Finger Pointing – February 10th

10 Feb

With so much goodness in the galleries, I’ve had a hard time narrowing down my picks and my lack of decision making power at discounting some fabulous work has resulted in no less than a 50% bigger post today! So grab yourself a coffee, tea or if you’d prefer something stronger, go for it, make yourself comfortable and check out what I’ve found to share with you.

A trip to New York is on my bucket list so this page by jenn mccabe attracted my attention straight off. I love how the photo treatment creates a monogram of the letter N making up the title work and the black and white image, beautifully blended, and the manilla and mustard yellow colour palette is an eye catching combination. Gorgeous!

You Make Me Smile by timbenmami is a fine example of how perfectly shadowed layers create such depth on the page that I really want to reach out and touch it. I love how the black and white image pops against the softly patterned papers and the addition of the leaf cut out, notepaper and tag add interest to the layered stack while the pretty clusters and stitching lead the viewer around the page. A terrific design!

Staying with the pinks for a moment is Jet Lag by sbravoa. While it’s not Valentine’s Day quite yet, the pretty pink hearts make for a lovely alternative to the reds that we are so used to seeing at this time of year! And then it was the journaling that caught my eye. You may be familiar with the song but if like me, you’re not, check out the link! Using lyrics is one of my favourite ways to journal especially when I just can’t find the words myself. Of course, this page also documents modern day technology which will be wonderful to look back on in years to come! A beautiful piece of work!

Project Life is one of my favourite ways to document my stories and I love the clean, classic and timeless look of PL Wk 8 by Kelly Mobley. This page is so beautifully coordinated with a super set of images, soft tones, pretty elements and gorgeous word art. I haven’t started my PL for this year yet and I’ll seriously be considering switching to a portrait grid like this. I love it!

I’m so in awe of those of you who create heritage pages. Bowens by sarahorton is so very soft and pretty and I love how the gorgeous vintage clusters bordering each side of the image could well be the garden borders spilling out from the image. There’s so much eye candy in this page – I can’t tell you how long I’ve stared at this, drinking it all in, and I love the little birdhouse! Totally priceless!

Without fail, colour pops always draw me in and Just Be by Memories.matter is no exception. The patterned backdrop is cleverly designed with the repetitive hearts and is strategically placed three quarter the way down the layout, allowing the image to rest nicely on the perfectly shadowed heart doily, allowing the black and white chevron frame and little red hearts to pick up the colour from the image and provide the pop. Finished off with the superb title work (oh how I love that it sits so beautifully on the white space!), hashtag and cute little button, this is wonderful!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I consider a purple, orange and black colour combination to be a typical Halloween palette but Atusia has proved how amazing this colour mix looks at any time of the year! On her layout entitled Girls just wanna have Fun, I love how each of the colours have been used sparingly to avoid overpowering the pretty images. The choice of elements is exquisite and I love how the background brush work, the scribbles and the skew frame provide the fun and energy in the layout. A real treasure of a page!

I think it’s fair to say that a page with beautiful white space never passes me by. Never. Feeling Good by Anne PC makes use of strips and geometrics to lead the viewer down the layout, across to the right and up to the journaling. I love the diverse set of elements that add such delicate detail and play along with the tones in the images and those little labels add the perfect finishing touch. Delightful!

I so want to train my brain and my eyes to create stunning pieces of work like A Beautiful Canvas by lynnpremo. Oh my. I love how the detail, in all its glory, emerges from the dark backdrop… the pops of colour… the muted tones… the hot spots… the shimmering reflection that draws me down to the title… the staples, the stitching… and the bold circular cluster to the right that belongs there perfectly. I adore this and I’m going to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone and attempt to address my inner artsy! But please, don’t hold your breath, it could take me a while! A splendid piece of art!

And that’s all from me for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks as much as I have. When you get a moment, please click on the links above and leave the artists a comment or two. Till next time, be inspired, happy scrapping and I’ll see you in the galleries!


February 9th

9 Feb

Happy Friday!!!  – — Kicking off this Friday in the Spirit of the Olympics..   I love and admire the tenacity, dedication and hard work that are behind each and every individual athelete, the spirit of the teams, and the unity of the countries as they come together over these next few weeks.  Giving their ALL and going for Gold!!!!

Well, I have found a few “Gold Nuggets” to share with you as well…..

First off, I so fell in love with this Layout  Just a Glimpse – by Crystal.  This layout was done for the color spot challenge “Olympic Games”.   The Black and White photos just pop right off the page against the fabulous  mix of patterned papers & fabulous brush work – I give it a ” Perfect “10”!


Next up LOVE from IntenseMagic – The Circle rings caught my eye immediately and reminded me of the Olympic Rings – I Really adore this composition,  the colors together are simply delicious!  LOVE the artsy goodness and Title work, the wood background is a perfect backdrop for these precious photos, fabulous Layout!


Playlist by Isa Marks  –  I Love how everything is coordinated.  What a fabulous mix here adding a huge amount of interest to the design of the page.  I love the brushes and how the soft color palette is carried throughout, even to the bottom layer and repeated in the punched holes, awesome journaling and Title Work – perfectly executed,  A gorgeous page!


