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Finger Pointing – February 16th

16 Feb

Hello again!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the week end! Now, I know if you know me you will laugh at this, but despite us having the most amazing team leader in our Liz Jutila, I messed with my calendar and forgot the post was due last night, so I need to be brief…which is why I know some of you are laughing loud…but try one can!!!!! So, in the trying with all my heart intent, here are some of the most amazing pages from Friday, I hope you enjoy and get inspired as much as I do!

I’m going to start with City Walls by LynnG, a stunning travel page. I love Lynn’s clean artistic memory keeping, I don’t think I have ever seen a page of hers that doesn’t qualify for a Standout, so it wasn’t easy to pick one of the many she posted yesterday, each and everyone of them composed to perfection, amazing artistic memory keeping with the magic that goes in every page of hers…  Love the perspective and how everything is integrated so well that one feels inside the city walls!!!! You can see all the rest of her pages  by clicking here

Another one of my favorite ladies, with another wonderful beauty standing out in the galleries, EllenT with Got Passion? and passion indeed there is in every one of her pages, here taking awesome mixture of textures and dimensions, amazingly beautiful thinking with her layering and clustering, a gorgeous treatment in the image and superb shadows, it makes me want to stay here  discovering the amazing details!!!

Next is My Tank is On Empty by heathert, whom I have admired since I started almost 10 years ago, but for quiet a long time our paths were in different places, and I am now so delighted to come across her pages often, and more so, taken a course together at the moment. This page is a result of this course and it has such power, impressive expression in the minimalist style that isn’t easy to achieve but done to perfection  by Heather here, the way the textures and perfectly chosen elements speak .. I have no words that can explain properly how much I love this….awesomeness doesn’t get even near. Absolute Stand Out.

Continuing with the ART with capitals, one of the most amazing idols of mine, who is also part of the family here at the GSO, our Jana , jholden15 with Violet. Love Jana’s power to communicate and amaze in every style possible, she speaks loud to me with her traditional layered pages, and as much with her artistic compositions, and this one especially fills my heart with joy. The mixture of brushes and paints, the wonderful color management, the amazing shine that is achieved here most definitely makes my heart sing!

And another masterful page by another super idol of mine, Iowan with 2007 Alex @ 2.  Again, Carol is an artist who can transform everyday events into the most amazing work of art, any style, no matter how opposite extremes, she will show me new ways and build the master piece effectively, and here all is shining and joyful with a multiple photo composition that achieves perfection, inspires in so many ways. The photos perfectly arranged, her wonderful thinking for elements placing, the shadows that bring dimension and that string that makes movement and the beauty of the soft background with those gorgeous touches of white with the leaves…. I can carry on for hours, Love, pure love!

Always love seeing the different ways all of us express our love -obsession even in cases like mine LOL- for our amazing hobby that goes beyond hobby and becomes art with a soul as we reflect and keep a record of our family lives, our emotions. Here I found a perfect example  in Scrap by eve11ne. Love the way the composition fills the space, the fun and beauty in the inclusion of paints and drawings, a gorgeous mixture with perfect shadowing, the dynamic on making us look at all sides with the central composition integrated that keep calling the eye to so much beauty and detail… I love a full on page and this is so wonderfully filled!!!!

Another amazing example of a full page here with best me by sardley. Love the complete covering of the page, the gorgeous mixture of cards, stamps, the inclusion of some more corporeal elements here and there that make the eye go up and down, one of my most loved color combos with black, white and yellow, and even making the pink (which I am usually not so keen on) shine beautifully integrated with the others… There is this plus with the message which has been my goal, my aim in overall life and a drive I am sure all of us have, being the best we can be… gorgeous page I may need to come back to  to make my own version…inspiring awesomeness!!!

