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Finger Pointing – June 25th

25 Jun

Hello All!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday.  I have spent the weekend with my son, his fiancee and the grand pups playing in the heat.  More than once I was thinking a nice dip in the pool would have been the perfect was to cool off.  Problem is we don’t have a pool.  Thankfully, we do have air conditioning, so I came inside to pick some cool pages to share with you today.

A Story Captured | flohbock

Up first is this wonderful page by flohbock.  It is simply stunning.  I like how the aqua paper leads you into the page and to the photos.  The photo themselves are fantastic as are the shadows behind them.  They have a moody feel to them that is both intriguing and adventurous.  I appreciate that flohbock kept the elements simple and on topic as they further enhance those gorgeous photos.  Finally, the bits of red are a nice accent pop that keeps the page interesting.

sweeet | Summer

My next choice, Summer by sweeet also puts an aqua paper to good use, this time as the perfect drop back to adorable pool photos.  I love how the little girl’s round sunglasses are reflected in the crop of the photos, in the sun and in the three circular element clusters.  I also think using the stitched banner, (I always love stitching on a layout), to tether the lone cluster at the side of the page to the main grouping is very cleaver and helps pull the entire layout together in a wonderful way.  The title and bit of journaling are the perfect finishing touches.

jaye | Come Sail Away

My third choice, Come Sail Away by jaye, keeps me at the waters edge with the aqua tones and another wonderful boat photo.  The crop on the sepia photo makes me feel like I am getting into the boat and ready to cast off on a grand adventure.  All the blending on the background makes the paper feel as alive as the sea, while the sequins give it a sparkle that is reminiscent of the sun on the water.  Less Monday & More Summer is not only the perfect journalistic touch, but it could also serve as our battle cry as we pull away from the dock on our adventure.

tkradtke | Summer Delights

Summer Delights by tkradtke, my fourth choice, is another fabulous water/beach page.  The three photos tell a wonderful story of a day spent playing in the surf and the sand.  There is a strong sense of camaraderie in the photos that says these children are working together to create a wonderful castle and memory.  I love tkraddtke’s choice of messy background paper with it splats and drips that echo the splashes and waves of the sea.  I also appreciate her choice of simple elements and a lot of white space that allow the photos not only to speak, but to shine.

EllenT | Swim

Up next is a gorgeous page by EllenT called Swim.  The eyes definitely have it in this layout, as in those beautiful blue pools that pull you right into this page in a fabulously mesmerizing way.  Seriously, it is a stunning photo that Ellen shows off perfectly  I love her use of words, water and fish in the cluster around the photo to support her title, Swim.  Finally, having the fish paper peek out from the cut out in the background is both cleaver and fun.

LindyShay | Paraiso

My sixth and final pick of the day comes from one of my favorite scrappers, LindyShay.  Paraiso is the perfect rendition of a summer day because of LindyShay’s wonderful blending techniques.   A water color sky, lush green vegetation, the feel of sand between your toes and the chance to relax and enjoy it all are what summer, and this page, are all about.  Add in one of those fabulous umbrella drinks and you have all the ingredients for a perfect day, memory and scrapbook layout.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – June 10th

10 Jun

Hello!  I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.  I am knee deep in the middle of redecorating my house and have spent the day picking out paint colors, wall art and accent pieces, so picking out some beautiful layouts to share with you is the perfect way to end it.

Sucali | Frolic

First up is this gorgeous layout by Sucali.  The photo is amazing; I love the different perspective and movement in it.  I like that you can still see her joy even though you can’t see her full face.  That one rosy cheek tells the story.  I appreciate that Sucali mimicked the floral of her dress and the stripes in the background of the photo with her paper choices.  It gives the layout a subtle sense of cohesiveness.  Finally I think the small clusters and title work are the perfect finishing touches.

Amson | Pingyao

I chose my next pick, Pingyoa by Amson, because of it’s great photos, particularly the big one — it’s absolutely stunning.  I love the architecture of the roof tops. the worn, rough texture of the bricks and the neutral color palette that lets the handsome man blend in yet stand out at the same time.  Amson’s use of red accents plays off the red of the hat in the bottom photo and give the layout the pops of color that it needs to enhance the palette while her choice of blue plays up the softness of the sky, creating a wonderful contrast with the hardness of the landscape.  The Chinese symbols in the left corner of the photo are a great touch as well.

