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Finger Pointing – November 15th

15 Nov

Amidst all of the chaos of hurricane damage repairs, it’s wonderfully calming to wander through the galleries.  My choices today run the gamut and I love them all.  I hope you do too.

Frosty Song by tiramisu is a gorgeous winter page.  The frosty “feel” of the snow is warmed up by the color in the cabin. The blended photo is amazing and the additional smaller photos beautifully extend the landscape across the page.  She found the perfect embellishment in the pine branch.  I really love this page!

Gather These Moments by Applechick grabbed me immediately with the beautiful, warm color palette.  I love how the colors are so perfect with the photo.  Her embellishments are well-chosen and well-placed and I love how the twine bow and leaves frame the photo and the title.  Gorgeous page!

I really admire artists who tackle projects like December Daily, Week In The Life, Project Life, and 30 Days of Thankful.  I have completed one December Daily and one 30 Days of Thankful and I love them both but have not completed another one.  I love how 30 Days of Thanks-Day 14 by OKate uses a simple page with lots of white space for a stunning impact.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be scraplifting this idea for a 52 Weeks of New project.  Love the idea and the pages she has created!

I Will Not Live A Long Life by hoodsmom is an absolutely stunning page with such a powerful message.  The page itself is beautifully composed with the placement of the journaling, the intensity of the title, and the use of an atypical color scheme.  If you would like to read the essay that was behind the creation of the page, you can find it here.  This piece is art at its best.

Another page that caught me with the color scheme is Neighbourhood by margje.  The urban grunginess of the papers and brushes are perfect for the photos.  Love the large blended photo with the stacked smaller framed photos.  Another awesome piece of art by one of my favorite artists!

Remembrance by veer is a gorgeous heritage page. The interesting background she has created is the perfect backdrop for the photo of her grandmother and her brother and sister.  Beautiful placement of the title.  That photo is a treasure and veer has created a page that will be treasured for years.  Love it!

I hope that you have some time to wander the galleries yourself.  It really is a calming and inspiring thing to do.  If you can, please visit these pages and leave the artists a comment.




Finger Pointing – November 1st

1 Nov

I feel like I’m sounding like a broken record but I just can’t believe that another month has passed us by so quickly!  We’ve left Halloween in the dust here in the US and now we’re full steam ahead into the Christmas season.  Unbelievable!  The galleries are full of beautiful fall, spooky Halloween, and just plain creative and beautiful pages.  What a fun gift it is to be able to “stroll” through them and pick six to spotlight.  Here are my standouts for today.

As is always true when I see a page of Marge’s, I instantly fall in love.  And In True Spirit is no exception.  This is not your typical Halloween layout.  Love the muted orange shades and the almost grays of the brush work which create a much more modern piece. Love it!

Lonely by Gina captured my imagination the minute I saw it in the gallery.  What an amazingly evocative page!  The feeling of desolation is just so strong.  Love the combination of colors and the use of the frame.  Awesome blending!  The blended photo draws me in and makes my heart ache for him.  Stunning page!

P’tiscrap’s page, In the Arcachon Sand, is also of a boy sitting by himself but evokes such different emotions!  Love the geometric lines on this page!  The background stripes are a perfect complement to the triangle photo mask.  Beautiful brush work and awesome placement of word art.  Love it!

The soft colors that Christine Irion has used for her Twins page are so fitting for the photo of those sweet babies.  She has so many elements on the page and, yet, it still has a calm feel about it.  Love all of the frames and the paint chip cards.  And, as a total non-functioning button user, I am in awe of her perfect use of them!  Gorgeous page!

My favorite part of pam p’s page for the 10/28-11/3 AnnaLift is the background she has created behind the photo.  I also love the placement of the title “pumpkins galore”.  And what gorgeous editing she has done on the photo.  The use of the triangle frames allows for an “open” look over the sketched leaves.  I would definitely hang this on my wall during the fall!

Think Colorfully by Grace had me smiling from the moment I laid eyes on it … and I’m still smiling! And, truthfully, who could resist smiling at this awesome, colorful page!  Love the scribbled frame around the edge and that art doll with its perfect shadowing is just amazing (guess what, it made me go shopping!).  Love everything about this page.

These are just six of the many wonderful pages that are out there in the galleries.  Why don’t you give yourself the gift of time spent enjoying them.  If you want to get a closer look at these six, the images and the titles are linked.  If you do visit them in the gallery, why not take the time to leave a comment.  It’s really quick and means a lot to the artists.











Finger Pointing – October 17th

17 Oct

Having the chance to wander amongst the beautiful art in the galleries is the perfect ending to a wonderful day.  As usual, there were so many “standouts” that it was difficult to choose only six.

Let’s start with this stunning piece by Oldenmeade.  Art Diary was created for a “paint a face challenge”.  And what a beautiful job she has done!  Love the paint streaks, scribbles, and the placement of the title.  And aren’t those colors divine?  A gorgeous piece of art that would look at home hanging in any art gallery.

The photo crop on KarenB’s Scraplift Challenge-October 17 is awesome!  Love her use of white space and the use of colors from the photo for the elements and in the word art.  Awesome page!

