Fingerpointing – March 20th

20 Mar

I’m told today is the first day of spring but you wouldn’t know it here in Michigan. It’s a gray, gloomy day, perfect for browsing the galleries looking for inspiration. There’s certainly no lack of gorgeous pages to be found. It’s Beatrice and here are my picks for today.

This was the very first thumbnail I saw while perusing the galleries and once I enlarged it I knew I would include it in my post today. I adore the simple horizontal design in 1.11.17-Wyatt by fonetta.  The soft palette is perfect for the sweet photos and the title work is outstanding. But what really made this a stand-out for me was the journaling. Take a few seconds to read it and I’m certain you will agree.

I always enjoy reading interview or “favorites pages” and 13 at 13 by MrsDebReynolds is no exception. I think this idea could be cleverly carried out over the years, beginning with 1 favorite at 1 and so on. The layout design filled with brightly colored papers, is so cheerful and works perfectly with her happy photos. I love the curve to the paper spots and the stamped title work. The single cluster completes her layout in just the right way.

The photo crop in Old Charm by jaye drew me in to the story behind this layout. I like that she kept the photos black and white to contrast with the colorful background paper she chose as her foundation. The strips of ribbon create the perfect shelf and the single cluster is ideal for this simple yet pleasing layout.

The next layout, Being Green by connieg, is another take on the same theme as the layout above. While the layout took me back to my own childhood, the photo is actually a current one. I love the deckle edge frame she chose and attaching it to the page with the clothes pins is a clever touch. The minimal embellishing is just right for her theme.

I’m always on the lookout for non-traditional project life pages like Sunset at Ouchy by aridra. Although she journaled about her entire week she chose this stunning photo series to feature on her layout. I’m not certain if she selectively recolored parts of the photos or if the effect is that of the setting sun. Either way they are gorgeous and the colorful embellishments scattered about contrast with the nearly monochromatic photos perfectly. The paint and colorful title-work wrap up this layout very well.

It’s never easy to limit picks to just six layouts. Last but definitely not least is Create your world by Azeline.  I really love the curvy design filled with blue papers against the white background. The photo is precious and keeping it black and white works well with the monochromatic tone of the layout. The black frame further defines the photo and the clusters of blue flowers are gorgeous and so well shadowed. The hand-drawn little girl on the journal card looks very much like the subject in the photo. Using the dictionary definition as journaling adds to the outstanding composition of the layout.

I’ve come to the end of my post. If you have a minute or two I hope you will click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – March 19th

19 Mar

As I sat down to write this post, I started to think about why certain pages just seem to scream at me to pick them.   So what makes a page scream at me?  It might be the photo(s), a quote that’s used, a technique, a color scheme, or the composition.  I just know it when I see (hear?) it.  Sometimes these pages make me smile or laugh out loud.  Sometimes they make me cry or think deeply about a subject.  Sometimes they are just amazingly beautiful.  You would think it would be an easy process to pick six for each post but the problem is that there are so many deserving pages out there all screaming at me.  In the long run, I guess it’s all about which pages scream the loudest!  So here are the six that were doing that today.

Wall Art by Traumelfe is so absolutely gorgeous that I don’t know where to begin!  The bright colors are so beautiful together and they are what really screamed at me about this piece.  The watercolor look does indeed make it the perfect wall art.  The black splats and stitches as well as the quote ground the whole piece.  Love this!   (If you want to take a look at it on a virtual wall just click here.)

Family by mcurtt caught my eye (and ear) because of the use of the census record as the background paper (a woman after my own heart).  The vintage black and white photo is such a treasure. I love that she kept all of her title/journaling in black and white and I also love all of the different fonts.  The red hearts are a perfect touch.  Love this page!

Love Teaching by kikimama screamed at me because it tells a story.  It leaves a powerful message to future generations about who she was and what she did at this point in her life.  I love the composition of her page with the vertical line of title/journaling/embellishments.  And such cute embellishments!  Her journaling is just amazing (another really challenging thing for me so I really appreciate it on pages!).  This page is what scrapbooking is all about … leaving a piece of us for our descendants.  Love it!

