Finger Pointing – November 16th

16 Nov

Happy Thursday….it’s that time of the year where the days and weeks seem to whisk by because there is so much excitement in the air.  I can’t believe that Thanksgiving here in the US is just a week away.  I’m looking forward to catching up with my siblings and their spouses this weekend and getting a chance to see my husband’s family for a few days next week. Seriously, what is better than two Thanksgivings?  Especially since neither one is at my house this year!!  This is also the time of year when I get all excited about creating crafts for Christmas presents.  There is so much magic in the air and so much to look forward to including lots of gorgeous layouts in the gallery.

Now that Christmas kits are hitting the scrap stores and people are getting caught up on last year’s photos while still trying to do this year’s Fall photos there is an awesome variety of layouts to admire, so let’s get on with the show!

My first featured layout is titled Oh Happy Day by keepscrappin.  The white cut out immediately caught my attention. I love the large chevron pattern over the more subtle background paper- such a nice look!  The watercolor filler card and water color spatters gives this a real paper feel.  The cluster added just the right amount of color to balance out the white and neutral grey.  Such a lovely composition!

Next I found a page with lots of great color!  Ski Day by MelissaMarti really stood out in the gallery with this bright blue color.  I was immediately drawn to the look of the clear pocket with the photo strips and fun things tucked in. What a great look! I like how the arrows draw your focus to the middle of the page.  Melissa does a great job moving color all over the page to keep your eye moving!  There are just so many interesting things to look at.  This whole page is so fun.

Next up I stumbled across a fabulous collection of pages from scullen2 about the birth of her grandson.  I chose this one page, Bennett’s Story Page 2 of 8, out of the collection to feature- but you really should check them all out!   I love how the scrapper is telling the story of her grandson’s birth.  This page is just beautiful.  The layers of paper are so well done on the textured white background.  The elements are all perfectly placed and work together to create such a soft and special feel. Finally the photo – how sweet is this?  A picture of the Big Brother and the Big Sister.  I just love all of her pages in the album and think this will be such a treasured gift for their family.

The next layout I’m featuring is 7 Days of Black and White by dawnfarias.  So many of my scrap friends have been participating in the 7 day challenge to post a black and white photo on Facebook each day that shows something in their life other than another person.  It’s been fun to see what other people post.  This scrapper took that to the next level and documented the fun she was having.  I just love how much the solid black background stood out in the gallery.  Each little bit of color looks like it’s perfectly planned for exactly where it’s placed.  The gold numbers are absolutely perfect for this!  Overall I just love that this scrapper took the time to document this little every life type project.  This page is just fabulous with the black and white photos and the white paint, not to mention the fun title work.  I think this is a really awesome page!

Next I chose another fun white space layout titled Knitting by Christina W.   I just love these colors together and how all these papers are layered across the page.  The photo is perfect right next to the story, which is on the most fabulous looking tag.  The little details like the stitching, the clipped on love this circle and the flair are all just perfect.  The use of the spatter and the beads just pulls this all together.  The balance between the white space and the design is just right!


Finally today I have an adorable Christmas themed page titled The First Snow by Kama.  The red in the background really draws in your eye.  then as you move in, the details steal the show. I love the use of the snowflakes around the page to help move your eye around.  The cluster with the photo tucked right it looks amazing and the shadows give a great sense of dimension.  I love the curled ribbon and the stitchced circle bunting. It seems there are all just the right details sprinkled over the page to make it feel magical and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed my choices today!  Don’t forget to get out your camera and take lots of pictures over the holidays.  Don’t miss capturing and recording those little moments and don’t forget to get YOURSELF in front of the camera too!


Finger Pointing – November 15th

15 Nov

Amidst all of the chaos of hurricane damage repairs, it’s wonderfully calming to wander through the galleries.  My choices today run the gamut and I love them all.  I hope you do too.

Frosty Song by tiramisu is a gorgeous winter page.  The frosty “feel” of the snow is warmed up by the color in the cabin. The blended photo is amazing and the additional smaller photos beautifully extend the landscape across the page.  She found the perfect embellishment in the pine branch.  I really love this page!

Gather These Moments by Applechick grabbed me immediately with the beautiful, warm color palette.  I love how the colors are so perfect with the photo.  Her embellishments are well-chosen and well-placed and I love how the twine bow and leaves frame the photo and the title.  Gorgeous page!