Hello Happy Autumn by bessysue581 is a gorgeous, gorgeous page!   She has created an awesome depth with the use of the watery foliage with the realistic element.  Love the brush work!  There is so much to this page that I keep discovering more each time I look at it…can’t even imagine how many layers this involved!

Who could resist the wonderful colors and the fabulous photo on myla’s Relax page?!  Add in that cute sun and she’s definitely got a winner!  The scribbles are placed perfectly to lead the eye to the photo and I love the font she’s used for the title.  Fun page!

One of my favorite artists, margje, has created another amazing piece!  Love the sketch look and perfectly placed spots of color on To my old time friend.  Love, love, love this piece!

Remembrance Day in the UK is a day to remember and honor those who sacrificed their lives to secure and protect the freedom of the people.  Applechick has created a touching tribute for Remembrance Day with her In Flanders Fields piece. That gripping photo is blended masterfully.  The addition of the poppies is a beautifully soft touch.

Hope you enjoy the standouts today.  If you have a moment, please visit the galleries and leave the artists a comment.







Finger Pointing – October 13th

13 Oct

I can’t say that it’s beginning to look like Autumn here in Florida because most of the year everything looks the same.  But I can say that I’m enjoying seeing the Autumn pages in the galleries with their photographs of the beautiful colors.  So, I’ll start my post today with an Autumn page.

Hello Autumn by joannebrisebois is the cover for her Autumn 2017 album and I just love it!  The leaf is gorgeous and I love the soft color she’s used for the brush behind it.  Her placement of the date is absolutely perfect.  This is a gorgeous cover for what I am sure is a book full of gorgeous pages.

Life can truly be perilous as we discover in The Perils of the Outback Dunny by Shannamay.  You have to read her journaling, it is an awesome story.  The mixture of the two fonts in the title is wonderful and that masked sketch of the outhouse supporting her photos and journaling is so on point!  Love the brushwork with the kangaroo also!  Fun page!

LynnG is one of my favorite designers and I love seeing her pages using her products.  Life in Singapore is a beautiful page with some amazing use of painted layered transfers.  Love the color scheme and the composition.  The small cluster at the bottom right is the perfect final touch.  Love this page!

One more photo of beautiful Olga by Arte Banale is an exquisite page!  There are so many things I love about this page that I don’t know where to start.  Love how the wreath is hanging from the paper strips.  And that wreath is gorgeous with the sketch underneath providing so much depth.  (And about that sketched wreath … I checked out her product list and she actually created it from some pencil line leaves.  Amazing!) The title and leaves are placed just perfectly.  I am always in awe at her pages and this one is no exception!

I was in love with Love Your Smile by anke from the moment it hit my Facebook feed! The black and white with a touch of color create such an elegant look!  Love the angles of the photo and the brush work!  Gorgeous page!

I’m a huge fan of Adryane’s heritage pages and when I saw endings and beginnings,  I knew it was destined for today’s post.  It’s amazing the techniques she uses to create her art and she shares them with us in her post.  I love how she’s blended the title into the photo.  The thread flower is a perfect “resting spot” for the eyes after enjoying the photo cluster.  I love the use of the soft pink with the cream.  Gorgeous page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks today and I hope you’ll have time to visit the pages in the gallery to see them closer up and see any information that the artist has added.  Until next time, have a safe Friday the 13th and a wonderful weekend.





Finger Pointing – October 11th

11 Oct

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and it’s a blessing to be able to quiet my brain and just enjoy the calm and inspiration that comes from browsing through the galleries.

met-handen-600 by aliba2 captured my imagination the moment I saw it in the gallery.  This page was created for a “lend me a hand” challenge.  I love how she took a photo of her hands, scanned and extracted them.  The choices she made in adding elements and brush work have created a striking scene!  Stunning piece of art!

It seems that the coming Halloween holiday has brought out some fear pages and, of course, I couldn’t resist adding a couple of them here.

The first one I saw was Fear by mediterranka.  The use of black and white adds an ominous tone to the page.  Her composition is beautiful with the blended photos, the placement of the word art, and the addition of the greenery and black roses.  Amazing page!

And then, on the same note but a little brighter page, is I Am Scared by chigirl.  The black and white elements create a threatening attitude while the addition of the gold keeps it from being too dark.  Love, love, love all of the elements that she has so perfectly placed on the page!

Moving on from the dark and ominous feelings, we find the delightful Pumpkin in Pastel by Marleen.  Love the mixed media pumpkin and the blended background.  The gray is a beautifully complimentary color to the peach tones in the pumpkin.  This one just makes me feel good!  Love it!

Even though I lived in Minnesota for 40+ years where there are definitely four seasons, I have no beautiful autumn tree photos.  The beautiful blended photo on Caroga Lake by Miki captures the colors of autumn perfectly.  Her brush work and elements enhance the photo and keep your attention on it.  Gorgeous photo, gorgeous page!

As I was winding down my time in the galleries, I ran across Makin’ Art by dvhoward55.  I’m still smiling!  That photo is priceless.  Love the composition of the page and the cohesiveness of the colors which she has taken from the photo.  Awesome brush work under the photo and what a clever place for the date!  A wonderful page to end today with.