Life In Harmony by Ruebchensmum won my heart with that sweet photo (amazing how loud a sweet photo can scream!).  The use of the formal composition and the soft colors from the photo create an elegant page.  I love how she kept the embellishments to a minimum and let the photo take center stage.  Gorgeous page!

Say Cheese by Applechick is one of those pages that just makes me smile!  That darling series of extractions is what screamed at me from this page.  She sure seems to know what to do with a camera … even if it doesn’t have a viewfinder!  Love how Applechick desaturated the paper to achieve the tones she was looking for.  The brushwork in white adds depth and the placement of the word art behind the extractions is great.  This is just awesome … I can’t quit smiling!

Amy L’s Carriage Ride is so gorgeous.  The screaming from this page came from the multiple photos … not an easy look to achieve (at least for me!).  The color palette of subtle shades of brown, green and orange showcase the photos beautifully.  There is so much to see on this page … photos, journaling, and embellishments peeking out to grab our attention.  Love that she layered the cream paper onto a busier paper in the same color scheme creating a calm and cohesive look.  Beautiful page!

The screaming is over for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by my picks.  If you have time, please visit the galleries and leave the artists a little love.  And maybe take time to check out what screams at you!








Finger Pointing – March 18th

18 Mar

OK, so what’s the weather like in your part of the world? Here by me in the UK, it’s wet, miserable and windy so what better way to spend my Saturday than to check into the galleries and brighten up my day by seeing all the lovely pieces of art you’ve all been sharing across the world. All the little gems in the galleries are lifting my spirits immensely – I haven’t been running at 100% this week which culminated in me losing my voice yesterday. So while it takes a little more effort than usual to talk, there is nothing wrong with my typing fingers! Here’s what sparkled in the galleries for me today.

Roxana makes perfect use of a beautiful blend and layers on her page entitled The Good Stuff. I like that the layered section of her page is made up of a mix of different shapes and runs alongside the vertical blended image while the choice of the bright and breezy patterned papers adds to the ‘Spring and Summer’ feel to this layout. It makes you thirsty, doesn’t it?! A lovely, well structured page!

Take a look at the brush work on Incredible Journey by tracermajig. Isn’t it just so pretty? I love the soft colour tones on this page and the journaling reveals a story that is so very deserving of the great attention to detail here. The layering comprising a little matting and pretty stickers provides a perfect backdrop to the stunning image, the side strip with a coordinating little doily cluster balances the design beautifully and the printed labels add depth. Great title work and super journaling round off this amazing layout!

This page by veer seriously inspires me to dig deep and find my inner arty self. I know it’s there somewhere but I’m struggling to find it. I so want to create a piece of work like this – one that I have no words to describe just how soft and pretty and beautiful and gorgeous it is. Soft watery spots and masking form the base with dark splatters, scribbles and stitching adding contrast to the lime on the page. The blooms add the ‘beautiful’ to this layout and I love the quote. Totally in love with this!

I’ve seen a lot of Disney layouts of late and as I was admiring them I found Time Together by pixleyyy. I instantly loved the unusual colour combination for a ‘Disney’ page. Soft grey and pink tones work beautifully with the black and white photo that’s lying ever so casually on the lace edged strip. The pretty hearts, stitched circles and shimmers give the impression that they’re floating down like confetti and the title work is brilliant! Time (as in clock) Together… see what pixleyyy did there?! Love how the little journaled tag is hanging on the end of the title too! A beautifully unique Disney layout!

This utterly sophisticated page by myssp had me at hello. Oh my days. I love the film star quality of this, the drama, the romance, the elegance, the absolute beauty. I’ve absorbed every little detail of this layout and I find it completely mesmerising. The combination of soft and dark tones, the lighting, the different art mediums, the pretty little butterfly and the use of the blends make this a true eye-catcher!

