and super fun car elements! Sometimes the best part of the story is in the comments, and you really have to read them here, to appreciate the nail-biter memories of the story!

How fun were those?! If you enjoyed these spectacular pages as much as I did, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love! Enjoy and see you soon!


Finger Pointing — March 1st

1 Mar

Hello and happy March! I hope wherever you are in the world, spring is upon you and the world is filled with color. Today’s picks are going to lift your spirits and make you glad to be a scrapper! Take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Because Shark Pajamas are Always a Good Idea by londoncuppa

And because I completely agree with that sentiment, and laughed out loud when I saw this, into the standouts this went! Such an adorable photo! Great, big, bold title work. Love the colors, that aqua, red and black combination is so striking, isn’t it? I enjoyed the design, with the tilted paper stack, the puffy stickers and the circle elements and string leading us down the page. Thanks for my laugh of the day!

my life now by wendyhouse

This page makes clever use of pie charts to compartmentalize the different aspects of her life. I love the crop on the selfie, it’s like she’s peering out at us and daring us to join her as she discusses her life’s joys and challenges. The grid background made for nice but not boring white space. And I believe this is a real-life paper layout, so those pie charts took some tools! Great idea for an AAM page, well done.

no place like home by Yasmine

This one really popped out of the gallery to me, because I really like an original and clever combination of somewhat busy patterned paper. The b&w photo with the b&w papers and elements made a very soothing look. But the thing that really drew me in to this page was the real-life, somewhat imperfect, un-posed photo. It made me want to know what was happening at that moment in their lives. That, to me, is the sign of a good page, when I am engaged by the scene. I really like the plaid mat behind the photo, accented simply with the pretty doily, it gave this a perfect, homey feel, perfect for the theme.

Hoodie Love by SonjaC

Oh my heart be still, I got to pick another real life paper page today! I love that technique she describes of adding paint or glitter spray to the text paper then die-cutting the flowers. This is just a delightful cascade of floral-ness, in a great design! I like the subject, it’s simple and sweet. And I like the way she stitched it all down, and gave herself a nice little hand-drawn journal spot to tell us the reason for the photo. The tilt on the photo, combined with the scratchy doodly title alpha was super-effective. Very cute.

6 months old by tjscraps

I have seen these layouts with this little girl go by in my FB digiscrap feed for months, next to that adorable striped bunny. (This is a side note to never estimate the power of posting your layouts to those digiscrap groups. It’s a great resource for the GSO bloggers!) I feel like a part of this child’s life, as I’ve watched her grow bigger than the bunny! This whole concept is just so stinkin’ cute, and a terrific way to document the baby’s growth! We get to see all the little snippets of her personality, both in the photo and the text. And when this little girl reads the pages in her book, documenting these first, precious months, I know she will treasure these memories too. I hope she’s holding onto that bunny when she reads these great memories! Super cute idea! I am all in favor of staging when it works well!

Wander by smcloone

I really love a good full-page photo layout. This one was taken from a car. A moving car. With an iPhone. I think Apple’s going to want to get a look at this one, you could sell phones with this photo! I like the border work, so soft and pretty. And the addition of the word art looks like it’s part of the snowy foreground. This is a nice combination of crisp, winter feel, with soft hopeful spring elements. Very pretty. It caught my eye!

Weren’t those amazing?! If you loved today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great rest of your week!


Finger Pointing – February 22nd

22 Feb

Hello and welcome to Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Today we have a fun mix of projects that are all truly standouts, come take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

2017 PL week 7 by RebeccaH

I am Project Life-challenged, so I am always fascinated when I find PL pages that seem to come so easily to others. Probably this was not as easy as she made it look, but the result is inspiring to the non-PLers in our midst that there is hope we could do this too! The dog really drew me in, and then I really took a good look at this page. It’s packed! I like the list-style text right in the middle, for easy reference. Very fun weekly captures here, and a lot of fun accents to create the wonderful whimsical feel to this!

Tata by nessita

This gorgeous page has an interesting split in the design, with the sketch-treatment destination photo taking up residence in the top half, and that interesting butterfly element along the bottom. I found that design very appealing. I also like the simple text line, which is made more dynamic by the wonky typewriter style – it looks kind of sing-songy, adding a whole other dimension to the piece. Quite cool!

Mini layout with washi tape by Sarah Richards

I love a good real life project! Part of the appeal of this one is the way she showcased the page, by photographing it with the photo-decorated pencil holder, and with the little washi tape rolls strewn strategically nearby. She created some very cool design features with the washi tape (I always seem to forget about washi tape, this is a good reminder of its varied uses)! I like the binder clipped banner too. I just went back to take a final look and noticed the kitty in the layout photo, that’s just fun!

My Secret Life as a Dog by connieg

You cannot go wrong with a good dog story, particularly one told from the dog’s point of view. The journaling on this one is truly delightful. The tilted filmstrips are just genius, adding such fun to this design! I love the blended big photo and inset “glamour shot” photo combination too. Who knew they give biscuits out at the bank? You’ve got to read the text on this one. Super cute page.