I really admire artists who tackle projects like December Daily, Week In The Life, Project Life, and 30 Days of Thankful.  I have completed one December Daily and one 30 Days of Thankful and I love them both but have not completed another one.  I love how 30 Days of Thanks-Day 14 by OKate uses a simple page with lots of white space for a stunning impact.  I have a feeling that I’m going to be scraplifting this idea for a 52 Weeks of New project.  Love the idea and the pages she has created!

I Will Not Live A Long Life by hoodsmom is an absolutely stunning page with such a powerful message.  The page itself is beautifully composed with the placement of the journaling, the intensity of the title, and the use of an atypical color scheme.  If you would like to read the essay that was behind the creation of the page, you can find it here.  This piece is art at its best.

Another page that caught me with the color scheme is Neighbourhood by margje.  The urban grunginess of the papers and brushes are perfect for the photos.  Love the large blended photo with the stacked smaller framed photos.  Another awesome piece of art by one of my favorite artists!

Remembrance by veer is a gorgeous heritage page. The interesting background she has created is the perfect backdrop for the photo of her grandmother and her brother and sister.  Beautiful placement of the title.  That photo is a treasure and veer has created a page that will be treasured for years.  Love it!

I hope that you have some time to wander the galleries yourself.  It really is a calming and inspiring thing to do.  If you can, please visit these pages and leave the artists a comment.




Finger Pointing – November 14th

14 Nov

Hello all! Can you believe it’s the middle of November, and soon we will be swept away by the holidays? For today, let’s live in the now, relax and find delight in the pages I found in the galleries.

Although Christmas is not for several weeks, I was smitten with Little Snowman Story. The contrast of the grid design with the whimsical elements is eye-catching and very merry! Magnolia’s photo is captivating – Look at her sparkly eyes – and the candy cane extraction is the perfect finishing touch. Cheery and festive!


What a fabulous sense of movement and vibrancy in Loving Life by AnikaA. Her brushes, texture, title, and pops of color all enhance the effect. The extraction is super cool, too. Dynamic and lively!


Cheryl B has captured an opposite mood with Back to Life 2.The grey tones create a sense of peace and tranquility. The icicles, snowflakes and title come together to make a frosty and beautiful monochromatic page.


I can’t take my eyes off Fall Festive. Sugar Baby’s photo could not have been scrapped more artfully. The simplicity of her embellishing keeps your eyes on the photo, and the fall colors are incredible. Effervescent!


Don’t Worry Be Happy is another large photo page that captured my attention in the gallery. The vivid colors paired with the black and white photos create a spirited page. I like the layering over the background photo, and the spray of brushes. The exuberance she has captured bubbles over and makes me happy, too.


The Beauty of Winter is my last pick for today and it is stunning. The reflection of the mountains in the water is magical. I love how Norma has complemented the rich colors in her photo with the embellishments. Her page is beautifully balanced and the blending is superb. I want to visit this enchanting winter hideaway.





Finger Pointing-November 13th

13 Nov

Hello Everyone! Hope your Monday has been a pleasant one. We woke up to some frozen fog this morning, so I decided it would be a good day to stay in and work on some crafting projects. After that, I enjoyed browsing through a lot of digital galleries and found these goodies to share with  you. Let’s get started.

Winter’s Light by Heather Prins

This is such a beautiful winter page! I almost feel like I am walking right alongside her. The sunlight really is striking and brings the focal photo to life. There’s a great balance with the smaller supporting photos on the right side of the page. I love the simple accents of nature (the leaves, the branches, the pinecone and the snowflakes) and also the pops of purple. The word art over the bottom framed photo is perfect and so is the blending.

seven days by Maruma

Fantastic example of a grid layout with only black and white photos! I have seen a lot of people posting this type of challenge on Facebook; one photo a day for seven days, black & white only, no people, no explanations.  It’s so interesting to see what people photograph and to wonder what the stories are behind them. The big title and journaling placed vertically on one side of the page are really striking along with the chevrons. Great idea to document her seven days of photos all on one page!

sgleason_teak by Kawouette

Wonderful artsy page full of eye candy! I love all the brush work and stamping on the kraft background and also the the bits of stitching! The paper pieces and elements placed behind the photo remind me of my days as a paper scrapper. Another great visual interest is the patterned paper behind the main page and the top edger. Her shadows are amazing and all of her colors work beautifully together. What a cute little frame too! She offset the photo with a staple and then placed a few more bits and pieces to tie everything together.