Staying with the drama to finish off, Past Times by Pemberley22 is another terrific example of using blends with layers. The blend here is fabulous, I love those meshed edges! The neat vertical display of photo’s and layered backdrop bring an orderly feel to the page while the chevrons, flowers and title work bring the perfect amount of colour. Finishing off with the white journaling on the blended image, this is fabulous!

I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for today. I’ve certainly enjoyed finding them and showcasing them. When you get a moment, please head over to the galleries by clicking on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artist. I know they will appreciate it! Till next time, enjoy the rest of the weekend and I’ll see you in the galleries! Take care, bye bye.


Finger Pointing – March 17th-

17 Mar

Hello Hello!!!! Happy St Patrick’s Day! I was contemplating the idea of having a drinking day, which after the constant news I have been getting and my house full of dirty laundry in every corner with our washing machine saga – ours broke in December- no money to buy- saved- bought- washed twice- broke- called the council repairs electrician- came- couldn’t do anything as the machine was impossible to be moved- called the store- sent a new one- came to install- the fault was in the electrics -pleeeeeaaaase!!!!! give us a break. Today we finally got the electrician to come it will be a laundry weekend non stop for us! You would be pushed to drink…wont you? LOL but then with a better, wiser thought, I decided the amount of medication I take daily would not be compatible with a St Paddy’s drinking binge…and I went to binge on beauty around the galleries instead!!! As usual, there is a LOT! Hope you love these and they inspire you, as much as I do!

Disney… who can resist? we have only been once to Euro Disney and I would give anything to be able to go back!!!!! The magic of the net together with the magic of our much loved hobby of preserving our memories, I kinda was transported there tonight….. and HAD to show you more than one page. These ladies, each in their own amazing way, transported me to the magic of this awesome place:

2012 Disney Princess Alex by Iowan: It is all there. I think I have said this so many times, but Carol is the kind of artist that ticks all the boxes, always, in every style, every page…and this is just magical. We can be here till tomorrow to talk about this page: the awesome photo angles, the way they are located in the page, the amount of elements & cards and the way all harmonizes perfectly…. absolute Stand Out!!!!

‘Till We Meet Again by QuiltyMom: the first page I saw from Jan a few years ago was also a Disney page, it had me sold into her gallery with a passion.  This page today, full of happy, full of  the Magic feeling, that amazingly awesome tittle work….everything here calls me heart  and takes me into this awesome cruise which is one of our travel dreams. The circular composition works perfectly and each and every photo sings happy, joy, fun. Absolute Stand Out again!

To finish my virtual trip to the Magic,  who could be doing better than one of my most loved Queens of Blank Space, so I bring you this, Mouse by sucali. Even in the tittle she kept it minimalist, LOVE the card she chose, the photo that brings the whole feeling of the Disney thing into the page, the awesome quote, the gorgeous elements perfectly shadowed and that tittle word art…. my heart keep singing and filling with the joy of this awesome world of magic!

This next page kind of keeps us into the marvelous world of Magic,  I am so impressed with it! I think Walt himself would be pleased to see how the digital art has advanced and how amazing it is applied here!!! Love the fun, the super colorful super big tittle, I am crazy about huge tittles, and this one is a fabulous one!!! Gorgeous with the swirls playing around, and then there is the extraction, the whole thing is amazing!!!!! More Colorful by LynnZant. Colorful and beautiful!!!!!

And talking about digital art, none better to be featured to represent it than Li Li aka misslovescraps with Dad and Us, a page so amazing, I spent some time looking bit by bit, finding more and more as I looked, and what you find is so strong and amazing,  complex and simple all together at the same time, just out of this world amazing piece of art…with so much talent… the detail of the cut out/distinctive and super original framing,, the splitting of the image, the details of the stitching, that gorgeous title….everything here conveys the family feeling with the most amazing artistic talent!!!!!!

Another absolutely, amazingly awesome artist whose pages I don’t come across as often as I would love to, Adryane with Day 4 Crazy Portrait Challenge. And crazy indeed it is, crazy fun, crazy talent, crazy time I imagine she must have spent on warping the bits of hair, and those crazy amazing shadows….!!!!! the art work in the glasses is also crazy gorgeous and the whole page has movement…in LOVE with this!!!!!

