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Finger Pointing – December 16th

16 Dec

Happy Saturday!  I am not sure if I have mentioned it, but I am not a winter person.  Cold? No Thanks.  Snow?  No way.  Ice? Never!  Having said that, cold weather hit Indiana hard this week and there doesn’t seem to be an end in site.  So, since I can’t beat the cold, I figured I would find some winter pages in the gallery that made it look beautiful and appealing.  ;)

Winter – AmieN1

My first choice Winter by AmieN1 was a good start to feeling better about the weather.  Her gorgeous photo sure makes all that snow and ice look magical.  I love the way the brilliant blue sky makes the photo pop against her white background — the same way it pops against the snow.  Her choice of papers echos the feeling of the photo with the neutrals, whites and greens and creates a beautiful backdrop.  The deer/winter wonderland pocket card is perfect as well, because there just have to be some deer in those woods, right?  Her lack of embellishments is also spot on as it alludes to the starkness of winter.  All around a fabulous winter page.

Winter Is Magic – Anne PC

The title of my second page, Winter is Magic by Anne PC, seems a little over optimistic to me, but the layout delivers.  After all, what is more magical than a child playing in the snow?  Her photos capture the joy and delight of frolicking in a winter wonderland perfectly.  Look at those rosy cheeks and that infectious smile.  While they didn’t quite make me want to roll around in the snow, they sure did make me grin.  I love that she kept her elements minimal and background neutral to echo the look and feel of newly fallen snow, but added the triangle mat for a bit of interest.  Another great page that makes the cold stuff look fun, not frozen.

Wonder – Isa Marks

Wonder by Isa Marks, my third pick, was an easy choice because it echos a lot of my winter emotions.  I wonder where all the snow is coming from and when it will end, and look no where as happy and beautiful as her photo subject, doing it.  With her eyes lifted to the sky and her arms open wide, the young girl is embracing the beauty and yes, wonder, of the season.  It is a fabulous photo and she highlights it beautifully with lots of mats, ribbons and paint.  I like her use of some non-traditional winter colors, the gold, pink and black, to add a punch of color to her page.  It gives the layout a sense of joy that further enhances her photo.  Finally the use of vellum feels a bit like a thin layer of snow over the grass and leaves, creating another fantastic winter layout.

Nilla – rfeewjlj

So, technically my next page is not a winter page, but I was getting cold and thought a heart warming page that I totally love, would be a good addition. Nilla, the layout by rfeewjij, is just as adorable as Nilla herself.  The way that rfeewjij framed the photo of Nilla, with the words, “Rescued is my favorite breed,” definitely called to me from the gallery as I have three rescue pups of my own.  Nilla’s eyes and her story also pulled me in as both are a little sad, but also full of hope for a wonderful future.  I like that rfeewijij kept the elements and matting simple and let Nilla and her story stand out.  She is a sweet little girl who does deserve a loving forever home and family and I hope she gets it soon. Like I said earlier, this is a heartwarming, and beautiful, layout.

Hello Cold Days – Lynn Marie

My next choice, Hello Cold Days by Lynn Marie, takes us back outside to the snow in a way that I can relate too.  I think the photo is fun — I love the downward view to the snow and her nice boots.  I think she plays it up beautifully with her choice of colors and elements.  By pulling the brown/tan of her coat and boots and the blue of her jeans into the snowy background, she creates the perfect, seasonal backdrop for the photo.  All that is fabulous, but I think I like her journaling best of all.  “Silver white winters that melt into springs.”  Now we’re talking about some of my favorite things too.

Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams – FILIPPOK

I choose my final pick of the day, Comfy, Cozy, Cocoa Dreams by FILIPPOK, because of the adorable photos and because if I have to do winter, I want to do it comfy and cozy too.  The photos totally capture the joy of the moment in a way we can all relate too.  How many times have we blown on a cup of hot cocoa with that look of anticipation in our eyes?  More than once I am sure.  The reds from the photos tie into the reds, blues and grays of the papers providing a strong punch of color that is softened by the pinks, greens and whites.  Finally, I love all the layers around the photo that echo the busyness of the background papers and provide a sense of excitement and a feeling of warmth that comes from within or a good cup of cocoa.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing – November 18th

18 Nov

Happy Saturday!  I hope you’re having a good one.  To be honest, it’s been a rather bleak one here, weather wise.  We have had a cold rain falling all day, accompanied by howling winds and dark skies.  Definitely a good day to stay inside and do some gallery stalking.  I hope you enjoy my picks — they sure picked me up.

Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 – Heidi Nicloe

My first choice today is Grateful – Thanksgiving 2015 by Heidi Nicole.  I love the simplicity of the page because it allows everything she used stand out and make statement.  The straight composition, with the arrows, stitching, flowers and small scatter draws your eye across the layout and right to that photo.  I really like the choice of black and white for the photo because it showcases the resemblance between mother and daughter.  The heartfelt journal is the perfect way to finish this wonderful page.

Rennes 09 08 2015 – katell

I think the title work, Magic Moment, perfectly describes my next choice by Katell.  The photos are simply gorgeous and give us a rare glimpse (at least for me) into a part of nature we seldom get to see.  I love the crop on the photo — the different shape adds even more interest to the shot.  Her split background and choice of papers, (love, love, love the tree paper) creates a wonderful base for her photos while her paint splatters play up the marsh grass and water in the photo.  Definitely a magical layout.

Sweet Memories – mrsashbaugh

I love a good cluster so Sweet Memories by mrsashbaugh totally caught my eye.  The color palette is soft and beautiful and suits the adorable photo perfectly.  The pops of black in the palette create a strong visual triangle that further enhances the photo.  The mix of patterned papers creates a lot of interest while maintaining a sense of harmony with the photo and pocket card.  Finally, I love the touch of gold in the flowers, paints and scatters — after all, every girl, big or small, needs a little bling.

Birthday Interview – mrivas

It was the photo and the floral of my fourth pick, Birthday Interview by mrivas, that caught my eye.  The photo composition, with it’s play on colors and casual pose, highlights the Birthday Girl’s natural beauty in the most flattering way possible.  The floral 12 manages to stand out on the background without taking over the layout.  I love the birthday interview and the way she makes it feel like part of the background, but keeps it easy to read.  Last but not least, I like that the element clusters anchor the photo as well as draw your eye to it.  Beautifully done.

Grateful – Isa Marks

Grateful by Isa Marks is another beautifully layered page with a fabulous photo.  Again, I love the use of the black and white photo with it’s worn overlay because of the way it highlights the movement of her hair.  Her individual paper choices are gorgeous and tied together by her use of the floral pocket card as a photo mat.  While her use of elements is limited, what she does use are perfect to support her photo and her message of gratitude. Finally, her shadow work is some of the best I have seen.  I am completely awed by it.

Give Thanks Today – luan37

My final pick of the day, Give Thanks Today by luan37 is another example of great clustering.  Her use of paint for her first layer creates a light base against her background that makes the entire cluster stand out.  Her paper selections are a great choice to support her fall photo and gratitude theme.  I love how she uses bits of navy blue to break up the traditional fall palette and add more visual interest to her page.  By keeping her elements pretty simple, she gives her layout a natural feel that further enhances her photo.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing – November 11th

11 Nov

Happy Saturday!  I couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful Christmas layouts that have hit the galleries this weekend, but I’m just not ready for Christmas yet.  I still want to enjoy what Fall has to offer, like these gorgeous layouts I picked to share with you.

be thankful – sylvia

I was drawn to this first layout, be thankful by sylvia, because of the wonderful color palette in the photo.  The autumn gold sweater and overalls just say fall fun to me.  I also like the angle of the photo and the way she cropped it — it adds so much interest.  Her choice of accents are equally pleasing.  The three swirls are reminiscent of leaves blowing around them and the buttons are perfect to anchor her photo.  Finally, I love the top of the tag peaking from the lower left corner of the page and her be Thankful message.

Love Autumn Days – Giseli Freitas

Love Autumn Days by Giseli Freitas stood out in the gallery because of the fabulous cluster she created with those big, wonderful leaves — they just shout fall.  I love how she combined the realistic leaves with the flat branches, paint and pink flowers to add more interest to her cluster.  The doily and hearts highlight her photo well, while adding even more dimension and realism to  the page.  Her choice of word art finishes the layout perfectly.

weathered – chigirl

The colors and textures of weathered by chigirl are what drew me to her layout.  Granted, they do not say fall like the previous two layouts, but they speak of change, which says fall to me.  The blending on the background is fabulous and definitely creates the weathered look of the title and word art.  Her choice of elements maintains the monochromatic look and worn feel of the page, which lets her photo stand out beautifully.