Last, but surely always first in my heart, is this gorgeously gorgeous page , Only Us by Rubia Padilha. I’m sure we all know her awesome creativity, the beautiful way each and everyone of her pages fills my heart with love and inspires is reflected here in masterful ways. The superb contrast the black & white photo has with that amazingly gorgeous texture with the wood that shines gold, the awesome clustering and shadows that makes me want to reach to touch, and the detail of lines of journaling, touches of text here and there and the perfection of that stapled little tag….amazing beauty coming through this page with emotion! I almost forgot to mention that big tittle that makes it all so complete…. one of those pages that shout at us how wonderful life is!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you are enjoying and admiring these jewels from the galleries as much as I am. If so, please, take a minute or two to click on the name of the LO and author highlighted, and leave them a few words of praise, we all know how even one of those words can make a dull day into a beautifully shining one!!!! Thanks for joining us!!!!






Finger Pointing – January 20th –

20 Jan

Hello lovely people!!! Hope you are doing well, enjoying your weekend! I have been away from all things scrappy for quiet a while, looking after all those “distractions” life throws us from time to time, trying to get back slowly and feeling how much I have missed you all…and with a heart full of love and awe as the galleries are filled with stories, beauty, artistry and emotion all over…. so much so amazing, as I keep telling you each & every time, my heart breaks when needing to close down some 25 or 30 tabs I would have loved to share with you today. Hope you love and get inspired by these as much as I do!!!

I’m going to start with MOC6-19Travel by ArmyGrl. I have known Lisa since the end of 2010 if I’m not mistaken. Her pages were amazingly mind blowing then, so the past 7 years seeing her making better and better, awesome after awesome is a wonderful feeling. I saw this earlier and I was so amazed, I m not sure I can find the right words…. I would love to print this huge, like outdoor poster size, and have it up in my bedroom, so much happy this brings!!!  The amazing photo oversized and blending into a perfect fade with the map background, another superb photo clipped into the tittle, and the details in addition, in her always elegant style and the fabulous bottom paper pattern… I can see this as an amazing advert in Picadilly Circus (London, England), inspiring me to get myself healthy enough to be able to travel again… just absolute awesome!

Another one of my most favorite people EVER: Autumn Grasses by Jenn McCabe. I’m quiet sure Jenn also does not need an introduction, I know many, many of us love her and are inspired not only by her amazing stories, the fabulous elegance and beauty of her pages, but also the amazing love she spreads all over the community. I saw this earlier in the afternoon and not knowing it was hers, wanted to look closer so I clicked in that thumb, to get the full view of this absolutely amazing creation. A superb photo, her gift of making work colors that I wouldn’t know how to combine, and she makes it look so easy, the fabulous wood and two soft tones amazingly balanced in top and bottom, the perfection of the carefully chosen elements and the placement of the word art/strips, the wonderful shadows and the awesome touch of those staples….. Pure Awesome!!!!


To continue on the list of most favorite people of mine, MOC-Jan-17 : mrs2a50 by mrs2a50.  What’s in a name? Most of us love to find meanings when naming our kids, our fur babies or even our cars, dolls, anything really…Reading about the reasons scrappers have for their chosen screen names can be a delight, lots of fun, it can mean learning things about them that surprise us or confirm stuff we thought… I knew about this one as, after over 2 years of curiosity, I gathered courage and asked….but even knowing….reading this page tonight was an overwhelming emotion, having been part of Law Enforcement Units here in England , every word has an ever deeper emotion and strength. The page is beautiful in every way possible: Julie’s usual elegance, her gift of showing us how less is often more, the photo gorgeously blended, beautifully shadowed framing and the touch of color with the cluster’s arrows, beautiful and evocative and with the non quiet white giving the feeling to the journaling that expresses every word in such a wise way, we can feel each & every one of those emotions. I think anymore words would be superfluous. But to share this  is a must.

And more gorgeousness with Soul Searching by apottinger. Loved this from the distance, and what a beautiful surprise to see it is a page by Anita, as I didn’t recognize the girl, used to seeing her own children in the photos. This one is an amazing capture, the colors and perfect take on the template , the amazing ability of hers to layer & cluster, to give life and dimension to the whole thing. The perfection of the shadows and the light she has created by making the photo shine guarded by those awesome purples…pure beauty!!!!

