Fingerpointing – September 12th

12 Sep

Goodmorning, scrapbook enthusiasts.  You know it’s a bad day when you have no desire to even attempt to scrapbook.  I picked something up over the weekend that had me in such a state.  For the long weekend I was down for the count.  I’m so glad to be feeling better today, and I’m happy to be back in the galleries to see what I have missed for the last 3 days.  There is a subtle shift towards autumn, which in itself makes me happy.  Want to see what I found?  I’m Brenda, and these pages caught my eye today.

Marilyn by Anita

There is always room for a tribute to Marilyn,  and what a beautiful tribute this is.  Wonderful photo itself and edited with a definite artistic flair.  The soft colors and florals add to it’s beauty as does the pops of black that enhance the photo even more.  I admit to studying this one for a long while.

Girl Power by Azeline

Yah for girl power!  First of all, I like this mainly black and white page with just a few pops of color.  This series of photos is totally adorable and with those matching edgy elements in various colors and patterns behind them, it really draws your focus to them.  Lastly, the frames are a fantastic feature, especially for these fun photos.

Simply Sweet by Rosie

Perfectly titled I’d say.  How about you?  One adorable photo plus gorgeous blending and layering of these soft, pretty and well balanced elements, equals a page that deserves to have one of today’s GSO spots.

Just Me by bbymks5

I just love this “me” page.  One side has a photo and a few well placed elements and brushwork,  and the other side is a list of what she’s all about.  I didn’t notice at first that inside the jar has some fun WordArt among the stems and other elements.  What a great idea!  I love the subtle shadowing too.  This is another page I’d like to lift.  (and the list is growing)

Sophie’s Pot by KarenB

I like the clean look to this page with plenty of white space.  The simple title and well placed layering with the patterned paper and a small floral arrangement look great.  I’m not aware of a pot painting café in my town, but that sure does look like something that would be fun to do with a few good friends, or even a way to get away for a bit of mother/daughter alone time.

Queen of Ruby by Jana Holden

I just love this deep, rich color of red that is used in the elements.   Speaking of elements, I think they are placed perfectly for maximum impact.  The addition of some bits of gold are a beautiful accent.  I I especially like the golden splatters and streaks.  This is Victorian artistry at it’s finest.

Thanks to you all for checking out today’s choices.  I hope you’ve enjoyed them.  If so, please stop by their galleries to share some positive feedback.  Until next time, keep the memory keeping alive.



Finger Pointing — September 11th

11 Sep

Hello and happy Monday! I am jumping in with a quick post. I hope you will love these picks as much as I did! Let’s take a look!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Tackle by AnotherAmanda

There are four things I really liked about this page. One, huge fan of angles. It is simply amazing what a difference tilting things makes. Two, love the mix of different types of flowers, both of which are very pretty. For what appears to be a boy page, I love that! Three, the little bracket journal spot is just a fun way to break it up for the journaling. Four, all of the word art, spread out, stitched down, different styles, all together worked beautifully. And fifth (yes, I know I said four!) I giggled at the idea of the baby climbing onto her and tackling her while she photographed him. This is quite adorable and made me smile. Doesn’t get better than that!

precious boy by aly321

Another sweet boy page! Love the journaling on the lines below the photo. She created a great combination of whimsy with the wonderful stacked embellishments surrounding the photo. Seriously great shadow work! I particularly like the light wood embellishments offsetting the blues in this one.

end of summer by JustMel

Love the split look to this page. The tent is a great embellishment, and the journaling fits perfectly in all that white space below. Great use of the white space again in that gorgeous photo. I love the little half circles leading us through the page. The stamped date is a great final touch. This is terrific.

every photo has a story by faby33

Isn’t that the truth?! That’s an amazing look she achieved with the dark background and pretty white word art. I don’t know what I was expecting her to say about this, but when she said that the children and dog had found a new favorite hiding place – the trunk of the car(!) I knew this was a stand-out. She could have scrapped this any number of ways, but the effect with the unusual stage-lit photo treatment was just a super technique, I am just wowed!

Between the Pages by jessicalynn01

Well, start them young, I say! Love that book pattern for the background, all the bright colors, and the fun glasses frames. The stacked folders with the genre tabs is a very cute touch. Love the title alpha, and the little journaling card that mimics a library card. Just darling, I loved it.

