Finger Pointing-July 13th

13 Jul

Hi everyone! I’m working on several projects today but am taking a break to enjoy perusing the galleries. Selecting layouts is always a source of inspiration for my own scrapping, plus it’s simply a real pleasure to give some shout-outs to well-deserving digital artists. I hope you enjoy today’s standouts.

Hot Air Balloon Festival by Neverland Scraps is such a bright and colorful page! First of all, I love hot air balloons and that photo with the reflection just makes me happy! How lucky to get to ride up in one. The flowers, buttons on a string and the stitched banners really tie everything together beautifully.

Tropea Beach by Arte Banale is a beautiful summer page with a classic design. The sand footprints on one side of the page really gives this a unique and special look, especially with her photo. I love all the paint on the background and the journaling under the title. The red “frame” is perfect and gives this page an extra pop.

Masters of war by Margje grabbed my attention right away. Marianne is a dynamic artist and her blending always amazes me. The full-page image of the woman makes a strong impact and the tones are spectacular. When you take a closer look and read the journaling, you will see that this piece is a bit haunting. I love the placement of the text on the silhouette figure. Great brush work and creativity!

Adventure Calls by Ellen T is another bright and colorful layout! Love the photo of the bike riders shot from behind. That always adds great perspective and interest. The repetition of circles is fantastic and I love the strong drop shadows, making them really stand out. Awesome brush work and title! The patterned background paper frames this page beautifully.

Love Yourself by Sokee makes me smile. Most of us scrappers work with so many photos of others and neglect those of ourselves. I love this casual pose and the black & white edit. Framed and tilted in the center of the page, this photo really draws the eye in. There’s just enough patterned paint to preserve the awesome white space and the colors are so pretty. The black elements and journaling strips support the photo and complete this layout with style.

Ballet Moments by profolly is absolutely gorgeous! It makes me feel as if I were going into that building to watch a beautiful ballet. I can’t say enough about how amazing the blending is, especially with the purple ballerinas. There is also an abundance of textures and brush work, all of which compliment the blending. The title script, the beads and the little butterfly cluster are the perfect dainty touches.

I think I’ve been inspired to go create a new layout today. How about you? As always, the bold titles are direct links to these layouts. Please feel free to click on them and leave a comment or two for these artists. Enjoy the upcoming weekend and I’ll see  you in the galleries!


Finger Pointing – July 11th

11 Jul

I’m an early riser thanks to my puppy who is actually no longer a puppy. I’ve enjoyed a few hours wandering the galleries, selecting layouts to feature today. It’s difficult to narrow down my choices to just six but here they are in no particular order.

Letter Home #2 by mocamom  showed up in my Facebook feed and I knew I needed to search for it to show it here. As a person who often changes a journal spot to a photo, I’m always impressed by layouts with lots of journaling. I hope you can read her story because it’s outstanding. I love the layered papers and the toys sprinkled about the page. The arrows and geotags point toward the heartfelt journaling and direct the eye there.  I love the cluster at the bottom and the inclusion of the journal card.

Puffin Fun by jana is such a fun layout featuring the equally adorable puffins. I really like all the themed elements she placed on the layout, especially the bow-tied starfish. I love the torn frame and the word art placed around the edge of the page. I like the contrast between the square corners of the background paper and the rounded corners of the word art. The title work combining two distinct fonts/alphas is a perfect finishing touch.

Fall in Love with Shamian by Scrapping with Liz has an impressive list of credits but everything works perfectly together. The pops of pink in the flower and button pick up the pink in the photos. I love the paper strips combined with the ribbon, lace and word art and the way the title is placed on the tag. The flock of birds direct the eye into the layout. I like the way she discretely placed the qr code so a specific viewer may be able to see video footage of the event.

A Day for a Bike Ride by helenedubois has such a colorful palette. I like the way she duplicated the colors from the photo to the paint rings and spatters and even the banner across the top. The photo mask really makes the bikes the focus of the layout. The blended music background may have the rider singing along as he/she pedals away. The title work in black really stands out and mimics the black in the bike frames and tires.

Hugs in Person by cfile is a great story about online friends meeting in real life. The layout is beautifully crafted. I love the sketchy photo treatment of the Kings Cross Station and the way it’s extracted and blended into the background where midway it almost looks like bricks. I like the white journal card and the rotated title. The pops of dark pink/red in the flower, title and camera element really stand out. The resized photo and card work so well together and the text on the word bits embellishes the story in just the right way.

Cleo’s Last Pose by kbrivitch is a beautiful tribute page to a majestic kitty. I really like the framing in both the layered patterned papers and the photo frames. The journaling placed in the half circle is so heartfelt. The pink in the flower clusters works really well with the black and white kitty. I like the stacked banners and the adorable cluster combining the journal card and elements. The striped ribbon divides the page between the photos and journaling perfectly. I am so sorry for your loss.