The Couch by hollygenc

This is such a boy thing, I had to pick this page. Anyone who’s ever spent time around little boys (or little kids in general) knows the appeal of couch cushion forts. Especially when you don’t have to share with your bigger siblings, it’s the best! The photos really express that sentiment well, and I like the design surrounding them too. The big b&w floral paper is a nice non-distracting backdrop, and I like the subtle repetition of that pattern underneath the journaling. The couch element is a cute touch. The title font totally worked. He will enjoy re-visiting this page later in life, what a great memory shared!

One Lifetime With You by EllenT

Whenever I see a really great page that lists a template in the credits, I like to check out the template to see how far the artist took the piece from the original template. And I must say that, even though this template has very strong lines, the design of the finished layout here just took my breath away in a way I wouldn’t have thought of in looking at the original. Which, I think, is a tribute both to the template designer, for providing a great starting place, and to Ellen, for an incredibly beautiful statement made with all of the components added together. Love that word art. The b&w split photo looks like a completely gorgeous scene among those soft greens. Love the “lifetime” barcode, that is a nice accent. Really effective shadow work on this page too. Well done.

Alrighty then, weren’t those special? If you loved today’s picks too, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great rest of your week!


Finger Pointing – February 5th

5 Feb

Hello, I am here to wind up the weekend! Hope you all had a great weekend. In the United States (and in my living room) the Super Bowl is underway, which made for a great time to check out galleries! Today’s picks are all about great designs. Come take a look, I know you will enjoy these too.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

right here by Sokee

The only thing I love more about seeing a page that shows a cool adventure taking place, is reading about the cool adventure taking place! She painted such a great atmosphere with this page, it made me want to visit there too. I like the unique vertical design with the curling edge of the photo, and the slightly not-straight stitching. The all-caps journaling makes a different statement, great way to mix in that voice. There are some fun, subtle touches to this page that appealed to me too, like the translucent banner across the top, the sprinkling of brushed dots, and the mixed font title work.

You are my favorites by VBeata

This is a real-life paper page, which I am always excited to share on this blog. She created a super fun look using a big-circle print background, and adding punched out circles, word art and puffy stickers in a diagonal that leads your eye up the page. Great use of foam dots to give this some oomph! Love the addition of the stitching to secure some of the circles. I like the circular text she added in a couple of places.

View over the Oresund by Naadi

That is a very cool design! I love the doodly arrow leading us into the photo. The stamped and hand-written title and date work is so fun, particularly the direction change. The handwritten text paper on the left reminds me of a letter you might write to a friend while on holiday in this place, and the button securing it to the page makes a nice real-looking embellishment. Love the way the focus hugs the side of the page. I really enjoyed this one.

Happiness by blackkathy

Okay, so I am a little bit partial to pages about grandchildren, I’ll just say that right away. But, even if I weren’t, this is a killer design and I would have picked it for today’s post anyway. To me it’s an added bonus that the subject gets her status of “granddaughter” embossed across the page! That alpha work is very clever, and the diagonal design is super eye catching. Love the text paper for the insert piece, breaking up the dark outer paper. The flowers, button, word art and ribbon make nice accents, just enough, not too much. It’s an adorable photo, nicely popped off the page with some fun shadow work. The diagonal text was in a big enough font to be readable, which was a smart approach. Love it!

Me & You by aussiekat

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we must have at least one page to celebrate love in this post! I went right to this one in the gallery, it is just so sweet and shouts love. I particularly appreciate when the artist tells us the circumstance of the page, either on the page directly or at least in the comments. This one made me smile, to know it was an aunt celebrating her niece’s wedding. The heart-shaped photo worked really well here! Love that word art border, it makes a nice shift from the traditional look of the polka dots on the right to the paint-blotted, artsy canvas on the left. The colors are just fun! I really like it when elements intended for one thing are used creatively, like the painted journal lines accenting the title work and under the elements here.

Happy Little Boys by jcaruth910

This design just melted my heart! That sketch turning into little boys painting is just genius, isn’t it? Joanne created great movement on the page too with the arrow graphic lines and the doodly line leading us through the page. This is a particularly effective use of masking against the wood look background, it’s like we’re standing in the art studio with them. So wonderful!

Weren’t those terrific pages today?! If you loved them as much as I did, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some praise. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing — January 28th

28 Jan

Today’s post is dedicated to a truly wonderful artist, who brought much joy to the digital scrapbooking world through her wonderful, imaginative style. Cinzia DiCesare Loosemore, who will be greatly missed. In her honor, today’s picks all focus on great photography and whimsy, two things I admired so much about Cinzia’s style.

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Drop Caps by Kegger

This amazing photo drew me right in, and the story is captivating. I feel like we are moving back to England with her, and I’m on the edge of my seat to see how it works out! Love the map background, fading to allow the journal spot to be more visible. Great column style for the text, that made it nice and easy to read. I like that each column starts a new thought. The whimsical arrows keep us moving through the journaling and across the photo, a clever idea for a one-photo page. The word strips in the center of the photo are a striking embellishment.

