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Finger Pointing – March 19th

19 Mar

As I sat down to write this post, I started to think about why certain pages just seem to scream at me to pick them.   So what makes a page scream at me?  It might be the photo(s), a quote that’s used, a technique, a color scheme, or the composition.  I just know it when I see (hear?) it.  Sometimes these pages make me smile or laugh out loud.  Sometimes they make me cry or think deeply about a subject.  Sometimes they are just amazingly beautiful.  You would think it would be an easy process to pick six for each post but the problem is that there are so many deserving pages out there all screaming at me.  In the long run, I guess it’s all about which pages scream the loudest!  So here are the six that were doing that today.

Wall Art by Traumelfe is so absolutely gorgeous that I don’t know where to begin!  The bright colors are so beautiful together and they are what really screamed at me about this piece.  The watercolor look does indeed make it the perfect wall art.  The black splats and stitches as well as the quote ground the whole piece.  Love this!   (If you want to take a look at it on a virtual wall just click here.)

Family by mcurtt caught my eye (and ear) because of the use of the census record as the background paper (a woman after my own heart).  The vintage black and white photo is such a treasure. I love that she kept all of her title/journaling in black and white and I also love all of the different fonts.  The red hearts are a perfect touch.  Love this page!

Love Teaching by kikimama screamed at me because it tells a story.  It leaves a powerful message to future generations about who she was and what she did at this point in her life.  I love the composition of her page with the vertical line of title/journaling/embellishments.  And such cute embellishments!  Her journaling is just amazing (another really challenging thing for me so I really appreciate it on pages!).  This page is what scrapbooking is all about … leaving a piece of us for our descendants.  Love it!

Life In Harmony by Ruebchensmum won my heart with that sweet photo (amazing how loud a sweet photo can scream!).  The use of the formal composition and the soft colors from the photo create an elegant page.  I love how she kept the embellishments to a minimum and let the photo take center stage.  Gorgeous page!

Say Cheese by Applechick is one of those pages that just makes me smile!  That darling series of extractions is what screamed at me from this page.  She sure seems to know what to do with a camera … even if it doesn’t have a viewfinder!  Love how Applechick desaturated the paper to achieve the tones she was looking for.  The brushwork in white adds depth and the placement of the word art behind the extractions is great.  This is just awesome … I can’t quit smiling!

Amy L’s Carriage Ride is so gorgeous.  The screaming from this page came from the multiple photos … not an easy look to achieve (at least for me!).  The color palette of subtle shades of brown, green and orange showcase the photos beautifully.  There is so much to see on this page … photos, journaling, and embellishments peeking out to grab our attention.  Love that she layered the cream paper onto a busier paper in the same color scheme creating a calm and cohesive look.  Beautiful page!

The screaming is over for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by my picks.  If you have time, please visit the galleries and leave the artists a little love.  And maybe take time to check out what screams at you!








Finger Pointing – March 11th

11 Mar

We’ve been on the go all day, every day this week so it’s nice to start the weekend off by taking my time and browsing through the galleries.  I am always amazed at the diversity in the art that fills the galleries.  If asked to say which style I like best, I would be hard-pressed to answer.  I love artsy pages.  I love scrapbook pages that look like they’ve been scrapped with paper and embellishments.  I love art journal pages.  I love pages with a lot of journaling but I also love pages with very little (or no) journaling.  I love Project Life, December Daily, and Week In The Life style pages.  I love fantasy pages.  I love pages with just one photo (especially if it’s a BIG one) and I love pages with lots of photos.  I love pages that are altered photos.   I love grungy pages and I love clean pages.  Truth is, I just love the art and am intrigued and inspired by them all.  So, with that in mind, here are the six pages I chose for standouts today.

When I saw Restore Your World by bekfek in the gallery, I couldn’t wait to enlarge it and read the journaling.  Everything about this page is just so perfect!  The colors are beautiful (and a touch vintage looking) against the cream background.  The title cluster is awesome!  The masked/blended photo in the background creates a beautiful center for the visual triangle created by the photo cluster, the title cluster, and the journaling/word art cluster.  This page just makes me smile!

And, speaking of colors, the ones Traumelfe used on her For Art page are just stunning and create such a sense of joy.  The use of black for the text brush work and the title keep the colors grounded.  The white splat behind the extracted photo (beautiful extraction by the way) makes it pop and I love how she’s framed it.  The splats and additional brush work are beautiful.  Love this page!

me by sylvia really drew me in when I saw it.  The complex background she has created adds to the sense of drama of the photo.  This drama is  enhanced by the  use of the torn frame over a portion of the blended photo.  Love the subtle title and the single flower stapled to the corner of the photo.  This is just a totally stunning page!

ht5 by marnel is a beautiful mixture of a grungy, artsy page and a clean, traditional page.  Love the large photo!  Her vertical cluster with the journal strips listing his faves is awesome – my faves are the squiggly arrow and the dog.  The blue and brown color scheme blends beautifully with the almost sepia-toned photo.  Love this page!