Sometimes our posts tend to be filled of celebrations, themed dates, others is babies, sometimes is predominant art journal, even though our aim is to bring you a variety of styles, it is almost impossible not to find  you cannot resist some main features, even when they come from  distant places…well, tonight for me seems to be awesome photography and now, prepare to be melting in sweet, adorable fur babies…. My first one is Hello Doggo by Cindy732003. The more than cute, absolutely adorable photo, gorgeous clusters, the beautifully composed patchwork for the bottom half….and the sweetness of the journaling completed by the gorgeous title work, truly adorable!!!

The next one, Last Ride by terryb, again on fur babies, has all the talent she masters in each and everyone of her pages: the amazing turning every day photos into a gorgeously blended work of art.  Love the way one of the photos takes the spotlight whilst the others are still present, the achievement of movement on the right hand side, the depth of the colors that deeps into the jorunaling…and the journaling itself, having lost fur companions I know how sad it is when we have to say goodbye. All together wonderful blend of visual and heartfelt emotions, gorgeous all over!!!!

Last but never least (and I am excited as I almost never get to choose her pages!!!) is All That by margje . The incredible talent that shows in everyone of her pages, no mater which style she takes on, always makes me want to stop and stare, here discovering how much is blended, how gorgeous each paint, each brush comes together with the brilliant editing of the image, the background almost speaking into the page, and the quote bringing life to the whole page combined with the amazing light all together produces….a superb master piece!!!!

This is all from me today! Hope to be able to come back once January is done, hope you enjoyed these awesome artists and get inspired to keep producing your own beauties so we can feature you here too!!! Please, find a minute or two to leave a word of praise to these amazing ladies’ galleries. You can do so by clicking on the high-lit name of the page and author. Enjoy your weekend, TFL!!!!




Finger Pointing – December 1st

1 Dec

It’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas in digi-world and I so much LOVE IT!!!!! To us here, December is a month of joy, and I have been having so many blessings that all the disastrous events (which are by now common in my life) fade away to give path to a heart full of love, faith and hope, now if only my body decided to cooperate…wouldn’t that be lovely?! Anyway, December is full of joy all over the world it seems, and from all over the world the pages are making the galleries shine!!!! I knew all through the week I was going to have a very tough time tonight picking just a handful of pages, not only Friday is a day when lots and lots of talented people post, but the thing aggravates as each of those talented scrappers have SO many pages posted in the day, sometimes is a – inie, minie, mieny mo (or whatever the spelling LOL) but finally I have arrived, with a heart full of joy, beauty, love & inspiration to share with you all!!!! I will try to be brief as it is already almost 04:30 am in this side of the world, remember please, you can get to the original galleries by clicking on the highlighted name of the LO and author, a word or two of praise can make all the difference in somneone’s life!!! So, in no particular order, here are the stars of the day:

DYD 2017 Day 1 by tkradtke: I am almost lacking words (which taking into account the way I talk/type…is a rare thing, but every sentence I think of seems not to be enough to describe my love for this, a page that, like the author herself, is the epitome of elegance. The awesome page design, wonderful simplicity of the enhancing the page with the journaling…oh … as I said: my heart FULL of JOY!!!!!

Following up with another super awesome Queen of Elegance, is this gorgeousness  Silly Girls by ashleywb, one of my first most amazing “teachers” in the marvels of blank space and whom I have not had the pleasure of featuring here for quiet a while, so I am delighted to be able to share this with you now. The photo is a diamond on it’s own, add to that Ashley’s beautiful treatment of it, the rocking combination of patterns, the superb layering and ohhhhhh my heart beats so fast and fills with joy again…those shadows!!!!! Love the detail of the almost completely hidden stitches and the mat made with the splash of paint and those sequins…perfection!!!!