Once again I have come to the end of my post. I hope you will click through the links and leave these well deserving artists some love. Thanks and have a great week.


Finger Pointing – July 10th

10 Jul

Hello everyone! I love looking through the galleries for inspiration, and it is a pleasure to highlight the pages here! I am sure you will not only be inspired, but charmed by today’s picks.

Rojo  Sing by MrsGaramer makes me want to start singing! It was created with such enthusiasm. The extraction and cut-outs are attention-grabbing, and the placement of the elements make you feel as if the music is blaring. This page vibrates with energy!


I’m only human by SonaS is a poignant and moving art journal page. Her message is one we all know, but tend to forget. A lovely piece of art with a beauty that goes beyond the eyes and touches the heart.


The blending is glorious, and the brushes add a wonderful sense of depth in Art by coccocou. Her composition supports the title and journaling effectively and beautifully. Exceptional page!


Love the texture and title work in Tiramisu’s page, Summer Berry. The blue tones are tranquil, and the red button adds a dash of oomph and zing. The stitching is the perfect finishing touch giving her page a feeling of movement and energy. Fabulous!


Pure sweetness by Weaselwatchr is just that – Sweet!! Love the combination of green and gold, exquisite element work, and precious photo. Her title placement is skillful, too. Beautifully designed page!


3 Years – Married Bliss by alsoarty is a charming, celebratory page. The string of hearts, the unique way she journaled, and the distressed photo are marvelous. Love the tilt to the paper layers and vibrant color palette. Sparkling and joyful!



Finger Pointing – July 9th

9 Jul

Hello All!  I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday. Sorry I am posting so late, but my air conditioning is out so I put off sitting at the computer until the later hoping that things would cool down.  They haven’t cooled down as much as I would like, but I probably won’t melt before I finish.   ;)

I think the heat helped me make my choices tonight, as everything that caught my eye was cool and calm, like our first layout from caliten

{tuesday} Evening | Caliten

I am really digging the neutral feel of {tuesday} Evening by caliten.  I love how she has echoed the tones of the photo in her background paper, mat and framing then added the greens and the soft blue as pops of color.  All the stitched down bits and pieces and her circular journaling are fabulous, but my favorite part has to be the blending and shadow work on her title.  That attention to detail gives the layout a sense of realism that I am always striving for on my own pages.

TGIF | huyentrang43

My next choice, TGIF by huyentrang43 caught my eye right away because of it’s fresh, clean look.  I love that the patterned background is small and busy, yet still reads neutral in the gallery.  The use of the green papers and small floral cluster echos the fauna in the beautiful photo and pulls the layout together in a way that is very crisp and bold.  Finally, being someone who is particularly fond of Friday herself, I just really enjoy the entire TGIF vibe.

Amazing Snapshot | Ga_L

My third choice, Amazing snapshot by Ga_L is another neutral beauty.  I love the black and white photo and all the circular mats.  The small pops of red, yellow and blue give the layout a playful vibe that goes beautifully with the photo.  The brushwork is a great backdrop for the title work, but my favorite part is the shadowing. The photo and journal card look like you could reach out and flatten them to the page with your fingers.  Those two shadows provide a strong sense of realism, which I really admire, to the entire page.

Poolside | 3littleks

I don’t think is is any surprise that Poolside by 3littleks was calling my name loudly from the gallery.  I love that 3littleks took one large photo and stretched across the three frames.  It adds more visual interest and substance to an already amazing pool shot.  The empty fourth frame has a playful feel to it that echoes the photo while the pops or yellow and black provide a nice contract to the colors in the photo.  The use of the word art for a title is a great finishing touch.

What A View | Scrapping2girls

I think the title of this one, What A View, says loud and clear why it caught my eye.  The photo(s) are gorgeous.  I love the fluffiness of the clouds against the hardness of the mountains and sturdiness of the trees.  I really like the multiple frame look of the photos and that she changed the lighting on the second one to add even more visual interest.  I appreciate that she kept the background and elements simple and clean to allow the photo to shine.

Wild Summer Flowers | jaye

My sixth and final pick for today is Wild Summer Flowers by jaye.  Without a doubt jaye is becoming one of my favorite scrappers and I think this layout in a great example of why.  The photo is gorgeous and has a artistic flair that provides a lot of interest.  I like that jaye used a mix of brushes and elements to create her beautiful cluster.  The paint splatters, stitches and laces feel messy yet delicate while the leaves and flowers provide more stability to anchor the photo.  Just a truly beautiful page.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memory keepers.  Thanks!  :)






Finger Pointing – July 8th

8 Jul

Finger Pointing – July 8th

Happy Saturday fellow scrappers.  Today I’m hiding indoors.  I’ve had it with the heat and the humidity.   My family is out on the boat fishing and I’m happily inside with a cool drink, the AC running and my favorite music on…the perfect set up for cruising the galleries to see what all you fabulous scrappers have been up to.