Next up Bike by rfeewjlj –  Wow!!!  This is so totally amazing, I love how the focus is on the Title Work and the artful photography is subtly added in, gorgeous, gorgeous use of color – LOVE all the way!!!!


This next Layout is just Stunning! You Brought Color   by Rollinchen.    I love the mix of textures in this digital gesso the water colors the geometric shapes and lines are just fabulous, gorgeous Blending –  I just love it!


My last pick of the day is  Project Life Page week 47 from Liz –  This Layout is Just Gorgeous!!!  The simplicity of the fine lines display the photos exquisitely and beautifully capture the awesome use of the word art to enhance this page.  There is a perfect balance between photos and journaling on the page.  Absolute delight of a page!!!

Well,  I managed to keep a circle theme going by pure accident- even down to the last layout with the fabulous wordart.    I really hope you love and get inspired with these as much as I did!  Please leave these awesome artists some love, we all know how much a word or two can make a difference in someone’s day!!!  Just click on the linked name of the LO to get to their gallery.

Have an great weekend!!!!

Rachael ~ Myssp


Finger Pointing – February 8th

8 Feb

I am so happy to be able to bring you my Gallery Standout picks for today!!! It is always so much fun to have a cup of coffee and look through the galleries. . .the hardest part is picking just six layouts to feature here!!! But here goes. . .

First up is a layout by mocamom. This color combination is one of my classic favorites and I found the balance between the two colors to be sheer perfection. I also like how the “rays” just draw you in. And those photos are adorable!!!


Next is a layout by lauser. This was an interesting combination of styles and I love how she combined the artsy and traditional styles!!! And the use of the graphic elements adds a wonderful sense of movement. Using a black and white photo was also spot-on for this layout!!!


The layout by nightshadow just jumped out to me in the gallery!!! Then I started looking closer and the attention to detail is amazing. . .just look at the birds on the arrow and how they are entwined with the stitching!!!


The photo crop with the emphasis on the eye on this layout by BrightEyes just drew me in!!! The intensity of center color was stunning and I loved how the depth of color seems to fade to the outer edges.

And who can resist a pet page? They just always make me smile and this one by Sstalter is no exception!!! I love how the soft tone of the page is offset with the darker edging. The cluster work is just amazing and with the blended photo is so sweet.


Last, but certainly not least is a magical page by cinderella. Every little girl would be thrilled to have a page like this in their scrapbook!!! I love not only the whimsy but also the fun color combination that she used to create a light-hearted page full of delight!!!


Well, that is my list for the day!!! If you see a layout here that you like, please click on the image and leave a comment for the artist who created it, I am sure they would appreciate it!!! And, check back tomorrow and see what other goodies have been found in the galleries!!!


Finger Pointing – February 7th

7 Feb

Well, it’s my turn again – really loving being on the Gallery Standouts team – gives me a great excuse to spend some time browsing the galleries.

My picks for today:

I love this page by GoingToTheSun – such a cute pic beautifully scrapped. I really like all those strips created from a range of paper – really creative. This page will make a great memory of a treasured toy – Bear, Bear.

My next choice is more of an “artsy” style which I love. A photo-less layout with great brushwork. I love the word art in the varied font and color and then the great placement of those one or two elements. Makes for a great page from Janisn.

There’s a lot of love appearing throughout the digi world – gearing up for Valentine’s day I expect!! Another great layout which caught my eye is this from Chickie. The muted background, the patterned frame all work together to set off a great photo.  This is a really good example of what can be achieved with a mini kit.

My next pick is Hello Winter from zwyck which is just stunning. A “white space” layout with brilliant brushwork and blending and then the added touch of just a few elements – including that cute skater!!

My next pick is something a bit different – a calendar page. There are many great templates out there in the digi world for calendars, which I must confess I have really not taken much notice of until this year!! When I see what people have created, like this amazing layout from Mother Bear, it really sparks my interest! I love all the brushwork, layering, cute pics  – really great way to save some memories.

And my final pick – back to an artsy style. Breathe by kandib – love the airy feel with all the brushwork and the silhouette figure. Really love the sentiment and the perfect placing of the dragonfly element.

Well, that’s my six picks for today – not that there aren’t many more great pages in the galleries!! If you find any of these as amazing as I do, click on the links and leave some love!

Happy scrapping.







Finger Pointing – February 6

6 Feb

Hi everyone! I’m Miki and this is my first post for Gallery Standouts and I’m excited to be part of this group! After spending so much time (most of the morning) browsing the galleries, all I can say is … Wow! So much inspiration and talent! Here are my picks for today.

First Love by frani_54 caught my eye immediately. I’ve always been a fan of Fran’s work and this is no exception. Beautiful journaling about her first love, ballet, and the dedication and dream to become a ballerina. Love the star framing the tutu and slippers with the smaller stars scattered around. The art strokes flow like the movement of a dancer. And of course all of the pink love!

Love the clean design and all the white space on this page, Sleepy Ave, by Heidi Nicole. A quiet moment captured and documented. I also love the balance of the photo, tag and ribbon against the striped paper. Simply beautiful!