Dreams – Anne PC

Again, it was the color palette that drew me to Dream by Anne PC.  The mix of coral and aqua is absolutely gorgeous and a nice twist on more traditional fall palettes I am seeing now.  Her color scheme is perfect for her wonderful photo as well.  I love her simple composition, her paper choices and the use of black as an accent against the coral and aqua.  Her use of the quote, with supporting word art strips is a great way to journal.

Beautiful All Around – ArmyGrl

Beautiful All Around by ArmyGrl is just that, beautiful.  Her exquisite photo rightfully takes center stage, and carries, this layout.  I love how the background of the photo is blurred to create a canopy of color for the highlighted branch.  The orange boarder is the perfect pop of color against the dark background and the enamel heart pin is just the right touch to finish the layout and emphasize her message of a grateful heart.

Photogenic – Anny-Libelle

Much like weathered, Photogenic by Anny-Libelle, isn’t your typical fall layout, even though it incorporates a “fallish” color scheme and fall photos.  The photography theme and the addition of black and poppy red gives this layout more pop and contrast which in turn makes the photos shine.  Her fun element choices further highlight her theme and I especially love her use of the film strip background and the white stitching.  This is a striking page that perfectly shows off her striking photos.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – October 21st

21 Oct

Happy Saturday!  I don’t know about you, but Autumn has to be my favorite time of year.  I love the crispness in the air, the rustle of the leaves, and the beautiful fall colors that fill the trees and my favorite scrapbook galleries.  Take a look at the gorgeous fall pages I found to share with you today.

Colorful October – nhudao

This first layout, Colorful October by nhudao, caught my eye right away in the gallery.  I love the use of white space here — it feels so crisp and clean, much like the air this time of year.  I like that the paper blocks behind that sweet photo mimic the banner in the upper corner, right down to the use of black stitching.  I think her paper choices are fabulous, especially the plaid, as the soft pink and black made a nice addition to the usual fall pallet.  Finally, I love her use of that great quote for her journaling.

Fall Is For – Sucali

Fall Is For by Sucali also caught my eye right away.  The movement of her elements across the page reminds me of the wind moving the leaves across my yard – both delicate and hardy – the way so many Autumn days can be.  I like that Susan stuck with the smaller fall palette, the olive, rust and cream, that is prevalent in her photo.  It gives the layout a sense of quiet cohesiveness while still clearly saying fall.  All in all, just beautiful work.

Smile – erica zane

Smile by Erica Zane did exactly that, made me smile.  I think the photos are adorable, especially the one taken from above and looking down into that sweet grin.  Erica also kept to a smaller fall palette that lets her photos pop off the page against that wonderful floral background.  Keeping her elements simple also allows the ones she did use to shine.  I love the chunky frames, the flowers and the leaves, but I absolutely adore her two enamel pins, the deer and heart bubble, and the way she has them arranged.  Such a sweet touch to a great layout.

BlessedX3 – immaculeah

BlessedX3 by immaculeah popped out to me for at least three other reasons beyond her beautiful daughters.  First I love that immaculeah has concentrated on filling only the bottom third of her layout and left the upper two thirds bare, combining a gorgeous cluster with some wonderful white space.  Second, that cluster feels as riotous and natural as a slightly overgrown fall garden and every bit as beautiful.  Finally, reason number three is the pop of lace at the bottom.  It gives the layout just the right touch of feminine elegance while enhancing the smiles on the faces of her three blessings.

Hello October – KingsQueen82

Hello October by KingsQueen82 showcases some of the best things about fall — sweatshirts, pumpkins, hay bales and plenty of leaves.  I love KingsQueen82’s use of the wood background — even dressed up with paint splatters and dots it still feels like a fall hike in the woods.  The big leaf is definitely an eye catcher and makes a wonderful mat for her photo.  Both her large and small floral clusters are beautiful and anchor her photo well.  Finally I like the peaks of patterned papers and that big Hello October title.

Wonderfall – weaselwatchr

My final pick today is Wonderfall by weaselwatchr.  Again, I love the use of wood on a fall layout, and this dark wood is especially striking.  I like that her paper strips echo her photo strip and that she has kept her embellishments simple, which allows the photos to take center stage.  The leaf photos themselves are a wonderful combination of color and texture that says fall so perfectly.  Truly a wonderfall layout.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)










Finger Pointing – September 23

23 Sep

Happy Saturday!  I hope you are having a great weekend and enjoying some nice weather.  Indian Summer has hit Indiana and it’s been in the 90’s today, so I’ve been outside savoring the sunshine and heat, because I know it won’t last.  While it may still feel like summer, I did find a few signs that Autumn is here in the galleries I visited.