Jacinda | Sweet

Jacinda has a way with big photos layouts and one is no exception.  Not only is the photo itself incredibly sweet, as stated in the title, but the black and white effect is a perfect choice to let it, as well and her papers and elements, all stand out.  I love her use of the three clusters to create a visual triangle that brings the focus to those adorable faces and grins.  Finally her journaling is very moving speaks clearly about the bond between these two girls.

Sea and Sand | Mother Bear

Sea and Sand by Mother Bear is another example of a wonderful, big photo.  I love how the sea, sand and sky all seem to blend together and the family stands out strongly against it.  I love the blue background paper she chose; it says both sea and sky like the photo does.  Mother Bear’s clusters are beautiful, fun and add bright touches of color to the layout while the repeating and mirroring of the elements again echos the blending of the sea and sky.  Subtle and stunning.

MrsPeel  – 1999 Mermaid Fun

This next layout by MrsPeel finds us on the beach again admiring another big, beautiful photo.   I love that MrsPeel used the photo as her background and then employees masks, frames and other elements/techniques to make her focal point stand out in such a fun way.  The paint perfectly plays up the colors of the surf and sand, the stitches create a wonderful boarder and the elements give the layout a lot of movement while the small touches of gold add that needed sparkle and shine.

cfile | Great Grandma Glamor Girl

My final pick of the day stays on theme with a big, gorgeous vintage photo.  cfile’s great grandma is a beauty as is that wonderful classic car; they both seem to shine with pride.  I love how the large black and white photo blends into the background and how the car grill blends into the camera image.  I am a huge fan of heritage layouts, especially the journaling, so I enjoyed reading about cfile’s memories of her great grandmother.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)











Finger Pointing – May 20th

20 May

Hello Again!  I hope you all are having a beautiful day.  I certainly am, (which is why I am posting a bit later than I like) despite the rain we have been having.  My son and his fiancee just announced their engagement and I could not be happier knowing there is a wedding in our future.  Maybe that is why this first page appealed to me so strongly!

Christellevandyk | Fairytale

While I love all the bling on this layout, it was the photo that really caught my eye.  The black and white treatment of that gorgeous photo nestled in all the color and glam of the cluster really made it stand out in a way it would not have had Christelle used a colored version of it.  I further love the soft creaminess of the background paper against all the gold elements and the pops of red throughout the page.  I also think the title is appropriate because this layout gives you a perfect glimpse into the beautiful fairytale wedding of this lovely couple and the happily-ever-after they are going to share.

eve11ne | Carousel

Speaking of Fairytales, this layout by eve11ne represents a different kind, but is equally full of magic.   Again, I adore all the bling on this page, but the photos are my favorite part.  With her dark hair and black shirt, the little girl stands out beautifully against all the colorful elements and papers and the angle of the top photo makes it seem that the horse is about the leap off the page.  The cluster itself is full and rich and well grounded with the paint splatters and sparkles beneath it.  Finally, the flow of the title across the cluster provides a sense of movement to the layout that is reminiscent of a carousel and is the perfect finishing touch.

Conny | This Life-May

Great photos are also what drew me to this layout by Conny.  What an adorable black and white photo series of a beautiful little girl.  The three floral clusters create an effective visual triangle that manages to highlight all of the photos.  Over all, the black and white photos, papers and elements seem to be perfectly balanced against the colored papers and elements in a way that creates a sense of harmony across the entire page and a one of a kind layout.

Beach | Mother Bear

Beach by Mother Bear is another example of great photos and clusters, but it was the blending that caught my eye on this one.  The photo blended into the weathered wood background screams beach to me in the best possible way.  I also like the use of circles throughout this page, in the cutouts and element choices, as well as the tiny bubbles.  It gives the page a nice cohesiveness and a sense of playfulness.  Finally, the pops of red against the blues and neutrals adds to the beachy feel while the green leaves are a nice surprise.

Shunnstergirl – Veni Vedi Amavi

This next layout takes us from the beach to the waters of Venice.  The bright colors of this page really stood out in the gallery, calling at me to take a closer look, and I am so glad I did.  The photos are gorgeous and show off Venice in the most wonderful way.  I especially love the details of the architecture and the view from the front of the boat.  The group photo is the perfect way to capture the rest of the memory and what it meant to share the experience together.