Love, love, love the colors Tammys_scrapping used on her One Little Word Challenge – March 17 page.  The arrows are super cool.  Normally, I am a right align, left align, center align, or justify journaling type of gal but the casualness of the journaling formatting perfectly offsets the squared-off photo cluster.  The embellishments are the perfect finishing touch to this awesome page.

This Was An Awesome Day to by clindoeil is such an exquisitely soft and beautiful piece of art.  The coloring on the multi-media hearts is gorgeous! Love the placement of the date.  At first glance the journaling appears to be, not journaling, but a part of the overall design…perfection!

I hope my picks today have inspired you to spend a little time in the galleries looking for your own standouts.  If you want to visit these pages in the gallery, the titles and images are linked.  If you do check out these, or other, pages in the gallery please take a moment to leave a comment for the artists.





Finger Pointing – March 5th

5 Mar

Hello from windy Florida.  It’s been a gorgeous weekend with warm temps during the day and nice cool (great sleeping weather) temps at night.  Today things are being blown about so I decided that indoor activities would be great for this afternoon.  I can’t ever say enough about how happy it makes me browsing through the galleries and seeing all of the beautiful creations.  And how much fun is it that I get to showcase some of the best!

morning by estir_bune captures my feelings about mornings beautifully!  That photo says it all and it’s wonderful how she has “framed” it with the torn notepaper and the crease in the background paper.  The colors are soft and beautiful and her choice of embellishments is flawless.  Awesome page!

I agree with rfeewjlj … I also love books.  And I love her page about loving books, I Love Books.  The composition and the color scheme first caught my eye in the gallery.  Her use of white space is perfect.  Love both of her clusters and the “just one more chapter, just one more page”!  Fun, fun, fun page!

Wow, wow, wow!  That pretty much sums up the thoughts I had when I saw Longing For Spring by donnaluisa in the gallery.  When I look at this piece of art, I feel a shiver of cold.  The girl, the winter scene, and the spring flowers are beautifully blended.  I am just mesmerized by this!

It’s no secret that I adore a “grungy, artsy” page so I was excited to find grunge kit by Lella in the gallery!  The grunge brushes add such character and dimension to that very cool photo.  The title, and it’s placement, are perfect as is the circular brush around the face.  I could look at this for hours.  Love it!

My next featured page, Move Mountains, is by Katie Pertiet (one of my favorite designers).  I love to see designers use their product on pages and, thus, give us a peek into their vision for the product.   There is so much to this page and all of the individual pieces combine to create a cohesive, stunning page.

Talking of Spring, baseball says Spring in America like nothing else.  I love baseball and when I saw Good Catch by bbe I knew it was going to be one of my choices today.  I absolutely love “full-page photo” pages!  And this action shot is a beauty.  The photo is amazing and could stand on its own but the addition of the word art and the title focus attention on that sweet face.  The addition of the edge overlay to this page adds just the right touch of grunge.   Love this so much!

Those are my picks for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  If you’d like to see them in the gallery, the title and image are both linked to make it easy.  If you do visit the gallery, please leave a comment for the artists.  It’s always so encouraging to see a comment on your page.  Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, and we’ll see you later in the month.




Finger Pointing – February 16th

16 Feb

After a very busy day, it was a treat to (once again) troll through the galleries looking for my gallery standouts for the day.  Since we didn’t have a post yesterday, I allowed myself to make nine choices rather than the usual six (fun!).  Since it’s late and I have extra layouts to comment on, let’s get started.

Skyline Rotterdam – the Netherlands by Marleen is a stunning piece of art by one of my favorite artists.  This is a beautiful composition with the placement of the photo and its reflection. Love the addition of the splats and swirls.  I can see this one on a canvas hanging in an art gallery.

photography: a passion by P’tiscrap is another stunning piece of art!  Love how she’s “built” the rocks for her photographer to stand on.  The line with the arrows leading your eye away from the camera lens is a perfect touch.  I really love that she’s created it in all B&W.  Love this!

There were many awesome art journal pages in the galleries using this kit.  Pisces by snowdropz stood out because of the unique placement of the mermaid – awesome!  I love the background she’s used and the way the word strips lead your eye from the mermaid’s beautiful eyes down to the title.