And my heart continues to fill, literally, with Joy by EllenT.  Again: elegance in the most amazing way translated into a scrapbook page, the soft blues mixed with addition of silvery sparkling here and there, an array of textures that give depth to the whole thing, the amazing clusters in which she manages to use lots of elements without overwhelming the eye, those shadows that are spot on and the amazing feeling that  I have , when thinking blue and white should maybe give a cold feel, but all together here what I have is this beautiful feel of warmth!!! just superb!!!!!

Winter by Jenn McCabe : my heart continues to sing with another one of my most favorite people EVER, since the day I saw her very first page, this feeling of discovering a beautiful soul, and from then on with every page the feeling grew and still goes strong, by now, after a few years, completely knowing that the beauty in her pages extends, indeed, into her soul. Every page of hers has this magical touch, and in this one I rejoice with my new found love for winter, and she translates it all so well into the page!!! I have to confess I am amazed and keep going back to look to discover the way she did those amazing papers, the diagonal  creating an impact, the beyond amazing photo incorporated into the card/frame, the perfection in choosing the elements and with them the super gorgeous and delicate clusters and the elegance of that word art title… Pure.Awesome!!!!

Another superb page by another favorite lady: 2013-Dancing-at-the-EMP by Iowan is an explosion of color, a perfection in techniques, a proper gem like Carol produces always. Love her ability to go from super full on pages to the blank space and always achieve master pieces, and here, once again, she combines the best of the best : the extraction/ blend with those partial frames, the photos being already super creative and the use of such busy &  amazingly relevant background that creates a focal point and from there it keeps flowing and I keep discovering more and more little details…all wonderfully sealed with that beautiful corner cluster. Awesomeness!!!!!!

Good Times by Shannamay is gorgeous , creativity literally flows here with the superb clever cut out of the circles, so much fun and beauty with the photos, again, put together so creatively and the shadows giving depth, the perfection of the very very few elements but so amazingly placed they make a huge impact on the page…I am in love with the lizards stamp, the whole page is wonderful!!!!

Bringing back the feeling of the season and Christmas in particular, another couple of superb  pages, both very differently thought, but a pure example of how so very different approaches to a page can give so much amazing feeling, a perfect memory keeping in both these talented artists!

Dec 01 – 2017-Left by tracermajig : what a delight when a photo can speak so loud, be so beautiful and full of sweetness and fun, and the elegant touch of having the journaling with the tittle made to fit into that elegance!!!! I have no words, this is simple brilliant!!!! I would print this into a huge poster/canvas to look at it every day in my walls!!!

Last but never ever (especially in this lady’s case!!!) least, is this gorgeously festive page, Shopping by Stefanie. I am always , always amazed by her talent in memory keeping with the most wonderful ideas, the thoroughness and inventive ways each & every time, and this one is no exception!!!  So much to look at and discover, those pockets are gorgeous and perfectly shadowed, the elements same thing, LOVE each little flower, the golden bow on the top left with the semi-visible tag, everything has dimension, and the tittle work is the fabulous crown to this page…. I too want to go shopping with them!!!!

This is all from me today, hope you enjoy and get inspired as much as I do!!! Once again, click on the high lit names of the LO & author to get to their original galleries and leave them a word or two of love, lets make this month be full of love in our scraping families!!!! have a GREAT weekend!!!!





Finger Pointing – November 24th

24 Nov

Hello!!!! Hope everyone is well and enjoying (should we read running mad around? LOL) the weekend!!! I’ll be short (or at least try) as I wasn’t able to post last night so wont hold the day for Liz who will be posting for today!!! So I ll go straight to the awesome, amazingly marvelous pages from Friday. As usual, choosing becomes a very difficult task! Hope you enjoy these and get inspired as much as I do!!!! Remember you can access the original pages by clicking in the linked/high-lit name of the LO and author!!!