My first pick today is called Summer Lovin’ by amandac.  The bright watercolor palm prints grabbed my attention right away.  I just love the texture in the paper that shows through with the watercolor print.  The wood frame adds warmth to the white paper and draws you in to the tropical photo. I like the use of the minimal elements – they are perfectly balanced. I love the flower cluster with the tied string and the hanging tag. The details are just right!  Then the cool word art for the title that also shows texture – so perfect!!!  Now I just need a tropical drink and cool breeze.

My second choice is the gorgeous page by motherbear titled Oh Happy Day! The amazing flower clusters at the bottom is what caught my eye. The layering and shadows are spot on and so well done!  This photo is so cute and so real life – I love photos that truly capture a moment in time like this one does.  Then the other details. The page border adds just the right touch of grunge. The word art helps balance the bottom heaviness of the layout.  The tiny print on the word grain paper is just right and so are the cute flip flops.  I love every inch of this well thought out layout!

My next pick I actually chased down from a Facebook gallery post, I loved it so much.  I think you’ll agree.  BeYouTiful by keepscrappin is so fun and bright!  I just love the masks on the wood grain background paper.  I especially love the bright butterflies that highlight the masked layer – so fun and different.  All the spatter and paint help hold the spread out design together.  I think the non-traditional clustering that is more spread out is a fabulous look and something I’m going to have to try myself.  The word art helps add some extra color and really plays up the fun feeling of the whole layout.  I really enjoy finding layouts that inspire me to try something new. Don’t you?

I could not pass up this layout by  jerilie titled sweet summer.  Not only is this color combination very unique, but the amount of layers on this layout are just amazing!  Such a wonderful way to show off all the outstanding patterned papers in this kit.  The shadowing does a great job of separating the layers to not make all the patterns too overwhelming.  The addition of the clusters and the little tag are just perfect to balance all the stacked papers.  What a gorgeous page!

My fifth choice for today is the crazy travel page by Jaye4 titled On The Road.  The stamp patterned background paper is such a fun choice here.  I just love how it drew me in.  Then the little photos with the white edges remind me of vintage photographs and give this that perfect travel feel.  Mixing in lots of travel elements (the coffee cup totally resonated with me) and some layered paper makes the composition complete.  Everything feels balanced and your eye travels easily around the page.

My final choice for today is mommy and son by Tronesia.  I have always admired Tronesia’s scrapping style.  The way she shadows her pages is so fantastic!  I just love how this feels like some kind of professional print ad.  The balance between the elements photos and white space is spot on!  The little pops of color really give a lot of interest and on top of that she got a story on the page too (which is so sweet!).  I like the look of the doodles on the background paper.  It really looks like she laid down some photos and drew some doodles, versus this being a digital page.  Such an amazing and real looking page!

Well, I hope these pages inspired you to keep cool today and do a little scrapping!


Finger Pointing – July 7th –

7 Jul

Hello!!! Hope you are all well, around here in London, the weather is playing the extreme heat and just now (almost 3am of Saturday!!!) it is giving us a bit of a breather so I thought I get to come here to enjoy the gorgeous pieces in the galleries and get inspired helping you getting inspired too! With July started and the hot temps in some parts of the world, the themed summer pagers abound, all of them are more than amazing which, as usual, kept me hours trying to decide which pages to keep…but finally got down to very few, here they are:

Summertime by wombat146 is one of those jewels (as she does!!) that shows how a scrapbook page can transform a wonderful photo into an even more wonderful, shining piece of art and even give it soul…. love the word art used fir the title, the way it reflects the light & plays with the golden sun…overall perfection!!!

Following the summer theme, I’ve found this incredibly, beautiful, amazingly well composed  page, summertime by gracielou. There is so much so beautiful, the whole page is so amazingly though through, that the choice of every paper adds and the sum of all the parts is beyond perfection. There is everything: the gorgeous photo treatment, word arts, beautiful and super elegant cluster, the journaling, each & everything so little and delicate…as I said: beyond perfection.

And as we go escalating into the summer theme, here I found it in all it’s glory in fls by Marnel:  super fun photos, an explosion of color so well mixed with all the bits and pieces  and then we have those absolutely perfect, awesome shadows!!! the layering  is so rich, so perfectly arranged and (once again) the shadows complete the super fun experience!!!!