6 – mrivas

Nothing says “so long, summer” better than a back to school page like 6 by mrivas.  I love the size and pattern of the six that indicates her daughter’s grade level — it makes such a pretty statement.  I also love her cluster with the cute school supplies and the use of the notebook paper to journal on.  The other small touches, like the stitching, the day tab, the owl and the journal strips finish this layout perfectly.

Autumn – shunnstergirl

The beauty of Autumn by shunnstergirl made it pop right out of the gallery for me.  I love the way the big scenic fall photo pulls you in and transports you to that gorgeous place. Her choice of background papers is spot on and the floral clusters she created offset the photo perfectly.  The addition of the hat, mittens and journal cards are fun autumn touches that carry her theme to completion.

Autumn Splendor – EHStudios

Autumn Splendor is another beautiful fall layout that caught my eye because of it’s atypical color scheme.  Instead of the warm browns and creams usually associated with autumn, we get a cool gray with a wonderful leaf pattern, bright teals and dark blues with pops of orange and raspberry.  The black and white photos stand out for their lack of color and the paint splatters remind me of leaves scattered across the ground.

Halloween – aimen1

Halloween pages in the galleries definitely mean that fall is in the air.  I love the sophistication of this layout by aiemn1.  The use of a lovely non-costumed photo combined with a spooky black background and the glittery web, leaves and branches gives this page a bewitching, yet playful, feeling.  That playfulness is further enhanced by the use of non-traditional colors like pink and green and non-traditional elements like hearts and lace.

Too Cute To Spook – Hillary

Hillary is one of those scrappers who can do so much with so little as she does on Too Cute To Spook.  Her deceptively simple layout has all the right pieces — the string, word strip and boo label — to make it come together in a big way.  I especially love her use of the plaid papers to pull all the elements together.   Honestly, when you have a photo this adorable, you want to keep things simple so that smile can shine.

My Heroes – msbamf2you

My final pick today is another explosion of color.  I love the blending of the photo into the paint splatters and her use of the half-tone layer.  It and the white burst add a sense of whimsy to the layout that suits the photo.  The white burst also works with the strip of multi-colored chevrons to add movement to that layout that echos the movement of the slide.  The floral cluster and scatter elements are a fun finish to a fabulous page.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing – September 14th

14 Sep

Happy Almost Friday Everyone!  It’s been a long week and I for one am ready for the weekend.  But first we have to finish out Thursday and what better way is there to do that than looking at some beautiful layouts?  It’s almost like a sweet snack before I head to bed.  :)

Devoirs – katell

My first pick tonight, Devoirs by Katell, is simply beautiful.   I love the perspective on the photo — that downward angle gives it a studios feel that is a perfect fit for this page.  I also think the graph paper was a good choice and that the tape with the same type of grid is a wonderful compliment.  Finally the lifted shadow at the top right corner adds that touch of realism that I always adore.  Like I said, this one is simply beautiful.

One In Eight – Sucali

If you have read any of my previous post, then you know I have a mad scrapping crush on Sucali so my next pick should not be a surprise, but it should help you understand why said crush exists.  One in Eight is a great example of Sucali’s clean, minimalistic style and the beauty she can create with just a few well chosen and strategically placed items.  Add in a great color scheme, some painted textures and similar patterns that play well together — the yellow dots and the yellow pineapple — and you get the idea of why I love her layouts so much.

I Love Days Like These | Weaselwatchr

I Love Days Like These by Weaslewatchr is another wonderful example of minimalism with a really great twist – fun patterns.  The background paper reads as a solid, yet has a subtle pattern that adds a lot of texture and movement to the layout while the strongly patterned papers on the three squares are a great compliment to the second, striped background.  Weaselwatchr’s few, well chosen embellishments play up the color scheme created by her papers as well as adding pops of color that lead your eye right to her sweet photo.


My fourth pick, #6 by Swan82 had my number from the second I saw it in the gallery.  Much like my first pick, the perspective of the photo here really caught my eye as did the contrast of dark (her sweater and the water) and light (her hair, pants and the sand) that is played up in it.  I also like the pops of yellow that give the page that warm “end of summer” feeling.  Finally I think the seagull, doodle and banner work well together to create a sense of whimsy in an otherwise tranquil layout.