Anthro by Ashleyhorton010675

This is such a fun way to celebrate much-loved bowls! I get a huge kick out of the varied subjects scrapbookers come up with! Love the two-edge stitched-down paper against the wood background. The beautiful flowers combine with the fun elements like the date stamp and speech bubble to make this an unusual and fun layout. And, it’s a real paper layout, which I always enjoy. The stitched flower and word art are nice final touches!

Colorado Beauty by Danesa

I love the way those beautiful photos hug the edge of this page. This is an unusual use of white space that really appealed to me. I like the text word art incorporated into the design, and the bare facts approach to the journaling, that tells us all we need to know about the page. The strategically dropped paint and coffee stain are nice touches to give it some artistic interest.

2017 plans for you by kim517

The pastel paper strips against the pretty grey floral background make a great home for the journaling bits. I like how she included snippets of her hopes and plans for the year on a variety of tape, arrows, banners and tags. Fun shadow work, and of course I like the whimsical feel of the hot air balloon and hearts. But most of all I liked the optimism and hope she conveys in this page.

light of my life by AliceM

I love the horizontal flow of the stack supporting the photo on this page. The light bulbs were such a cute embellishment, creating the perfect title opportunity! That asymmetrical triangle in the corner is a great design touch, and the whole page is nicely balanced with the little cluster in the opposite corner. Pretty pops of color, and the photo crop is genius.


Going Gluten Free by hillareyd

This has such a fun tone to document a new life style! Love the crocheted vegetables, chalkboard menu board, and generally fun feel to this. Great idea to memorialize not just the diet, but the new phase in life!

I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some love. Have a great weekend!


Finger Pointing – January 18th

18 Jan

Oh, today’s picks are the most fun ever! Whimsy and shapes and great text and wonderful designs. I can’t wait for you to see these!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Miss Mischief by tracermajig

You don’t have to read the text on this page to get the idea, the photo speaks pretty loudly, right beside that title. But you really should read the text, you will be glad you did. Ah, three. It’s a great age. I absolutely love the way Trace wrote this text in little sound bites and phrases. T-rex did it indeed! And isn’t this color combination, black, white and pink, the most eye-popping fun?! Love all the doodly bits seemingly randomly placed behind the photo, but you know they were carefully placed to maximize the impact of the photo. Great border ideas, and the little face flairs and tags are absolutely perfect. This gets an A+ for effort, and for mum’s patience.

Explore by jennv

I hung on every word of this! I love a good story. And this one has a happy ending that hasn’t happened yet! What a cool idea, to scrap about the anticipation of a trip, step by step. I love the whimsical feel, including the hand-drawn look to the clouds, the big, childish-artsy font for the title, and the cute little suitcases. The little doodle framed-photos look like you’re seeing the view from the plane. Cute little travel elements like the plane and map paper. Wow, I love this one! I hope she comes back and tells an equally good story after the trip! Have a great time!

Before There Were Kids by createdbyjill

This made me laugh out loud, so naturally it gets a nod on the blog! Something all moms (and dads) can relate to, that wistful memory of peaceful do-nothing Sunday mornings. I like how the photo is tucked in between and under all of the embellishments. There are some cute elements on here, like the crossword puzzle paper, the do not disturb bar code, and the fun squiggly lines as accents. Fun colors and theme!

David Anson Mumby by Roboliver

Who remembers those Scenic Route covered-chipboard alphabet pop-outs, raise your hand! That’s got to be some of those on this cool heritage page, right? But no, it’s digital! So I am going to pay one of my highest compliments here by pointing out that this looks like a real-life paper page! Of course, you could never get such perfect arcs if you had to cut out all those pieces manually, and that is what is SO COOL about digital! She created this beautiful, nostalgic, wonderful tribute, and it looks SO REAL, but the lines are a whole lot more perfect than you could achieve with scissors. Lots of great shadow-work, fabulous curved elements and text – oh, I just read the text and what a moment that must have been when she found this photo, what a gift! This is a good one, I like this one a lot.

Go fly a kite by ziemon

How clever is this?! She used one photo here, and turned it into a pretty darn amazing scene from a scene! I like that the text running through the cut up photo bits is telling us all we really need to know about this scene, and keeps it simple. I gather this started with a template, and what a great way to use it. Nice shadow-work and the grid lines help keep it orderly. Very fun page.

Letter to Liam by aurian

I love pages like this one. There is so much to love about it! The cascade of different size photos, each framed differently, is a unique and fun visual trick. I love that stripey background paper, particularly because she was not overly careful about journaling so that it fit perfectly within a shape or a stripe, so it has a more natural journaling flow which is punctuated by the background. I love that she took the time to write down what this child means to her, how he affects her, what his personality is like, and her concerns for his impending transition to being a big brother. I particularly like that she did this with a twin, because each twin is unique and important and he will certainly know that looking at this page. The elements all work nicely to help guide the eye, and that title work really pops off the page. This is a treasure. Well done.

I hope you loved today’s picks as much as I did! If so, please click on the linked title and give the artist some love. Have a great rest of the week!