Those are my standouts for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them and that it has inspired you to take some time to yourself and go browsing in the galleries.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  If you have a few minutes, click on the image or the title and visit the gallery to see the page closer up.  And if you have an additional minute, please leave the artists a comment.






Finger Pointing – August 30th

30 Aug

It’s so difficult to watch and read about the ravages of Hurricane Harvey.  Prayers for everyone in the path!  I feel so blessed to be able to sit in my home, healthy and dry, and check out the beautiful online galleries.  As I browse, I realize that I really don’t have a favorite style of page.  I LOVE them all.  A well-planned and executed page thrills me no matter what!  I have pulled my favorites, checked them out closely, cut my list to six, and I am now ready to show them to you.

As soon as I saw the thumbnail of Arte Banale’s Pompei in the gallery, I was hooked!  What an amazing page!  Once I stopped oohing and aahing over the impression this page made, I began to look more closely at all of the goodies she’s included.  Love the frame around that cute photo and the placement of the title.  And the brushwork under and around the photo is perfect. The way she has divided  the page is awesome.  And have I mentioned that the colors are gorgeous?  Love this!

Orange-o-lanterns by AmaneseFe is just so darn cute!  Love the circular design with the photo at the top and the journaling at the bottom.  And how cute is the placement of the swirl and the jack-o-lantern.  The flower cluster at the bottom right is just the finishing touch this page needed!  A fun, artistic layout!  Love it!

 Big 40! by LindyShay is a gorgeous page and I really  love the composition.  The black and white with the pops of red create a sophisticated look.  The textures give a wonderful dimension to the page.  That picture is perfect and the embellishments are subtle enough to draw your eye to it and to let it shine.  Stunning page!

I love to see masculine pages in the gallery and Adventurous by AFTdesigns is a gorgeous one!  The colors she’s used on the page are perfect for the beautifully blended photo.  And aren’t the sandal prints awesome!  Love the coloring on the title to make it stand out against each background.  The choice of the dotted paper for the background is perfect as it adds so much texture to the page.  This is awesome!

Tinisek digiscrap did an awesome job with layers on her page Mask Challenge with Eileen.  That photo is awesome and so is the out-of-bounds look on the frame!  I’m so lost when it comes to banners and she has placed hers perfectly on the page.  A great page for a great memory!

Where can I begin with describing my feelings when I first saw (and continue looking at) Scouting by bbe?  That beautiful photo just made my heart sing! Those eyes and his solemn expression … love!  And bbe has created a page that enhances the photo without overwhelming it or taking away the attention it deserves.  Love the geometric composition.  This page makes me feel so proud that I can only imagine what a mother or grandmother must feel when they look at it.  Superb!

Those are my six standouts for today.  I hope you can find the time to stop by the gallery (images and page names are linked) to leave the artists some love for these outstanding works of art.











Finger Pointing – August 23rd

23 Aug

Well, it’s been a very warm few days at our house.  The air conditioner went out and it’s not pretty in Florida in August without air conditioning!  We have a new central unit being installed on Friday and bought a window unit to keep us cool at night until then.  Whew!  So after a long day of running errands and installing the window unit, I now get to sit in a comfortably cooled room and browse the galleries. Awesome!

The Beach by Anita is a gorgeous page reminiscent of a vintage painting.  Love the sketch effect and the subtle addition of color.  The text, birds and additional “grunge” add a beautiful texture and depth to the page.

As a dog lover, I am always drawn to pages with dogs and Fearless by MaggieMae is a beautiful one!  This page is a brilliant example of use of white space.  The cluster of brushes, word strips, and elements below and above the photo are just the right touch.  Love the placement of the date and how the three buttons create a visual triangle keeping your focus on that awesome photo.

Do More Of What You Like by marijke is a stunning page.  There have been many gorgeous pages in the gallery using this template but this one drew my attention because of the use of color and texture.  Using a lighter color background within the frames creates a beautiful contrast.  I also love the OOB – it’s subtle but effective!  Love, love, love this page!

# Selfies by Dawn Inskip is one of those pages that makes you smile when you see it in the gallery. She has created a beautiful background for those amazing photos.  And that cluster is beautiful and cute at the same time.  I love the overall look of the page but my absolute favorite part of it is the journaling with the stitches.  Fun, fun, fun page!

Sliding Home by mrsashbaugh brings back from softball and baseball memories.  I LOVE how she’s used a large photo as the background for her page.  The series of photos is blended beautifully to create the “sliding home” image.  The little touches of the baseball stitches, the banner flags, and the journaling all work perfectly with the rest of the page.  Awesome page!

Crazy… by jennyjennyjenny is a beautifully blended page.  The three clusters surrounding the vintage automobile, as well as the out-of-bounds effect, are beautifully done.  Love the the words in different styles that are included in the clusters.  Beautiful page with so much to discover!

I hope you have enjoyed my choices today and that they have inspired you to check out the other amazing pages in the galleries.  If you have time, please click on the image or title and get a closer look at the pages.  And, while you’re there, please take a moment to leave the artist some love.