Finger Pointing | May 20th

20 May

Hello Again!  I hope you all are having a beautiful day.  I certainly am, (which is why I am posting a bit later than I like) despite the rain we have been having.  My son and his fiancee just announced their engagement and I could not be happier knowing there is a wedding in our future.  Maybe that is why this first page appealed to me so strongly!

Christellevandyk | Fairytale

While I love all the bling on this layout, it was the photo that really caught my eye.  The black and white treatment of that gorgeous photo nestled in all the color and glam of the cluster really made it stand out in a way it would not have had Christelle used a colored version of it.  I further love the soft creaminess of the background paper against all the gold elements and the pops of red throughout the page.  I also think the title is appropriate because this layout gives you a perfect glimpse into the beautiful fairytale wedding of this lovely couple and the happily-ever-after they are going to share.

eve11ne | Carousel

Speaking of Fairytales, this layout by eve11ne represents a different kind, but is equally full of magic.   Again, I adore all the bling on this page, but the photos are my favorite part.  With her dark hair and black shirt, the little girl stands out beautifully against all the colorful elements and papers and the angle of the top photo makes it seem that the horse is about the leap off the page.  The cluster itself is full and rich and well grounded with the paint splatters and sparkles beneath it.  Finally, the flow of the title across the cluster provides a sense of movement to the layout that is reminiscent of a carousel and is the perfect finishing touch.

Conny | This Life-May

Great photos are also what drew me to this layout by Conny.  What an adorable black and white photo series of a beautiful little girl.  The three floral clusters create an effective visual triangle that manages to highlight all of the photos.  Over all, the black and white photos, papers and elements seem to be perfectly balanced against the colored papers and elements in a way that creates a sense of harmony across the entire page and a one of a kind layout.

Beach | Mother Bear

Beach by Mother Bear is another example of great photos and clusters, but it was the blending that caught my eye on this one.  The photo blended into the weathered wood background screams beach to me in the best possible way.  I also like the use of circles throughout this page, in the cutouts and element choices, as well as the tiny bubbles.  It gives the page a nice cohesiveness and a sense of playfulness.  Finally, the pops of red against the blues and neutrals adds to the beachy feel while the green leaves are a nice surprise.

Shunnstergirl – Veni Vedi Amavi

This next layout takes us from the beach to the waters of Venice.  The bright colors of this page really stood out in the gallery, calling at me to take a closer look, and I am so glad I did.  The photos are gorgeous and show off Venice in the most wonderful way.  I especially love the details of the architecture and the view from the front of the boat.  The group photo is the perfect way to capture the rest of the memory and what it meant to share the experience together.

Sucali | Italien

My final pick of the day, by one of my favorite scrappers, gives us another view of beautiful Italy.  The panoramic view of the country side makes me feel like I am standing right on the hillside with the photographer while the Leaning Tower of Pisa photo and the town photo give me a better sense of this gorgeous place.  Over all, the layout feels like a fabulous mini tour of Italy.  Sucali always adds the perfect finishing touches to her layouts as well, like the hearts that express her love for this place.  They are small things that make a big statement while letting the photo shine.

That’s it for me.  I hope you enjoyed the layouts I shared with you today.  If you have time, please click on the individual links to leave some love for these designers and memorykeepers.  Thanks!  :)




Finger Pointing – May 19th –

19 May

Hello! Hope you are all well! For us here in London was a weird week, with a couple of very sunny days, super warm weather which I love (body pain is much less!) only to get back to gray and rainy…but managing, especially after getting lost in the galleries with so much beauty & talent! As it is already 3 am Saturday for me, lets get to share these awesomeness!!!

I know, I get repetitive, but there is so so much talent, so much amazement in the galleries, I have been arguing with myself about which pages I could let go…and this, Perfect Timing by jk703 is one of those I would love to have hanging on my walls, would love to be able to produce so much elegance and perfection like these clean lines, the fabulous play with the light through colors and shapes, the perfection of her photography (AND the beauty of her boys, which I just keep thinking what a shame they are so young for my Sarita! LOL.  The tittle work is also perfect and that one little line under it resumes the whole feeling, a beautiful moment captured in time with all the beauty and elegance that Jenn always brings to her pages!!!