As a quilter there is no way that I could not have chosen my fifth pick, Goals by mrsashbaugh.  Her patchwork squares, buttons, stitching and lace are all my favorite things in one beautiful place.  In addition to the quilted elements, I love the contrast of the black and white photo with the gorgeous colors of her palette and her well written journaling.  The other bits and pieces on her page, flowers, ribbons, etc add the perfect finishing touches to a lovely layout.

Jackson (2002-2016) – cmkb396

My final pick of the day is a hard one to post.  The loss of a beloved pet is a heartbreaking thing, so congratulating cmkb396 on her layout seems wrong, yet it is such a wonderful, loving tribute I wanted to share the beauty of it with you.  While the layout is visually appealing, the heart of it lies in the story of her and Jackson.  The unconditional love between us and our pets is a rare and precious thing that cmbk396 expresses beautifully.  I felt and empathized with their relationship and the strength it took for her to let him go.  Cmbk396, please accept my condolences on the loss of your sweet Jackson.  Thank you for sharing his story with us.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing – August 26th

26 Aug

Hello All!  The weekend seems to be flying by for me, but I couldn’t let Saturday end without sharing some of the eye candy I found in my cruise through the galleries tonight.  I hope you find them as beautiful as I do.

New Eyes – Roxana

The bright yellow paint on my first pick, New Eyes by Roxana, is the thing that caught my eye from the gallery.  I tend to like yellow as I find it to be a happy color.  Pair it with red and gray, throw in the word happy as well, and you totally have me hooked.  Even better, find a way to make the yellow really stand out like Roxana did.  The fact that there is no yellow in her photo or papers, means that splash of paint and single button really make a statement against the white background.  The pops of red on the page further enhance the happy feeling of this beautiful page.

New York Bound – Katherine

New York Bound by Katherine is a subtle, graphic beauty with a magazine feel that I really like.  I love the use of black and white on the scenic photos to help tell the story of her weekend get-away while also making sure her lovely colored selfie stands out.  The touch of red in the title work is very eye-catching and extremely appropriate for New York, aka The Big Apple.  Katherine journaling is well written and was fun to read.  I especially got a chuckle out of her tip and will be keeping it in mind if I ever travel by train.  This is part of a two page layout and the second page is just as good so check it out as well.

PL 2017 Week 20 – Dunia 

The photo series in my third pick, PL 2017 Week 20 by Dunia, is what drew me to the layout.  Each and every photograph is beautiful and they all work well together to keep your eye moving around the page.  I am especially enamored with the leg shot as the delicate white lace against the bruised knees speaks so loudly of being young, playing hard, and learning to pick yourself up after a fall.  The kissing photo is a masterpiece that works as an anchor to pull the “loving” theme together in a wonderful way.  With such lovely photos, Dunia was smart to keep the rest of the layout simple and thus allow them to shine.

Happy Memories – kim21673

Kim21673 has always been one of my favorite scrappers for many reasons that are highlighted in layouts like Happy Memories.  First off, she has adorable kiddos who take adorable photos like this one.  Second, she knows how to choose and use color to highlight her cute photos and third, she always creates stunning clusters.  Kim’s clusters on this page are full without being overwhelming — they show her son off, not up — and have amazing shadow work that adds depth and a strong sense of realism to the layout.  Finally I love that she is not afraid to use a ton of flowers on a boy page.

Procrastinator – Lizzy Carroll

As a fellow procrastinator, I love this page by Lizzy Carroll on principal alone.  I can totally relate to all the word art strips, the stickers, and other themed elements like that awesome sloth and the cute smilie flair.  While I love all the bits and pieces of this page, my favorite part is definitely the background.  Using two such different and bold papers to create a cohesive background is tricky but Lizzy pulled it off perfectly.  The white stripes and white dots compliment each other, while the black stripe and teal backing create a eye catching contrast that is both unique and fun.

Meeting Donald – GlazeFamily3  

My final pick of the day is a Disney layout by GlazeFamily3 called Meeting Donald.  I may or may not have mentioned in the past that I love Disney and therefore Disney layouts, so of course this page grabbed my attention.  While the photo is adorable — it’s hard to tell who is more excited Donald or the little girl — I was pulled in by the composition and colors on this one.  GlazeFamily3’s use of triangles is fabulous!  Not only do they look good, but they work well to pull your eye to the photo.  The same effect happens with the colors.  Because they are not a perfect match for the photos, they seem to make the colors in the photo pop even more.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)