Going to a different portrait way, here is this amazing, gorgeous , full of elegance, beauty, soul and perfection, Bollywood baby by LynnG. You know I love designers who scrap, and this is a designer who scraps pages so so very amazing, that have me glued to the screen just appreciating the beauty in every pixel of the image. She is also another member of our recently found society of the MothersBlessedWithAmazinglyGorgeousLookingChildren, and the photography here is as gorgeous as the child, and the page composed with that elegance and awesome touch Lynn gives to her pages… I can be here for ever …(plus I love Bollywood movies- yes, really- passionate about them, always a reason to break into song and dance!)

Another gorgeous portrait page, Thank You by anke55,  so much beauty here!!!  The composition is beautiful with the blank space, the awesome minimalist  style made into perfection, the photo is beautiful and the blending is so seamlessly done, the journaling speaking together with the visuals of the page, such a contemporary capture, my daughter (who has a serious issue with decision making!) always does this takes a photo to ask me to choose before she buys. This is an amazingly gorgeous capture of something that is an every day thing in these day and era! Love the tittle work with the alpha & font combo, the detail of the string/thread casually bordering the journaling…and  I NEED that dress!!!!!!!!! Amazing page all together!!!!!

Another super amazing artist, with a super amazing page, Dream Catcher by flohbock. I love it when the bank space, minimalist Queens go large, and here Manuela has done in style, as she usually does!!!! Love how gorgeous the contrast of the beautiful blues of the papers plays with the earth tones of the (awesome) photo, the stacked papers and the perfection of the embellishment, the delicate pieces placed with elegance, and the gorgeous detail of the stitched tab…just a wonderful show of perfection!!!!

Last but never least, another superb intense full page photo, Amies Pour La Vie (friends for Life) by Dady. I am always amazed by her photography, the way she blends into papers like if it was the easiest thing in the world, the perfection in the composition that has magic here…  the word art for the tittle brings even more harmony to the page, and the detail of the word art in the top corner, delicate again and adding a gorgeous touch for the eye to navigate the whole page… to fill the heart with Joy!!!!!!!

I will leave you here, hoping you find inspiration and joy for your heart on these amazing pages. As usual, you can access the original galleries by clicking in the name of the Lo and author high-lit, please take a minute or two to make these awesome people day an even more awesome one! have a great, bright and beautiful weekend!!!!!!








Finger Pointing – March 16th

16 Mar

It’s almost the weekend! Like most people in the US, I’m feeling the weird sleep patterns caused by the time change. It doesn’t seem to matter for me either way, adding an hour or losing one, always makes me cranky. If I didn’t have a puppy to get me up at the crack of dawn I could sleep in and make up the difference. Instead, I’ll have to caffeinate and and hope for the best.

Let me show you what I found in the digi galleries for you this time:

My Greatest Fear by Biancka

I love a photo-less page! Lovely off-center cluster and a nice mix of pattern scale. I like the different shapes she used, keeps you looking to see what else she’s tucked in there. Beautifully shadowed as well.

You’re Epic by AliceM

Totally fun page! I like the desaturated photo next to all the bright colors and the large title and subtitle surrounding the detail photo. She used the bold colors to reinforce her theme. Really pretty!

Horizons by wvsandy

Very eye-catching with the watercolored center and edges. I like the contrast of the sepia photo and the brightly colored flowers and butterflies. It’s like her dreams are taking flight.

Text by terryb

Fun story to capture! It seems like we’re on our phones almost 24/7 these days. Love the selective coloring in the photo and the use of the flares to mimic the backlit screens. You just HAVE to go and read the story when you see it in the gallery.

Portraits by MargelZ

This would make a great album cover or title page, wouldn’t it? I love the off-center design, the use of the yellow paper and the square one to keep the eye grounded on the page, the pale pastels in contrast with the black and white. The dramatic shadows always make me recognize MargelZ’s work. Love it!