This next page isn’t from today, not even from this week, but I happened to see it and made a note to be able to find it again, because is one of those that, for whatever the reason, time of the day we post, not being able to stop…anything really…one misses it…and this, Live Like a Child by misslovescraps,  is definitely NOT to be missed!!!!  The super gorgeous extraction made into a sticker, the little details of elements added, the composition that flows  with that awesome sun…every little bit of this page is full of talent, love and that magic that Li Li always happens to bring us with her pages!!!

Following the amazing art subject, I found this absolute delight , Be a Good Person by  edillow. I love street art, and living in London as you can imagine we have the chance to see some fantastic pieces, including some of Banksy’s  early stuff. We have lots of photos of them, they are indeed amazing….but this?  This one takes the crown!!! Super colorful, not complicated or complex in it’s design, but it’s message is so incredibly true, and so amazing not only to be able to drive by and get out of the car to take a photo, but the awesome way in which this has been preserved for the future… the super elegant page in the gorgeous minimalist style, the simple title work and the perfection of framing the tittle. Gorgeous!!!!

I think I have mentioned here before how much I used to dislike templates and how my mind changed about them. Since, a new , huge respect for them and people who can make the magic happen has kept growing more and more, and when I find certain pages not only respect, but I am in awe of how much creativity thede people have! In  this case, I found this, Dreaming of the Louvre by Hey Jude, and she also made another page with one of the templates in the pack…and if you can see her amazingly talented mind work wonders of beauty and perfection here…I am sure you will be amazed by taking also a peek to her gallery . This one is super , the perspective and the blending of the background, the use of the shapes fits so wonderfully, and the nu,ber as a tittle, the colors, all together functions in perfect harmony!

Another superb creation that completely filled my heart with joy,  Born to Standout by DigiGrace. I think here words are superfluous, there is such a wonderful explosion of creativity, color, laughter, fun, determination and million more emotions plus some crazy talented skills, I want to be inside that page!!!!

Also with amazing, endless creativity is this page, Awesome Day by Aki Zo, who is a designer herself and always creates pieces that are to look at them for a master class, In this case, the amazing clustering combined with the cutout background make the perfect combination, LOve this so so much!!!

Last but never least, another amazing creation where layering, clusters and amazingly beautiful everywhere I look at it, the photos are gorgeous, the whole spring feeling. The tittle work is clever with the cutout and   all colors so well put together….super gorgeous page!!!!    Dandelion Wish by Cherrylej   

Hope you love these as much as I do! As usual, you can click on the high lit name of the LO and author to get to their original galleries, you, we all know how much a word or two of love can make our day!!!!!







Finger Pointing – May 18th

18 May

I sometimes find myself wondering what criteria I use to determine whether a page is a gallery standout.  Then I realized that it’s really not rocket science.  There are so many beautiful/creative pages out there but a special few just scream “Pick Me” when I see them in the gallery thumbnails.  When they do it’s sometimes because of the overall look and/or feel of the page but it can also be a photo, a color scheme, a composition, a message, or a technique.  All of those are represented in my picks today.

First off is Hunter by blackkathy.  When I opened the gallery page, the thumbnail for this captivated me.  When I opened it up to see the enlarged photo, it absolutely blew me away!  This one falls in the category of “overall look”.  I love the textures, the colors, and the white title on the white background.  Along with beautiful brush work this one is definitely a standout.

I really love hybrid projects and journals in particular.  This hybrid art journal by larkindesign is an absolute treasure.  I love that she used a digital kit to create her pages.  I’ve seen planners made with digital products but this is the first journal I’ve seen.  And it’s not the only pages she has in the gallery.  This one was also a contender for the blog today.  Love, love, love this and I’m definitely going to give the process a try.

I love finding pages using a new (at least to me) technique and those abounded in the gallery using a shadow technique.  Yes! by jlholden15 is just amazing.  Her extraction is perfection and I love how the shadow makes it pop off the page!  And those colors are exquisite!  She’s added just the right amount and style of brushes to accent the page!  Love this!

When I saw Game Set by margje which uses the same shadow technique I knew I couldn’t leave it out!  Love the sketch effect on that amazing extraction.  And that shadow really creates a sense of motion.  The use of the red/black/white color combination adds great visual impact.  The choices of splatters and brushes perfectly sets off the extraction!  Awesome piece of art!