Remembering nine-eleven by jw

It’s hard to believe it’s been sixteen years since this terrible day in history. My last pick of the day is the most important. This is a wonderful tribute page, well done. I love the way she incorporated the drawn buildings, that’s a beautiful touch. Thank you for creating this one.

That’s it for me for today! If you liked today’s picks, please click on the linked titles and leave the artist some love. Have a great week!


Finger Pointing – September 10th

10 Sep

Before I begin with today’s standouts, I’d like to convey to all those who are suffering with the most awful storms, or have family and/or friends experiencing such devastation, that you are all in my thoughts and I hope that relief is a moment away for you all.

I’ve taken the last couple of hours to journey through the various galleries, checking out all the fabulous layouts that you’ve all been busy with! Let’s see what caught my eye today…

The beautiful soft tones and circular elements grabbed my attention first when I spotted Just look at You by Arte Banale. Now while this layout makes use of a template, there are subtle elements that have been added that certainly make it unique. I like that the pretty sepia photo nestles on the foliage and is anchored down by the title work while I spotted that the journaling path allows for the words of an all time classic. An array of watery masks soften the back drop and the border work finishes this page of perfectly. So, so pretty!

Bonheur by myla is not your typical ‘baby’ layout… and I so love things that are ‘different’. I like how the unusual colour combination compliments the tones of the cute photo while the brilliant mix of masks, largely responsible for the lovely design, spill out over the page. I love the innuendo of the clock… because time sure does fly with little ones and the title work balances the page nicely. And check the patterned back drop that steals nothing from all the detail! Beautiful!

Hillary chose another gorgeous colour combination for her page entitled [LOVE] This. I like how the cut outs in the back drop, together with the chunky layers add depth here, and some carefully chosen, pretty little elements take nothing away from the fact that this is a ‘boy’ page. The repetition of the brush work leads the eye down the page and the title is as fun as the image itself! (I have grandsons so I can easily identify with this!) I seriously love this one!

You make my heart sing by KarenC is just so beautiful. The eye doesn’t need much help from the broad border and matting to focus on the story here. My eyes were immediately drawn to the precious image, where 99% of the colour on this layout sits, while the rest of the page merely provides a place for the eye to rest. Spiced up with pops of pink here and there, this is wonderful!

Another layout that uses colour selectively is Holiday Trip by Ga_L. A lovely portrait format (I really need to give that a go) makes for easy reading, like one would a book, and I just love the black and white photo’s with the pop, or rather I should say, block of yellow. The splashes, stitching and printed label (bring your own sunshine – I like that!) are fine choices of elements to complete this page. Fabulous!

I couldn’t move on past Enjoy the little things by SanVHM without admiring the clustering. Firstly, I like the patterned back drop and the centre design. Secondly, the layering and the clustering, this way and that, adds so much interest. And thirdly, the joyful, summery colours are delightful. This is a really ‘feel good’ page and I love it!

Interestingly, I’m about to round up this post with another ‘Summer’ page, my bonus pick for today… perhaps it’s because we’re heading into Autumn here in the UK that I want to get my fill of Summer pages, I don’t know but Sunkissed by ViVre is a shining example of how we can take an ordinary, everyday moment and make a masterpiece out of it. Aside from the brilliant image of the washing on the line, I’m drawn to the mixed media and blended backdrop that I constantly aspire to achieving myself but never quite make it. I also love the unassuming title work here that is backed up by the pops of yellow! Just amazing!

If you get a spare moment, please head on over to the galleries by clicking on the links about and leave a comment or two for the artists… I know they will appreciate it. And as we head into this week, my thoughts are with those who are struggling with seriously adverse weather warnings and conditions. Till next time, take care and look out for each other. Bye bye.


Finger Pointing – September 9th

10 Sep

Hi, everyone!! Sorry I’m running a little behind today! I had meant to post earlier but my oldest son called and invited me to the movies, and when grown up sons do that, you go! Those invites don’t come around often haha. But I did have some time today to explore in the galleries and as always I am amazed at the talent in our community!! I won’t waste any more time and get right to my picks for today!