Realizing how close we are to the end of the month and, for some of us, the arrival of the most waited time of the year, I find this awesome 2017 DYD Cover Page by Erin Crouch. This seemed the perfect way to start the post. Now if you know me, you know I am an element hoarder, but the amazing clean lines, gorgeous bold letters and color, cleverly composed background with subtle patterns makes this a perfect cover page!!!!

To carry on the magic, the most magical place on earth seems the perfect option, and here I found this masterful piece by Dawn Inskip , 100% Adorable, and adorable it is indeed!!!! My love & passion for designers who scrap is well documented, and love the way Dawn always comes up with original compositions, amazingly designed pieces, unique signature of her talent!!! My heart is taken by this awesome page!!!!

Another super original piece, Just do It by cfile, which amazed me as I was reading at the Get It Scrapped classes something about transporting habitats into our pages…this couldn’t be a better show for it!!! As usual Christa shows a passion for page design, a wonderful creativity and amazingly beautiful results! Love the color palette, the perfection of the setting, almost like a set design for theater translated into a scrapbook page, the delicate embellishment, absolutely fabulous!!!

Another superb creation, an incredible blending, extraction, artsy use of paints and super outstanding tittle work in this gorgeously awesome page, Be Strong by Wombat146. Love the way Ona documents her family life, events that she transforms into incredibly gorgeous master pieces, this is a gorgeous jewel with complete perfection with the added journaling!!!!

I am so, so delighted to find this, Santa’s Village by weaslwatcher, not only because it is another master piece, but also because I hardly ever am able to highlight her pages! It is either her on the 7 days list or me not coming across her pages when on duty, but thing is my heart was full of happy when I looked closer and saw it was hers!!! Love Danica’s versatility to compose super wonderful pages in extreme styles, in here the perfection starts by the awesome photo, I am amazed always by the documenting of her travels, then there is the continuity given to the photo by the super clever choice of background paper, the gorgeous clusters which make my element hoarder heart sing without overwhelming the page, the beautiful sign as tittle work and even a scribble to give it a hand made touch. All the way awesome!!!

The festive feeling is with us with a more than fabulous page, Holiday Magic by tammybean04. I’m always in love with people who can combine patterns in a truly wonderful way, and here the magic fills my heart, absolutely perfect layering, shadows that makes me want to reach and touch, more layering goodness and fantastic cluster with the card adding a touch of cute , this is so beautiful, I may have to consider lifting this to the t!!!!!! Perfection!!!!

As a story teller, I love the photography that speaks volumes with originality, and this couldn’t be a better example of how non posed, or should I say almost anonymous ones, can tell a story without words. The season colors are wonderfully represented in this awesome page, Feeling Blessed by stormchaser. In here too, love the combination of patterns, the earthy tones gorgeously constructing a cluster with a touch of gold that I love and lighten up the page to complete this beautiful piece!

Last but never ever least, a marvelous page that conquers my traveler’s heart, Spain_first_page by LBickfor63 is such a wonderful introduction to a travel book, I’m in love with the photographic goodness made into the map, and, once again, even to my element hoarder this is a perfect master piece!! Done so elegantly , with a subtle tittle on the top and the gorgeous little tag with the thread at the bottom, as if this wasn’t already a visual amazement, the amount of journaling makes this into a perfect diamond, a jewel to close today’s post with a wonderful happy heart. This also makes me happy as I know Lori’s beautiful work well, but don’t think I have ever come across a page of hers whilst on duty here!!!!

This is all from me today, Hope you have a great weekend, don’t forget to click on the high-lit names to go to the original gallery, we all know how much our day can be made by a word or two of praise!!!! Thanks so much for joining us!!!










Finger Pointing – October 27th-

27 Oct

Hello!!!! here I am again, late, of course, even though I started the process that leads to this as early as 19:00 hs of the 27th UK time, now being 03:34 am of Saturday…finally here after a “little” detour for a few episodes of Stranger Things series 2…. oh well, one has to binge once in a while, right? LOL Anyway, in a better mood this week than I have been in quiet a LONG time…I bring you some of Friday’s gallery jewels!!! Hope you love these, get inspired and amazed as much as I do/am!!!