Sucali | Italien

My final pick of the day, by one of my favorite scrappers, gives us another view of beautiful Italy.  The panoramic view of the country side makes me feel like I am standing right on the hillside with the photographer while the Leaning Tower of Pisa photo and the town photo give me a better sense of this gorgeous place.  Over all, the layout feels like a fabulous mini tour of Italy.  Sucali always adds the perfect finishing touches to her layouts as well, like the hearts that express her love for this place.  They are small things that make a big statement while letting the photo shine.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)





Finger Pointing – May 7th

7 May

Happy Sunday All!  With this being iNSD weekend, I spent most of the day on the computer yesterday, so when I woke up this morning, I decided to spend some time in the garden. After all it is May and May always means sunshine and flowers.  I think the garden vibes remained with me because when I was looking for outstanding layouts, I was definitely drawn to floral backgrounds and flower clusters like my first pick from Alice M.

Alice M | Blossom

This one popped right out of the gallery at me.  All those gorgeous flowers surrounding that adorable baby just drew me in.  I love the photo and the use of that single word, blossom, for the journaling.  It reminds me that where there is new life, anything is possible.  I like that Alice M mixed her florals, using stickers, epoxy, paper and silk, to create her amazing bouquet.  The addition of paint creates a perfect backdrop and the heart flairs add just the right amount of love.

Chaos Lounge | Hope

Hope by Choas Lounge is another page that beautifully combines different types of floral elements to create a exquisite garden.  I like that the subtle tones of the photo, which is totally gorgeous, and the papers allow the softer floral to stand out while echoing the fragility of a dandelion in the wind.  I am always drawn to journaling on a layout, and love Chaos Lounge’s use of the quote and word strips to emphazise her message of hope.  The shadow on the Love, Live, Hope, Believe strip is the perfect finishing touch as it mimics that feeling of a soft breath of air moving things about the page.

AnikA68 | Hello May

While Hello May by AnikA68 does not have an abundance of flowers on it like my two previous picks and has a black background, it still called out spring to me.  There is a sense of freedom, joy, wonder and warmth in the photo that echoes a perfect spring day.  The use of the paint on the black background further emphasizes those feelings by mimicking the growth of flowers against fresh turned dirt, while the judicious use of flowers plays up the sense that everything is wonderful and new and evokes memories of the best day ever.

anelia | Being happy never goes out of style

I totally love this page!  That huge carefree photo is so fun and perfectly supports anelia’s message and choice of kits.  The blue floral of her clothing plays off well again the floral cluster she  created and also draws attention to the pocket card.  The use of kit elements, like the pocket card, to create her title and journaling is both beautiful and effective.  Anelia is another scrapper who effectively combines different mediums to create both a garden cluster that has the same wild, uninhibited feel as the photo and a truly happy page.

Pomi | A Little Boho

While I was first drawn to this page for the beautiful floral background, it soon took second place to the wonderful photographs.  I love that with just three photos, Pomi was able to effectively show the progression and joy of an entire day.  I’ve always been a big fan of big titles and love the mix of  two very different fonts she used to create hers.  The addition of the ribbon, lace and floral elements to create a side cluster and play up that gorgeous background paper is extremely well done, especially the pops of red, and results in a lovely page where the photos and memories are the stars.

shunnstergirl | DearMom

My final choice of the day stays within my floral theme, but this time it is a layout that showcases that most precious of all flowers, mom.  The vintage Mother/Daughter photo is a priceless treasures that shunnstergirl shows off beautifully.  I love the overabundance of hearts, in the papers, on tape, as flowers, stamps, etc, to echo the abundant love between a mother and her child.   I also like the addition of a second family photo on the circular mat to echo the love that continues through generations of a family.  The flower cluster around the bird element is a lovely finishing touch.

That’s it for me.  I hope enjoyed the garden of pages I shared as much as I enjoyed both forays into the garden today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)


Finger Pointing – April 29th

29 Apr

Happy Saturday Everyone!

With NSD just a week away, I have been buried in design work, so it was especially nice to take a break and stroll through a few galleries to find these beauties to share with you.

Beatricemi – The Story

I like the simple composition of this layout and the neutral palette with those wonderful pops of blue really stood out in the gallery.  But my favorite part is the crop on the photos that capture that beautiful, expressive little face and the hands hiding it.  I also like the way Beatricemi has broken up the journaling and curved it around the photos.  For me it is the finishing touch that ties everything together perfectly.

Pixie – Reading

As an amateur genealogist who actually came to digi scrapping through that hobby, I love heritage layouts, especially this one.  I think the photo is priceless and love how it ties in with the reading quote.  Reading was the door to so many of our ancestors dreams and to see that idea scrapped so simply, yet completely, is very inspiring to me.  I really appreciate the soft palette too, especially that beautiful green viney, leaf paper on the bottom half that makes me think of (family) roots.