Anna Lift by suslyn

What a glorious page! It’s like being in the middle of a beautiful rose garden. Fabulous blending and amazing textures dominate the entire layout. The petals in the bottom right-hand corner really pop and look like your could just pick them up off the page. Brilliant colors, brilliant roses, brilliant artistry!

yes this! by KPertiet

Wow! Love this fabulous page by the very talented Katie Pertiet! Not many people could pull off a layout that is made almost entirely with word art, but she did it in such a stellar fashion. Great mix of fonts and brush work, mostly in black but with pops of pink as well. Her photos provide splashes of bright colors and the striped wall just adds to the eclectic mix found throughout. Wow!


My final pick is the darling, whimsical art journal page. Those colorful ladies are wonderful and I love the bike with the cupcake in the basket. Love all the fabulous brush work on the background and the paint splats too. Cute little word snippets and the circular stitching not only mimics the bicycle wheels but ties everything together beautifully. I bet these two would be fun to hang out sometime!

I hope you enjoyed today’s gallery standouts and feel inspired to scrap a few layouts of your own. You have all week! :) These artists always welcome praise so please click on any of the title links to go directly to their galleries. Have a wonderful week!






Finger Pointing – November 12th

12 Nov

So far, my weekend has been filled with chores, errands and a long overdue gym workout but I’m pleased that I got all that done before I sat down to enjoy a cruise through the galleries as a reward today! Lots of Autumn/Fall pages continue to adorn the galleries along with a smattering of December pages too and I’m sure lots of you are starting to consider how you’re going to document the festive season this year. But before I get totally side tracked, let me share the goodness I found in the galleries today.

So Social by biancka starts off my post today with a bang. I love the vibrancy and energy in this page with the bold colour palette and the numerous photo’s. I like how the images, anchored beautifully with the pretty clusters, have extra pop against the grey matting. The icons that we’re all so familiar with and the printed labels, all of which are dotted about the layout, are the perfect finishing touch. A super cool layout!

The copper tones of sucali’s page entitled Gather are so beautifully rustic for this time of year. I love the bold and striped backdrop, the cut out circular detail, the pretty patterned paper and the fact that the journaler is larger than the sweet photo. A perfect selection of elements and the word art title round off this project beautifully. A lovely, eye catching page!

Moving on to some softer tones is You Me and a Cup of Tea by FILIPPOK. Aside from the lovely colour palette, the design of this layout attracted my attention.  I like how the top and bottom sections balance the page, the large photo on top and all the glorious detail and two smaller images below. Gorgeous shadowing adds great depth here and I love that the two little bears wrapped up in a scarf give the page a playful feel. This is just so, so pretty!

Concentration by marleen is totally wall-worthy. My goodness, this is so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I love how the paint/masking works in perfect contrast to the black areas, how the pencil marks stabilise the image and how the focal point of the entire layout is, quite appropriately, centre stage. Seriously love this!

Staying with the artsy for a moment, Forget Me Not by cocodou is another terrific piece of art. Again, beautiful, soft tones are prominent here and I love the perspective and how all the detail is framed by white space. Most of you know by now that I aspire to create projects like this and this one leaves me longing to physically sit and watch a page like this being created! Absolutely beautiful!

I’m also in awe of those who create calendars. I’ve yet to embark on such a project but this 2018 calendar cover by shelbelle has me seriously contemplating whether I should push the boat out for 2018! I love the large numbers and how they stand out with the clever shadowing but what really makes me want to reach out and touch this layout is the ribbon banner. Wow! How awesome is that?! I like that it’s pinned at each end by the pretty buttons and creates the impression that 2018 is going to be a great year! Fabulous!

That brings me to the end of my post for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks and that they inspire you to scrap some of your own stories. When you have a moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artists, I know they’ll appreciate it. Till next time, have a great week and I’ll see you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – November 11th

11 Nov

Happy Saturday!  I couldn’t help but notice all the beautiful Christmas layouts that have hit the galleries this weekend, but I’m just not ready for Christmas yet.  I still want to enjoy what Fall has to offer, like these gorgeous layouts I picked to share with you.

be thankful – sylvia

I was drawn to this first layout, be thankful by sylvia, because of the wonderful color palette in the photo.  The autumn gold sweater and overalls just say fall fun to me.  I also like the angle of the photo and the way she cropped it — it adds so much interest.  Her choice of accents are equally pleasing.  The three swirls are reminiscent of leaves blowing around them and the buttons are perfect to anchor her photo.  Finally, I love the top of the tag peaking from the lower left corner of the page and her be Thankful message.