Starting with an amazingly awesome beauty, November Rain by EllenT, I’m sure you know by now she is one of my most favourite artists, and here, playing with stuff from another two faves of mine, both designer kit & template, she most definitely shines in all ways possible!!! but never mind what Ellen chooses to play with, it guarantees it will be a precious gem, in here the take on the template displaying a show of elegance, amazing movement and perfection of color palette. Love the fact that the photo (with some amazing treatment!) actually isn’t the star here, but still has a huge pull over the whole page…each and every little bit of the page come together in the most perfect dynamic and beauty!!!

This next page, Travel Day 1 by norton94, makes my heart sing and smile with so much joy…I’m a bit at loss for words. You see Krista is one of those amazing layout artists that not only brightens the gallery, but also one of those unsung heroes every community has, the ones behind the scenes to make everything work to perfection, remind us of our schedules, create amazing ads for our chats & scraps and a lot more, which sometimes leaves not much time for scrapping…which in turn makes her pages even more of a jewel. This one, a perfect beauty of a mum & daughter page, gorgeously elegant with delightful layering,  absolutely awesome shadows and clean cut lines that make the template shine, every detail coming together in this pristine, marvellous beauty, brilliantly composed in the pure white background. Perfection. Absolute & total perfection!

Going from two wonderful clean cut/blank space beauties, we move into a fuller elegance, a fabulous master piece, this page called MB by marnel, another superb artist I admire and get inspiration from. Love the way the spaces are filled with a gorgeous combination of photos (black and white making them delightful contrast) and papers, a little detail here and another one there with cleverly placed elements, or a stitch or a piece of lace, each detail leading the eye to another mini surprise on a perfect design making it all come together with the deep green background and as if all wasn’t enough, the addition of the ink splatters that give a hand made feel in the finishing. Amazingly Awesome!!!

Next has me delighted in so many ways, I am not sure where to start!!!!! Maybe a good place to do so would be the mouth watering subject… yup. It is called Smores Cupcakes, created by Amien1 in that super amazing, stylish way of hers which turns any subject into fine art!!!! Mouth watering photo with a more than perfect angle, amazing way to scrap a recipe, with so much to love, my eyes keep going from top to bottom and one side to the other and keep being amazed with the perfection of every choice: the title and subtitles, the gorgeous fonts chosen and the amazing balance with the superb cluster. I could be here for hours loving the colours, the delicate shadows…everything comes together in a stand out way!!!!!

Carrying on with another super amazing artist, and obviously today I am on a clean cut, beautifully stylish lines, comes Young at Heart by Alannabanana , a treasure full of what I would find difficult combinations, yet she achieves harmony in the best way possible, patterns that could have clashed together if not for Alanna’s mastering on the equilibrium and the soft touch, the amazing shadows, the awesome talent of hers showing in each and every choice, from the colours combined to perfection and the beauty of attention to detail…. as always with her, the most wonderful result!!!!

Last but never ever least, I find an amazingly beautiful, vibrant, awesome in so many ways my excitement wishes my typing could go as fast as my  mind on this one, Hocus Pocus by biancka really, really makes to my post the perfect seal, her being one of the most amazing Queens of Blank Space of mine…and achieving with equal talent the full on way….oh wonderful!!!!! LOVE the photos, perfect colors to make an impact, and the clusters of elements so very well done, they seem to become part of the photos!!!!! Of course every detail is done to perfection, what an amazing show of talent!!!!

I’ll say good day to you all now, hope you enjoyed these and get inspired. Please take a moment to click on the name of the LO and author, and leave them a comment :even a word or two can make any of us have a much better day!!!! TFL!!!!