Kythe – Great Grandmother

Here is another wonderful heritage page that caught my eye.  I love the photo effect and the brushwork — it makes it seem like the picture came straight from an old sketch pad.  The addition of the fountain pen and tag further enhance that imagery, as do the old books behind the photo.  The brushwork in the background also adds to the old time charm and does the vintage lace.  The cluster is well done and helps ground the rest of the layout while adding a few pops of color to the neutral palette.

anny-libelle – Growing with Love

Great brushwork and that gorgeous photo are what drew me to this layout.  I love the blending on this page — not just on the background, with its wonderful paint splatters and long running drops, but also in the mixing of mediums and elements, particularly the real looking flowers and doodled greenery.  It’s such a fresh, fun combination.  I also love the journaling quotes and how they tie in to the written title advising the viewer to decorate their own soul and watch something wonderful grow.  A lovely page and message.

Mother Bear – Summer 2016

I am a huge fan of clustering done well and Mother Bear does it extremely well.  Her side clusters are so full and fabulous, taking in all the individual pieces is almost impossible on the first pass.  Fortunately going back for a second or third look is well worth the journey.  Not to be outdone by her amazing clusters is that gorgeous photo.  The effect she used on it makes it feel incredibly serene while creating a beautiful, yet neutral, backdrop for all the clustered goodies.  The addition of stitches and paint to create a frame is a nice finishing touch.

ScrappinRae – Perfection

My final choice, Perfection by ScrappinRae, jumped out from the gallery and yelled pick me and I wasn’t about to refuse.  I love the blend and crop on the photo that brings that little cutie into full focus.  The mix of blue and orange is soft, yet striking and fun!  Both clusters are well done, especially the shadowing, and the mix of water colors, paint splatters and doodles are fun additions to the perfect boy page.

That’s it for me.  I hope enjoyed the pages I shared as much as I enjoyed the design break.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – April 15th

15 Apr

Hello All!

I am super excited to be doing my first post of gallery standouts, and super late getting it posted.  Because of that and the fact that I can’t wait to share my finds with you, I am going to jump right in.

Embrace by catgoddess

I love color, so this one caught my eye right off the bat.  I really like how everything pops off the black background; it reminds me of the flowers pushing up in my garden right now.  In addition to catgoddess’s use of color, I also love her generous use of elements and that this is a non-photo layout.  No photo means that the journal card message stands alone, making it a strong focal point and all the flowers, paint splatters, hearts, buttons, etc. come together to create their own beautiful mess.

Between Us by Kelleanne

This is another layout that caught my eye right away.  I love the mix of colors, neutrals and black and white that Kelleanne uses here, as well as the basic composition tricks that always help create strong layouts.  Using the odd numbers trick, three circles and three paper strips, and creating a visual triangle with her elements, ensures that her fabulous black and white photo stands out like it should.  The tone on tone title work is a wonderful finishing touch.

Hop by Sucali

Sucali is one of my favorite scrappers.  I totally adore her deceptively simple style each and every time I see it.  She has a way of making the most of a photo using very little.  Hop is no different.  From the bunny ears, to the button, to the flower and gold hearts and beyond, everything is perfectly placed to show off those adorable bunny photos.  Simply beautiful.

Cousines by Brinic

Without a doubt is it the photo that makes this layout shine for me; it is adorable.  I especially love how the black and white effect plays up their half hidden features and makes their eyelashes and grins stand out.  The simplicity of the the white and gray backgrounds works to draw attention to that sweet photo while the few colored elements create a sense of whimsy.  That bunny is the cutest thing ever!

The Water by Jaye

Yeah, I sorta like the black and white photo, so it is no surprise that I love this layout.  The stunning photo is the first thing I noticed, followed by the messy stitching and paint and the judicious use of color.  What sold me on this one though is the journaling.  I love journaling and I think using a poem to convey your message is a great way to journal.  It doesn’t hurt that it is a fabulous poem as well.

Radiate Love by breakingbrie

breakingbrie is another personal favorite of mine for two reasons.  One, she is a wonderful writer who journals from the heart to her twin daughters and two, she knows how to layers flowers to create a virtual garden that feels so real, I want to bend in to smell them all.  This layout is the perfect example of both of those strength highlighted by a beautiful photo of her girls.

Those are my first picks!  I hope you like them as much as I do.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)