Pet photos and pages are always winners and when they include great composition and great color choices they are standouts.  On Jenifer’s The Story of Bilbo, the blue and white color combination works beautifully with the black and white photo.  Love the “off the page” papers and the horizontal composition.  The matted piece with the photo looks like a professional announcement!  If you click on the image or title you will be taken to the gallery where Jenifer has a link to her process for the photo.  I am always impressed with artists who can pull off this formal look on a page!  I would love to see this framed and hanging on a wall!

My final page for you today is I Wish by flowersgal.  It is never easy to document the hard times but flowersgal does it with a beautiful page and heart-wrenching journaling.  Her words are words that I hope everyone hears and believes.  We lost a nephew to suicide at the age of 20 and I would have loved for him to hear and understand this message and maybe had the strength to go on.  I’m so sorry for your loss flowersgal and I thank you for sharing this page with us.

Those are my standouts for today.  I hope you’ve enjoyed and been inspired by them.  As always, the images and titles are linked to the gallery so please take a moment to get a closer look at these pages.  A comment by you for the artists is always appreciated.











Finger Pointing-May 17th

17 May

Hi everyone! Jana here with today’s featured layouts. There seems to be an abundance of talented scrappers around, along with a lot of designer challenges in the galleries this month. It’s always fun to see all the different takes on these. I’m ready if you are…let’s get started.

Fairest of all by anelia-

What a beauty this is! A series of poses is always a great way to showcase multiple photos on a page. I adore the large focal photo on this one and also the title. All of the gorgeous roses and pops of red are very striking against the green background! Luscious standout!

Love This Most by tracermajig

People often wonder about creating a page without photos. Well, this is a perfect example of just that. No photos, yet incredible design with all of the circles! This artist is one of the best journalists around. I love her tidbits of information on the circles and then how she documented what she loves the most in the paragraph at the bottom of the page. Even that list is done in a clever way. The title across the middle of her page really draws the eye into the page and I am crazy about the large ampersand and cute little accents throughout the page. And isn’t that a cute little polka-dotted tab she placed at the bottom! Amazing standout!

Technique challenge 5/15-21 by Danesa

Wow! This page really jumped out at me! There is a lot going on but just take a look at those silhouettes in the background and the shadow work on the soccer player’s photo! The polaroid frame and the arm extraction bring the attention right to the focal point. Love all the brush work, colors and the chevron pattern on the right side. Totally awesome standout!

Muse De MAI 02 by orkan

A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Just look at all of those blended faces on this artistic layout! The bright colors…LOVE! I think that focal figure is darling and the black and white attire is perfect with all of the other colors. I adore the feathers and all of the legs placed in different directions. Fabulous standout!

2015 Eilean Donan Castle by Iowan

This is an incredible travel page with eye candy everywhere! It’s like a postcard you’d love to get in the mail. Just look where the castle is blended in at the top right; very cool placement. I love that rowboat planter and all of the great textures/brush work that surround it. The title and extra travel elements really bring everything together. Extraordinary standout!

cocoa brownies by lego

I leave you today with this fabulous recipe page. My mouth is watering just looking at those chocolate brownies! This artist has been creating digital recipe books and an album for quite a while and she always does such a wonderful job. I wish my recipe book looked like hers!  The page design here makes everything so easy to follow with the grid of pocket cards. This is such a unique way to digi scrap. Delectable standout!

Have a wonderful rest of your day and week! I hope you found some inspiration looking at all of these layouts. As always, feel free to click on the title links if you want more information or care to leave any nice comments for the artists. (always appreciated!) Time for me to go and create a new layout for myself!


Finger Pointing – May 16th

16 May

Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing fine tonight! I had a wonderful Italian dinner with my youngest son, his girlfriend and my ant. The weather was awesome today, so we could sit outside and enjoy our delicious meals. It was yummie! After we got home I dived into the galleries and as always there are so many gorgeous pages to pick, I had a hard time chosing wich ones I wanted to post. But I managed to pick six! I hope they will inspire you to scrap outside your box!

TrishD’s Shadow Dancing Wow, I love everything about this page, the picture and the kind of cartoonish effect Trish managed to give it, the grunge background wich fits perfect to the type of girl and how she’s dressed and the title with that gorgeous shadow effect. What a wonderful page!