The Boys by christellevandyk

Fun idea for a photo, a really different perspective to capture! Who says you can’t use flowers on “boy” pages? They certainly reinforce the wedding theme here. This is just beautiful!

I hope I showed you a few pretties today. If you can, head on into your favorite digi gallery and leave a little love for your fellow scrappers, you can bestow a few GSO’s of your own!


Finger Pointing March 15th

15 Mar

Hi everyone!

Spring has sprung and I am loving the weather here in California. Love how it gets cold at night and I can’t believe we are half-way through March already and that this is my second month here. Anyways, let’s get it on with yummy eye candies from the digital galleries. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts.

You don’t see this every day by beehive50
I love the clean and simple design. This is truly beautiful, love the white space a lot. How nice of her to document this. I adore pages that tells a story, this would surely be remembered.

Like a boss by MelindaMarti
This is awesome! The story behind the photos shows a priceless moment. He’s very young to remember the fun times but I am pretty sure this will be put in his album of unforgettable memories. Fun times, amazing composition, love the choices of colors and font.

Currently by LisaMT
This is such a great idea to showcase what’s in her mind. Beautiful indeed, love the quote too and everything about this page. Such a pretty darn kit too plus the flowers peeking on the center. 

Perfect happy day by Tamsin
Pure perfection, so vibrant! Love how she processed the photo and the blending works. Truly a happy day.

Shine by Kjersti
Fell in love with her page the moment I saw it in the gallery. Gorgeous photo and page, love how she managed to put everything on the right side. The embellishments rock and the big photo is a head turner. I couldn’t stop looking at this wonderful page.

Portrait by Secima
Such a creative way to do an AAM page. Great details, love how she did her glasses along with the butterflies and flowers as a hat. Really cool!

Thanks for taking a peek at the layouts I’ve chosen for today. Should you have spare time, please stop by and give them some well deserved love in the galleries.


Finger Pointing — March 14th

14 Mar

Hello and welcome to today’s GSOs! I am stepping in quickly for my friend, Jeanine, tonight, so we are going to keep this a little brief. But, there were some great pages out there today, so come take a look with me, I know you won’t be disappointed!

This is Liz J., and these are my picks.

Blah blah blah by DeLisaK

This page is a WOW moment for those of us in the “hearing” world! I really encourage you to read the text on this one. It had me captivated all the way through. Being deaf in world of insensitivity is something most of us can’t even begin to understand, but DeLisa really sheds light on this subject in a raw, revealing way I don’t want you to miss. Love the speech bubble and title, which really draw us in. This is a powerful page, made better by the focus on the text.

best friend by amandaresende

You really can’t go wrong with a good doggie page, and this one totally delivers! Love the doggie close up, the word art, the doggie elements, and the great feel to this. Super fun page, made me smile, and it doesn’t get better than that.

lavender fields by GGGarden

I can almost smell the lavender on this page, can’t you? I love the colors, the music paper, the design, the extension of the photo bleeding outside the frame. Just beautiful!

Pappy by mamaestes

There is something so appealing about a little boy emulating his dad. This one caught my attention with its very masculine look, the cut out bits from the template, the muted colors, and mostly that amazing photo. Truly special in its simple, but straightforward style.

Moments by Deekaa

I love a page with a whimsical feel! And the bonus of this page is that it’s both whimsical and a lovely subject! Love that doodly look to the background polka dot, and the raised sticker word art. This has a fun grid feel to it, and the word art breaking up the grid totally worked. Love the offset camera journal tag, and the colors really worked with the kraft background.

cityscapes by caapmun

I cannot get enough of this sketchy photo style! Love the map paper border and wonky title work. This just makes me want to visit this place! I think Carmel is one of the most talented artists in our community, and I could pick pretty much every page she creates for a GSO! Great job!

I hope you loved today’s picks too! If so, please click on the linked title and leave the artist some well-earned praise! Have a great week!