Love Autumn Days – Giseli Freitas

Love Autumn Days by Giseli Freitas stood out in the gallery because of the fabulous cluster she created with those big, wonderful leaves — they just shout fall.  I love how she combined the realistic leaves with the flat branches, paint and pink flowers to add more interest to her cluster.  The doily and hearts highlight her photo well, while adding even more dimension and realism to  the page.  Her choice of word art finishes the layout perfectly.

weathered – chigirl

The colors and textures of weathered by chigirl are what drew me to her layout.  Granted, they do not say fall like the previous two layouts, but they speak of change, which says fall to me.  The blending on the background is fabulous and definitely creates the weathered look of the title and word art.  Her choice of elements maintains the monochromatic look and worn feel of the page, which lets her photo stand out beautifully.

Dreams – Anne PC

Again, it was the color palette that drew me to Dream by Anne PC.  The mix of coral and aqua is absolutely gorgeous and a nice twist on more traditional fall palettes I am seeing now.  Her color scheme is perfect for her wonderful photo as well.  I love her simple composition, her paper choices and the use of black as an accent against the coral and aqua.  Her use of the quote, with supporting word art strips is a great way to journal.

Beautiful All Around – ArmyGrl

Beautiful All Around by ArmyGrl is just that, beautiful.  Her exquisite photo rightfully takes center stage, and carries, this layout.  I love how the background of the photo is blurred to create a canopy of color for the highlighted branch.  The orange boarder is the perfect pop of color against the dark background and the enamel heart pin is just the right touch to finish the layout and emphasize her message of a grateful heart.

Photogenic – Anny-Libelle

Much like weathered, Photogenic by Anny-Libelle, isn’t your typical fall layout, even though it incorporates a “fallish” color scheme and fall photos.  The photography theme and the addition of black and poppy red gives this layout more pop and contrast which in turn makes the photos shine.  Her fun element choices further highlight her theme and I especially love her use of the film strip background and the white stitching.  This is a striking page that perfectly shows off her striking photos.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed today’s picks.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – November 9th

9 Nov

There’s nothing more enjoyable than browsing the galleries mid-week looking for standout layouts. It’s Beatrice on the blog today and here are my picks.

One Run by Roboliver

I’m always impressed by extractions, especially one as perfect as this one. Even the hair blowing out behind the runner looks perfect. I really like the flow of the page from left to right and top to bottom. The layout artist combined the word art with the title alphas to create a single quotable phrase. Adding the paint behind the figure lifts her even further from the page. The painted edges frame the layout just right.

I Wish You… by JennyG67

This was one of the first pages I spied in the gallery. I love the paper blocks so artistically combined to create a backdrop for the beautiful photo. I like the way the lace doily barely peeks out from behind and the large floral cluster is a beautiful addition. The scattering of fall leaves mimics the tree in the photo. Similar to the layout above, the artist created her own title by combining the alphabets with the word art. I like the way the added brackets emphasize a part of the phrase.

November by CarolinaScrapper

I’ve been noticing a lot of layouts in the galleries with dark backgrounds. Choosing a dark paper really makes the photos and elements pop. I like the thin strip of paper tucked behind with the splashes of gold paint. The scattering of leaves is very pretty and I like the way some of them are shadowed and others not. Of course the photos are adorable and the sketchy leaves in white in the bottom corner are just right for the page.


Tea Time by caapmun

The masked photo is so pretty. I love the orange tea pot and the way the orange is duplicated in the tea itself. I always think of tea time as relaxing and this photo really sets the mood especially with the tea light in the corner. The scribbles and paints extend the colors in the photo and the tags, stamps and word art complete the page skillfully.

Alone in the City by nobles

I really like the way masking the right hand side of the layout emphasizes the theme and title of the page. The selective framing draws the eye to the lone figure of the girl and the bridge rising before her. No embellishments were needed for this page. It’s art in its own right.

Let’s Kraft by luan37

I’m a big fan of a kraft background. I love the stacked papers behind the delightful photo. The sprinkling of flowers and stars adds to the happy theme of the page and I like the placement of the washi tape at the bottom of the layout. I like the texture of both the torn white paper and kraft cardboard. The painted leaves and flower buds help add to the slight diagonal flow of the page.

As always I’ve come to the end of my post and I hope you have enjoyed today’s pages. If you have a minute or two please click through the layouts and leave these well deserving artists some love!