Next up is Excitement by grammy1971. Love how she is documenting a special upcoming event and the anticipation she’s feeling. A beautiful design and color palette. The stitched heart is perfect, encapsulating all the love!

When I saw this sweet face I cracked up laughing! Love all the color and energy found in Random by Rochelle 86. Fabulous brush work and blending, also! Lots of fun here that will keep me smiling the rest of the day!

I adore this page, My Little Love, by sylvia. The photo captures a beautiful smile that is so contagious. Again, the simple design with the pop of layered pink frames draws the eye right to the focus of the page, the gorgeous smile. The title is supported by the tiny little bug on the opposite side. Also love how the design is set against the striped paper. A happy page!

My last pick is You’re Stronger Than You Think by caapmum. What a great message! Love the sunset photos of the beach and the single figure embracing the sun. The banner and art stroke  moves the eye around the bold words of the title. I also love the balance created on the left side of the page with the tabs and flowers. Beautiful inspiration!

Hope you enjoyed the picks and inspiration for today!



Fingerpointing – February 5th

5 Feb

Is everyone enjoying the first Monday in February?   I’m Brenda, and I’m happy to be hosting today’s Fingerpointing blog post.  Over the weekend there was plenty of activity in the galleries.  It certainly was a pleasure to browse through them looking for a handful of standouts.  These are today’s choices:

Spring by Mary 11

Today especially I’m looking forward to spring.  We had horribly cold temperatures overnight and this beautiful page was just what I needed to warm my heart.  Such soft beautiful shades of yellow and green, and the blending is fantastic.  I like how the design is placed on the top of the page, which leaves ample white space below.  The simple title is a great finishing touch.

keep trying by gina

This page is a great example of ArtJournaling.  I love the sketchy appearance here.  The message is clear and well received.  The wordart and scribbles and her choice of elements for her theme are perfect.  The limited number of colors helps with the flow.

XPT by jak

What a nice travel page.  I like the multi-photo design and all of the fun wordstrips, not to mention the colorful clusters at three points.  This page will be a wonderful memory to share in years to come.

Wanna Play?  Ed by PatySampaio

I’m not sure which is cuter, the doodled out paper, or Ed.  What I do know is that the message, “life is better with a dog” is absolutely true.  I’m curious though, is Ed a teddybear, or a mixed breed, or a doodle, or ?  Anyway you look at it, this page makes me smile!  The red heart tape is an awesome touch.  Lastly, YES, I wanna play.  ♥

Life is Gritty by Shannamay

#roughage.  That cracked me up!  Love the humor in this page, but so much more than that, this photo is a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.  It reminds me of a photo I have of my boys playing in the mud puddles with dirt all over their faces. Love the shadow work here too.  Those red hearts seem as though they’re jumpring right off the page.  Yes indeed, these are the days to remember.   I couldn’t agree more.  This is a very nice keepsake, as well as a nice valentines day page.

5 Favorites Challenge by OKate

This page came from a challenge to create a list of favorites.  I like the numerical format, and a horizontal design with coordinating photos as examples.  I also like the slightly grungy background for a little interest without being overbearing.  Most of the time we scrappers are busy creating memories of everything else but ourselves.  It’s nice to take some time to include “me” pages here and there.

With that, I’ll finish today’s post, and wish you a nice rest of the week.  Thanks for spending a bit of time with me here.  I do hope you can take some time to be creative, in whatever form that takes.  It’s good for the soul.



Finger Pointing – February 4

4 Feb

Hello, everyone! Katherine here on this cold and snowy Sunday with today’s round of Standouts! I hope you enjoy my picks!

Starting us off is this darling artsy layout titled Her Majesty by Applechick. l absolutely adore the design here, especially with the mix of blended and/or masked images paired with the more traditional framed photos. The color palette is nothing short of gorgeous, perfect for those precious captures (I so ADORE the ballerina one!). And I love how the journaling looks as though it is framing everything in. Such a beautiful layout!

I love the vertical design in this next Standout by Corrink titled bliss in a bottle. The pairing of the pinks, oranges, and greens, with the grays is so delightful! All of the little flower clusters, and other details, adds just the right touch to this beauty!

Next up is this black and white beauty titled happy by Veer. Really love the large photo! The blending and/or masking here is absolutely superb, and I am head over heels for all the brush-y goodness!

Being someone who detests the cold wintery months, I couldn’t agree more with this next Standout by Heidi Nicole titled It’s Freaking Cold. The tonal palette is the perfect backdrop to convey the message contained in this lovely work of art. The layering is wonderful, and the word bits and text, perfection!

I fell in love with the playfulness in the images in this next beauty titled Silly Selfie by Beatricemi. The combination of colors used here is so lovely, and the layering and clustering is superbly well done! LOVE the grunge-y in the border, too!

Rounding out my choices is this breathtaking work of art by CarolynMc titled Timeless Moments. The browns and blues in the color palette are just stunning! Love the use of the time pieces along the border on the right! I’d print this on canvas and display it on a wall where everyone could enjoy it if it were mine!

And that’s it for me this week! Hoping you all have a truly blessed week! XXOO