As most of you know, I love family history pages.  The John Family by caapmun is a beautifully crafted page.  The blendable she used to ground the photos and elements is absolutely gorgeous.  That is one amazing family photo and I love how she’s isolated her grandfather’s image as an individual photo.  Beautiful use of embellishments and word art!

Feb Random Challenge – Big Title by Squirrely had me from the moment I saw the thumbnail in the gallery.  Who could resits that sweet face!  Love the use of the letter coasters to create that big title.  And the cluster with the flowers and soccer balls is brilliant.  I could look at this all day … with a smile on my face the whole time.

After all the rioutous fun in my last choice, I ran into that time when … such a peaceful layout by Marijke.  I love the blended photo and text.  And the stitching is a beautiful addition.  The composition with the elements and the photo, and the title leading your eye across the page is gorgeous.  Love this!

pin by terryb is an awesome sports page.  Love how the selective coloring leads your eye to the focal point on the page!  And what an amazing photo!  The blended photo in the background and the watery brushes add a beautiful depth to the page.   Awesome page and congrats to him on his wrestling success.

There were a lot of examples using this kit in the store but En Route by DALE caught my eye immediately.  Love the grunginess of the page and the placement of the word art.  Looks like a vintage magazine cover.  Love it!

–incredible journey– by beehive50 is a beautiful page documenting the kind gesture of a friend.  The diagonal composition with the clusters in the top left and bottom right corners is wonderful.  And those clusters are so sweet.  I love the use of the hearts as a mat for the photo and journaling.  A special page for a special gift.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today.  If so, please visit the galleries (images and titles are linked) and leave the artists some love.



Finger Pointing – February 9th

9 Feb

I’ve been suffering a case of the “no inspiration blues” lately.  I seem to start pieces and then trash them.  So what better place to get some inspiration than the galleries.  They were totally packed with awesome pages today and, as usual, it was really tough to only pick six.  But, those are the rules, and I’m definitely a rule-following kind of gal.  This is Patsy and here are my picks for today.

Isn’t Red Bandana by debby todd just the most marvelous piece!  I love the sketch effect and I love that she filled the page with her photo!  The subtleness of her word art and brushwork creates a perfect backdrop without overwhelming the photo.  I LOVE this!

#fun by cutiejo1 is a beautifully balanced page!  The black and white caught my eye in the gallery and when I took a look at the larger view, I fell in love.  The tinted photo is beautiful with the black, white, and gray colors.  The photo cluster is awesome and is perfectly balanced by the single flower and #lol.  Beautiful page!

I own a couple of these 4″x4″ albums and haven’t done a thing with them because I could never come up with any ideas.  In her Paris mini-album I (as well as the other pages in the gallery from this album), MelanieB has provided me with the inspiration I needed.  Her pages are simple but touching and are perfect for this little album.  Thank you MelanieB!

If you’re looking for a stunning piece of art, you have to look no further than Amour by Applechick!  She has created a gorgeous montage by using photos and papers clipped to transfers and by adding the elongated photo (don’t you just love that photo!).  This is an absolutely amazing piece of art!

I just adore The Right Shoes by AmanaeseFe!  I’ve always loved that quote (even though I’m definitely not a shoe girl) and she has created an awesome journaling/title cluster (love that font or alpha in the quote and the word shoes).  The small cluster in the bottom right is wonderful and I love how the string leads your eyes right to those shoes (in case the pop of red didn’t!).  And, speaking of the pops of red, they just make the page.

Urban Culture by CourtneyDesigns is one of those pages that makes me just go “WOW!”.  The technique she’s used on the enlarged photo is gorgeous when blended onto the background and I love that she’s added the photo in a small version also.  Her title is perfectly sized and placed.  Amazing piec eof art that could be hung on any wall!

The galleries where so inspiring today.  But, even when you’re overflowing with mojo, it’s a treat to just wander in the galleries for the pure fun of enjoying the wonderful art.  Try it, you’ll like it!  And, remember, the artists love it when you stop to leave them a comment.  That’s it for today.  I’ll see you again next Thursday.  Hope you have a great week.




Finger Pointing – January 31st

31 Jan

It was another gorgeous day in sunny Florida although I spent most of it at our local scrapbook store helping them get ready for their annual Shop Hop.  As we headed home, it was one roadblock after another and it took us almost two hours to make the 45 minute trip.  But once I got home, my husband prepared dinner so I could eat and browse the galleries at the same time.  Wow, are the galleries loaded right now.  There are so many challenges going on and so many pages being created for them.  It took me almost twice as long to make it through the galleries as usual.  But how enjoyable it was!  Here are my six picks for this last day of January 2017.