First up is Midnight Scrapping by Sharon-Dewi. I am so in love with this monochromatic look! Beautiful work with the border at the top and such lovely element placement. The word strip and journaling with the added paper piece is fantastic and the pop of red in that one little heart is the perfect touch!! Gorgeous photo and page!

My next pick is Today is a Good Day by bbymks5. How gorgeous is the texture on the background of this page! It looks so much like real brush strokes. The photo is blended perfectly and the paints are beautifully done! I love the black card with the little pop of the pink flower!! Fabulous layout!

And speaking of texture, check out Apocalyptic Sunset by Barbara Houston. Absolutely beautiful work with the brushes, paints and blending! The grungy feel of the layout is so perfect for conveying the feeling behind it. These fires are so heartbreaking. She has done such a wonderful job scrapping the memory and the feeling.

I absolutely love big photo layouts! I never can seem to pull them off as well as others can. Hello Autumn Splendor by shunnstergirl is perfection!! That big photo is amazing and the smaller one is such a nice compliment! I love the angled papers and gorgeous cluster work!! Such a beautiful fall page!!

The beautiful color combination in little one by Mother Bear caught my eye right away! How sweet are those photos! I love the little feet stamp and how the yellow pops on the page!! The design is so lovely and leads your eye all the way across the page. Beautiful cluster work and shadowing!!

And my final pick for tonight is Best Photo by Margie. The stamp and brush work on this page are so lovely and bring out the colors in the photo perfectly!! I love the tilted frame and the gorgeous soft feel of this page! The stitching behind the photo and the word are are just perfect! Wonderfully done!

That’ll do it for me tonight! I hope you enjoyed my choices and take some time to leave some love for these wonderful artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!


Fingerpointing – September 7th

7 Sep

I haven’t had the opportunity to post for several weeks and I really enjoyed my time browsing the galleries. There are so many amazing projects in a variety of styles I’m constantly inspired and I hope you are too!

I’ll begin with Crisp Fall Day by cutiejo1 which reminds me that fall is coming soon. Her split page design is so creative and her extraction is perfection. The photo from behind is always intriguing and this one leads the eye directly into the page. The circle framing the opposing front-view photo contrasts beautifully and the addition of the leaves and flowers reminds me of a wreath. The other bits sprinkled about add charm and the title-work finishes the layout just right.

The photos in Joy by Nietis are so appealing. Her paper stacking is amazing and the embellishments are tucked into exactly the right spots. The slight tilt to the photos adds interest and the title and journaling in the empty photo spot is a clever touch.

Speaking of photos, check out the black and white photos in Pillow Fight by sam ellis. The shots reflect incredible movement and could really stand on their own. She chose to add just a few embellishments so as not to detract. I especially love the pop of the red heart but my favorite part is the journaling, definitely worth a quick read.

If a photo is worth a thousand words, sometimes none are worth just as many as in Fresh Air by ruthmelody. Her brush work is amazing. I especially like the dark blue in the iris. The addition of the flowers and butterfly perfectly shadowed and placed on top reiterate her theme as does her colorful title-work.

I really like the use of the template in For the Birds by scrap-genie.   She only added papers to a few of the spots and otherwise filled them with brush-work and bits of lace. I like the placement of the stitches, dividing only some of the squares. The journaling is perfectly placed in two opposing squares and the embellishments scattered about support her theme. Finally the stacked photos placed on top remain the focal point in this otherwise busy layout because she kept the page monochromatic.

I found more creative paper stacking in #amazing by dotcomkari. The photo-crops are spot-on and I love the combination of color and black and white. The framed paper squares are a unique touch and I like the tucked in heart frame. The large ampersand is a clever addition and I enjoyed reading the heartfelt journaling.

Mother Nature has been wreaking havoc all across the country whether as fire or water and I’m adding my thoughts and prayers along with many others to all those affected. As always please consider clicking through the links and leaving these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.






Finger Pointing-September 6th

6 Sep

Hello everyone! It is a breezy, chilly day here and fall is definitely in the air! I have to admit, I love fall with its crisp days and I’m already looking forward to the leaves changing to their brilliant colors. Tomorrow, I’m going to the apple orchard to make my annual run for apple cider donuts. A tradition not to be missed! I’ve been perusing the digital galleries today and have some fantastic layouts to share with you. This is a great way to find inspiration for your own pages. Ready? Let’s get started.