Finger Pointing – Oct 20th {The Halloween-ish Edition!}

20 Oct

Hello my lovely people! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the festive vibes in the air!!! Couple of true facts: growing up in South America did not include Halloween, for me, it was something seen in TV programs imported from the USA, but, hey, we have Carnival!!!! Great, but that didn’t stop me feeling like a 10 years old the first time we properly did Halloween here in England… I used to go full on, especially after 2008, first time we saw Wicked the Musical, and I started dressing up as Elphaba the green witch with full on body make up!!!!!! Another true fact: I think this was 2012, I was in so many CTs, I scrapped so much Halloween I swore of it for about 2 years… until 2014 in which the designers won me over again…. and these days, oh so much fun!!!!!! Hence the majority of the pages today go in that tone….the oranges and fall feeling, the fun and the OHHHH AWESOME pages!!!!!!!! It is (as usual for me!!!) almost 03:30 am here so I ll try be brief!!!! I bring you some of the gallery jewels!!!!

Spooky by cfile, I clocked this earlier and then kept finding pages of hers that made this decision a really REAAAALLLY difficult one!!!!!!! As I keep telling you, in my humble opinion, making a stand out blank space/clean page isn’t as simple as you may think. So many things have to fit, it isn’t just dropping a small photo and sticking an element or two….(or 45….you get me) In this page, Christa has put together every perfect choice: awesome photography, super amazing composition, details that elevate the page to a height that screams GSO!!!!!!! Have a look at her gallery as the whole thing is a jewel!!!!!

Another gorgeously beautiful page, Candy by Neverlandscraps, full of super cute detail, amazingly elegant and at the same time fun, with gorgeous shadows that enhance the beauty of the composition, a mixture of bits and pieces with so much dimension… love also how the journaling is done bi color and such a fitting font for it, the whole ting is amazing!!!!

Another amazing, irresistible page by another super talented artist!!!! Iowan’s Mysterious is also a page I have bookmarked since I saw it and HAD to have it here. Carol’s talent is limilless, never mind which style she decides to go for, she will deliver with the best, and in here there is a combination that embodies the word “creativity”. The amount of blends going on, the amazing location of the art doll, and the superb tittle work with the word art and the lock and key , the way the paints give the whole page so much substance and beauty…Love and LOVE more and can keep loving the awesomeness all month!!!!!!

The next page, Fall is For by Lauren Wonsik,  was calling me to click and view close up, a mixture of beauty in perfect photography and the memories that I imagine every mother of girls has one time or another experienced, the wonderful world of dance, bringing memories of a time that will stay forever in my memory and makes me wonder how amazing would have been if I knew of Project Life format then. This page is alone a gorgeous record of elegance and a golden memory, and together with the rest of the images on her gallery today, a brilliant, absolute show of perfection!

Continuing on the Fall, warm and earthy colours of the season, Cooler Temperatures by Kellygirl! brings a beauty that I would love to have as a title page for the season book, translate into fabrics for the home, art pieces for the walls, even transport into wearables. The gorgeous feel of rustic paint, the casual hand made feel with the doodles and splatters, and the completion of perfection with a wonderfully chosen font, all together a treasure!

Last but never ever least, another one of my most favourite ladies, Saar with Trust the Magic, and Magic she brings us with this delightful photo-less piece, with warm palette and the amazing talent of hers to fill the page with the most amazing taste, a wonderfully expressive in awesome detail, with perfection in the layering, shadows that make the clusters shine and the element become almost touchable. The combination of the centred circle with the balance of all the horizontal lines , the gorgeous background full of life and warmth…the whole thing is a perfect beauty!!!!

This will be all from me today! Remember you can get to the original gallery by clicking in the high-lt name of the LO & author, and leave a word or two to these amazingly talented ladies!!! Have a great weekend!