Bejaardensoos by berniek : Now with this page I am so SO delighted to have found, as I don’t usually come across her pages late at night (which is now more like early in the next day morning LOL) Love her gorgeous clean style always, and in here love the fact that she went a bit out of her usual with so many layers, so well thought! Those clusters are amazing and the diversity of element type and textures also carefully thought too, I run out of words but you only need to look and you will know!!!

Weekend Shots by Shivani :  More amazing inspiration from this talented girl with skills in every area in life and with her photographs (that ares so incredibly gorgeous!!!!!) and her talent to add just the very right amount of  layers, title words, word arts, everything is balanced… here those shadows enhance the whole page even more!!!

Extra by Rubia Padilha aka Studio Basic Designs always, each & every time, wOw’s with her pages, and this one has already grabbed my heart. There is a bit of magic in every child, and this one has it in a double dose..that cheeky smile, the wonderful photo with the perfect, awesome light, the gorgeous  framing with those stars and the layering/blending in the background that brings all to the eye with beauty, soul and amazing technique…. those shadows that have the power to enhance the whole page, and the touch of the string that also takes the eye all around…oh I could be here for ages telling you how much I love this!!!!!

Weekend by Shannon C is another one of the beauties I chose for today. I am a bit weary of people who keep posting food photos that are not exactly  appealing.. but this is not just a gorgeous dish, but the most beautiful compilation of photos that with the work done for the page turns the ordinary into extraordinary. The colors are beautifully combined, the cutouts area created for the journaling is perfect, Everything works in more than perfect harmony…and now not only I LOVE the page but I am so hungry!!!!!!

Last but never ever least, (& to make me even hungrier! LOL) Tapas by ValeJules. I love Tapas, best way to share food, the presentation of the place here is such an original way to show, love how there is so much in this composition that it is almost hiding, so subtle incorporated, and still the blank space and her amazing skills for blending, the result is a master piece!!!

As usual, this is all from me today, hope you enjoyed and get inspired by these awesome, creative people. The original gallery can be reached by clicking in the high-lit name of the page and author, leave them a word or two, we all know how huge a difference can make in one’s day!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!












Finger Pointing – July 6th

6 Jul

June was a busy month for us with traveling back to Minnesota for two weeks and then moving on to Las Vegas for two weeks.  We cut our trip back by ten days and it was really a good idea!  During June I didn’t do a blog post and I didn’t even have a chance to browse the galleries so it is exciting to be able to jump back into both today.  As usual, it was hard narrowing my choices down to six but I did and here they are.

The Amiracle Flag by Julie Billingsley first caught my eye in the gallery because of the beautiful clusters and that awesome title.  When I opened it up and read the journaling I knew this page was a definite Gallery Standout for today.  Her story is not just about her son’s pride in our country and its flag but about the kindness of strangers.  In addition to the clusters and title, this page is a beautiful example of combining patterned papers – love, love, love that background!  And that tiny photo tucked behind the cluster is just precious!

I just love it when scrappers document family traditions especially the newer ones.  That’s what tjscraps did in her darling Punch Buggy No Returns page.  The “road” of flowers and elements she created for that cute car embellishment is awesome.  The placement of the title and the journaling creates the perfect flow down the center of the page.  Awesome page!

I am a big fan of artsy, blended pages and lkdavis is a master at creating them.  Victorian Garden is a gorgeous example.  I love how she’s used brush techniques to create a beautifully textured effect.  The brushwork and button direct your eye right to the perfectly placed title.  This piece of art would be at home on any wall.

dreaming by jlholden15 is a beautiful, dreamy page with a touch of grunge.  The soft beige and pink colors create the perfect background for the blended photo.  And the woman in the photo has such a pensive look it leaves me wondering about her story.  Love the brushwork!

 Héron by timounette is a stunning piece!  Her photos are gorgeous and are beautifully blended.  The stitches and brushwork along with the background paper add a wonderful texture.  Framing one of the photos to create a focal point is the perfect touch.  Love the sepia tones of the photos and the minimal use of embellishments.

Moxie by jakrn jumped out of the gallery at me.  I love pages with a dark background that allows the colors to pop.  The  blend of doodled and realistic elements creates a fun but grounded look.  Love the addition of the word background paper.  Beautifully composed page.  Love it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my choices as much as I’ve had making them.  It’s always fun spending time in the galleries and I don’t think we allow ourselves the pleasure often enough.  Think of it as browsing through a scrapbooking/art magazine (hopefully, everyone remembers magazines!). If you want a closer look at the pages, the images and titles are linked to make it easy.  If you’re in the galleries, take some time to leave a little love for the artists as you browse.  Everyone needs to have the feeling that their work is appreciated and I, for one, love it when a comment pops up in my gallery!