PUBERTY by Roboliver

This really popped out of the gallery! It was created for a metamorphosis challenge and the butterflies are a beautiful analogy here. Love the pop of the yellow one! It’s also a great example of all things black & white. Love the placement of the photo and the angled paper strips, along with the word snippets.

A New Normal by MaggieMae

Documenting life’s stories is really why we all scrap. This is very true with this page. Unfortunately, this is all smoke from the multitude of wildfires burning in the western United States and Canada. The journaling is spot on. Even though this is a terrible situation, this artist created a beautiful page. Love the smoky brush work and how it depicts the environment. The neutral color palette is perfect for these photos. One blended photo in the background, supported by the smaller framed ones make for a well-balanced composition. I hope this isn’t the new normal for long.

Wow! 40K by zlemon

Great fun & energy with this one! First of all, I love the vertical design against the gradient background! The mix of wordart and fonts is terrific and my eyes keep scrolling down to see more. I adore all the little elements and the brush work as well.

Steam Locomotive by zwyck

Wow, this is fabulous in so many ways! The old steam engine and conductors are wonderful and the photo treatment is amazing. This artist is a master of blending, as you can see here. Lots of textures, watercolors and brush work in a beautiful composition. The distressed title/word art makes this look very authentic to the time.

Nothing’s Going to Change by Janedee

This is another layout that popped out of the gallery. GORGEOUS artistry! Love everything and I keep looking into this scene to see more and it makes me want to walk down this street with those people. The shades of green and blue, the blending and the distressed brush work are outstanding! I love John Lennon’s quote this artist used as her title.

Let’s Stay In by jenn mccabe

My final pick today displays a several of my favorite things to see on a layout; a focal photo framed within two geometric shapes, leading lines and great white space. Love that sweet photo of Jenn’s dogs warming up by the fireplace and her journaling done in all lower case type. She placed just a few small accents and word snippets to complete her page. 


It’s time for me to start dinner.  I hope you got inspired by some of these awesome layouts are ready to scrap some pages of your own. You can only find out more about each one by clicking on the title links. If you do, please take a moment to leave some love for these artists. Have a wonderful rest of your Wednesday. See you back here next week.

***Many thoughts & prayers for all those in the Houston area and those in Florida. This hurricane season is proving to be a monster.





Finger Pointing – September 5th

5 Sep

Hi everyone! Jeanine here, bringing you some inspiration and eyecandy from the galleries I visited today. I am enjoying  my third day off after working eleven nights in a row. Normally I work seven nights. It was a tough period, a lot of things going on at work and at home socially there’s not much happening when working nightshifts. You can imagine I think! Well let’s see what I found for you to enjoy!

Shine bright by margje This one caught my attention a few days ago and I think it’s another wonderful piece of art by Margje. She’s the best when it comes to blendwork and treating pictures in an artsy way. I particulairly love the colors, the treatment of the girls photo and how the title fits the picture perfect! Amazing piece!

New York City by Dvhoward Another great page and skillful blendwork too! I love the bits and pieces of the city popping out of the cloudbrushes. And great titlework also! Love how the brushes and placement of the words and alpha add to the energy of the city and this page.

Bulles by zizazzi  I love this double spread with gorgeous pictures! Love also how zizazzi kept the left page clean and how she used some messy stitching and splatters on the right one, a very nice contrast I think! Lovely!

Remember me by ouisiekelly Wow, what a great tribute page of the King of Rock! Great blendwork here also and love all the colors and brushes here. An then this look in his eye combined with the songtitle….who could resist that? Very cool page!

Oh, Snap by Squeak Caught in the act LOL! Funny picture and a lot of humor in the story wich you should read! The little camera is placed spot on! ;)

A STORM HAD PASSED by sbpoet A striking page, almost like a painting. Love all the little scribbles and black touches on the ‘watercolory’ houses and on the people seeking shelter. The banner gives the page a lovely depth.

These were my choices, I hope you like them and maybe, if you visit the galleries, you could leave the artists some love. Have a great wednesday!