Finger Pointing – October 6th –

6 Oct

Hello!!!! I’m delighted to be posting for you today, I have missed some posts, as a matter of fact I couldn’t even scrap almost the whole of September, I was unwell, my dad was admitted in hospital,I was in & out of hospital the whole month, but I was determined to be able to make it to enjoy iDSD and that included coming to post for you. Our internet isn’t working it’s best either, and if that wasn’t enough….only a few hours ago I got a phone call that now my mum was admitted in hospital which almost took me of my tracks, so I may not be as thorough as my usual, but I hope you love these pages and get inspired as much as I do. As usual, it had been difficult to cut them to just a few, but finally got it done :)

I’m going to start with one of my most loved, admired, inspirational scrappers in the whole industry, Jenn aka jk703 with a page she calls Outtakes. She always shines and this one I have been loving since she first posted, her boys gorgeous with those shinning smiles, the photo of a high quality treated to make it even more amazing, the take on the template such perfection, the colors superbly in sync, the super simple embellishment  and then there are those shadows, and the perfect seal to the page with that tittle … absolutely amazing!!!!!!

To follow, here is another awesome artist, one who can wow us with any style, scrappydonna with this amazingly gorgeous, super cute page called Xoxo.  Funny, I just realized now that both pages have black & white photos, and here like in Jenn’s page above, the treatment illuminates the whole page! Love big photo LOs, I used to make at least 50% of my pages with big photos when I started, so this caught my heart from very first look. The whole thing is beauty all together, and full of precious little details. Love how the pattern paper fits perfectly to add value to the page without taking over the importance of the photo, and her masterful creation of the embellishment strip/cluster, the layering is perfect, the elements chosen are delicate and ohhh those shadows!!!!! Perfection everywhere!!!

Another incredibly talented girl whom I am always, always happy to find in the gallery, no matter which is the style her page comes in, LeeAndra with Fall is My favorite. Love the more than fabulous statement here, how well achieved: Not only the feeling of the crisp season is present with strength with the colors, the dimension those shadows give to the whole composition, the layering is so amazingly perfect and the photo so amazingly beautiful and happy, topped with the gorgeous word art, it makes my heart sing!

Having chronic conditions (both visible and invisible type) I am always excited with new “doctor” medical kits and the pages that I see coming out of them. In this page, Ouch by always amazing JillW, there is so much beauty, starting by the fact that a not so beautiful event is transformed into a mini master piece, amazingly elegant, full of pieces to have me staring for ages, and loving it so so much! Love how she concentrated the delicate, beautiful composition to the middle and took the journaling to be as important part of it. The wonderful layering with the addition of the subtle, super gorgeous shadows makes the whole thing a delight for the heart and sight!!!

Another one of my super favorite ladies, who also happens to be a designer, one of those who shines as much in her designs as in her pages. Colorful Autumn by Akizo also achieves that wonderful warm feeling of the season,  the choice of patterns is amazing, super harmonious, the crossed paper strips give movement to the whole page. The dominant terracotta color brings October into the page, the photos with also harmony in colors, gorgeously located and those flower cluster are the most beautiful thing!!!!

From some pages delightfully filled, we go to one of the most amazing Queens of Blank Space. Rae aka bcgal00 with Hummingbird. I am in love with this from way go with the black background, the wonderful composition, the way the red  brightens up the LO, the perfectly layered elements with amazingly gorgeous shadows, which to me are very difficult when scrapping a black background, but here she makes it all look effortless!!!!

As an adopted Londoner, I am always looking for inspiration for the so many photos we have, so coming across this one is jut what I was looking for!!! The blending is a complete work of art, I can get lost in so much detail, and at the same time all is pure harmony! The whole spirit of modern London blends with the old and this page is just one marvelous that can transport us there in  a second!!! Here is London by zwyck

Last but never ever least…this page is called Picture of You by faby33, and I am so taken, so in awe of this, that words escape me and I want to carry on just looking at it!!!! The blending, the amazing expression that is even deeper worked by the blending and touches all over, this is just something to be hugely admired!!!! Love the perspective too, everything in here is wOw!!!!!

This is all from me today, I hope you love these, and, as always, you can get to the original galleries by just clicking on the high lit name of the artist & LO. Please spare a minute ir tow to live an encouraging word, we all know it is a powerful thing that can be and how beautiful is to be able to do it! Thanks so much for looking!!!!