The minute I saw Boardwalk Sketch by ashleywb I fell in love!  I love the sketch treatment on the photo. I love the placement of the frame. I love the embellishment choices and I love the placement of the word art.   I really love the softness of it.  In fact, I just LOVE this page!

I’m a big fan of well-done art journal pages and This Year by wvsandy is a gorgeous example!  The colors on this page are so beautiful together and the touch of orange really pops!  The word art really speaks to me.  Such a precious art journal doll and how cute is that bird?  All around perfect art journaling page!

MOC 15 by Jeanet is a stunning piece of art.  On her post she has added below the main picture smaller shots of the layers she used to create this amazing page.  The depth she has created is gorgeous.  I especially enjoy the grunge on top of the layers.  And another word art quote that is so true!  This should be printed and hung on a wall so it can be enjoyed all the time.

I’ve been seeing a lot of triangles in the galleries and I really love the look of them.  Good Times by Mielz starts with a beautiful brushwork backdrop.  The photo is arranged in the triangle cluster for maximum impact.  She has done an awesome job with the embellishments.  Beautiful, serene page!

What a treasure Pepette has created with her New Style page.  It appears that I’m being drawn to pages today that have white backgrounds.  The bright colors with the black just pop off the page and demand that you take a closer look.  Pepette has created a beautiful cluster to highlight that adorable photo.  Those eyeglass frames in the cluster are so cute!  Love how she’s grounded the photo cluster with the brush stroke.  Awesome page!

I think we can all relate to the journaling on 2017 AIM by Vicki Stegall.  Please visit the gallery to read it – you won’t regret the time taken.  I was drawn to this one initially by the placement of the journaling/embellishment, and title.  Perfect.  Especially with the little added touch of the date along the bottom left side. Amazing page!

I loved my time in the galleries today.  I hope you take the opportunity to get an up-close look at these fabulous pages and leave a comment for the artists. As usual, the titles and images are linked to make it easy to visit the gallery page.




Finger Pointing – January 17th

17 Jan

It’s already the 17th but this is my first post of 2017 and, thus, my first opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  It was an absolutely glorious day here in Florida.  We spent a couple of hours at one of the theme parks.  The weather was perfect, the crowds were small, and we met an absolutely awesome family from Colombia.  Now it’s back indoors and enjoying another kind of theme park – the digital scrapping galleries.  The galleries are full of inspiration today.  Once again, I had a hard time keeping my pick to six but, I did, and here they are.

Up first is the stunning Un homme debout by clindoeil. The impact of the black and white is dramatic and the addition of the subtle hint of green is perfect.  The extraction is exquisite and is set off beautifully by the brushwork behind it.  I love the use of the grungy stripes on one side and the clean stripes on the other.  Awesome placement of the journaling.  Love it!

I love the beautifully blended photo and the treatment on the smaller photo on Dady’s Be Brave page. The different treatments on the sides of the page work perfectly and the arrow cluster pointing to the smaller photo ensures it doesn’t get lost on the page. Very creative use of the stitches to enhance the water theme. This is just a gorgeous page!

I must admit that I’ve played around with the one word project but have never been able to choose a word.  So, right off the bat, there are two things that I love about  _scrapaholic_’s 13-oneword page … the fact that she has chosen a word for 2017 and the use of a large photo as her background.  I wish I could read her journaling because that awesome photo screams out her joy in her #oneword.  Love the use of the “blank” space at the top for the journaling and the minimal use of embellishments (just enough to add a finishing touch)!  Good luck with your one word in 2017 scrapaholic.

Catching Up by TrishD caught my eye immediately when I opened up the gallery link.  I love her choice of the vintage photo and admire the amazing blending.  And what a bold choice for the background paper – works perfectly.  Beautiful piece of art!

Buying a house is an exciting adventure and Sherri Tierney’s Project House captures that excitement in a beautiful way.  Love the large, faded title and the repetition of the circles.  She’s done a wonderful job on the journaling which is always difficult for me!  This is true story-telling scrapbooking at its best!

VictoriaLamar1 has also captured a memory for the future in a truly unique way on her First Pickup page.  Love the “view” of the first pickup in the rear view mirror and how clever to use the wrench for the I in the title!  The title cluster is beautifully created using just the right grungy alpha/font along withthe 3D 1st.  Wonderful way to capture a memory!

Those are my six for my first post of 2017.  Hope you were inspired by them.  If so, please visit the gallery and leave the artists a comment.  They are always appreciated.  Also, if you find the time, you certainly won’t be disappointed if you spend it browsing the galleries and soaking up the inspiration.