You only live once by amandaresende I am so glad Amanda is back! I really missed her pages for the time she was away. This page is so playful and it looks so real! Like I could just touch these little cups of waterpaint and take them from the page. Love the message also and love how Amanda used the different fonts here.

My Inner Beauty by pattyanne I always have to take a look in the Mischiefcircus gallery when it’s my turn to post and I find the most gorgous and sometimes funny pages there. This time it’s a serious one, the quote is for sure! I love this strange combination, the large head, peacock feathers, the colorcombination and the leaves as a hairpiece. I love it all! It is so different, I can’t keep my eyes off of it!

The Aviator by Traumelfe And another stunning page! The plane, the grey aviatorpicture, the brush, the background paper, it all adds to the vintage feel. Even the wordstrips do. Wonderful piece of work!

Oslo by Applechick I love the graphic feel and the perspective here! Love how the building appears like a bridge and how Applechick blended it all to a beautiful piece of art!

Happy by Gracielou Oh…I love girly pages and particulairly these lovely colors! Love the diagonal setup of the page and the piece of lace behind the pictures, love the drawn ‘be happy’ and love all the stamps and brushes making a great background for the pictures.

Well, these were my picks, I hope you like them and I hope even more you get inspired by these wonderful pages! See you next time!


Gallery Standouts – May 15th

15 May

Greetings scrappy friends!!  Here we are – a new week is at hand already, and May is half over!  Wow!

I’ve been on the go for the past couple of days and there wasn’t much computer time for me, so I’m happy to be able to relax this evening and enjoy the beautiful photos in the galleries around digi-land!

This page, aptly named, Mother created by scrapbookmama makes my heart all squishy!  The vintage photos are a treasure for her to have!!  What a lovely tribute to her Mother!! I love the bright pinks in contrast with the dark colors in the cropped paper and the ribbon.  And those crocheted leaves are too cute!

Mimisgirl created a heartwarming page also using the title Mother.  That sweet face is so precious – it’s so obvious how deep the bond between the two of them is!  Another page that tugs at my heartstrings!!  Mimigirls cluster work is just phenomenal – the ribbons tucked away so perfectly under the flower elements give her page perfect depth!

Well since I’ve stumbled onto the “Mom” theme with the first two layouts, I may as well continue on … check out Mom and Me created by Electra … I love the colors against the wood background and love how she’s used so many different shapes on her page!  The contrast of the straight lines and round elements and hearts is perfect!  Her title work says it all … “blessed” … where we would be without our Moms?!  And the photo is all kinds of wonderful!

I can completely appreciate and understand the poem on the lovely layout that vixen has created.  Her page is entitled Mom and is so touching!  The poem speaks of missing the good times and appreciating them before they are gone – that is something that we should all take heart with and hold on to!!  Vixen’s page is so simple, yet speaks volumes!  Thank you for sharing your special tribute page in your gallery!!

The layout Conny created stood out to me because of the bright, bold and beautiful colors!!  Her page, also titled Mom conveys just how strong the bond is between a Mom and her daughter!  The photo is so fun and just oozes L O V E !!

Glee‘s Mom & Us, Now and Then page puts a huge smile on my face!  I am sure that her Mom’s heart was filled with just as much joy in 2015 as it was in 1956 because she was with her children.  A mother’s love is something that can be so hard to explain, yet, the smiles on their faces tells the whole story!!  The layering of the different background papers and the placement of the scatter element make Glee’s page shine!

So I truly didn’t intend on searching out pages that focused on “moms”, but that’s what happened and I glad it did!!  My heart is warm and fuzzy remembering my own Mom who has been gone six years – time marches on, but her memory will be in my heart forever.  What a blessing it is that we can create layouts focused around our Moms!

Thanks for stopping by today – hope you have a fantastic day!!  Until next time – happy scrapping friends!!






Finger Pointing – May 14th

14 May

Hello everyone and a happy Mother’s Day to those of you celebrating today! I’ve often wondered why we celebrate Mother’s Day here in the UK in March but having one daughter in the UK and one overseas, I get lovely wishes on both days so I’m not complaining! Given the occasion then, it seems fitting to begin this post showcasing a ‘Mom/Mum’ page.

Delisak pulled the colours from her photo on her Love my Mom page and I love the rose pink and grey tones. Using a mix of brushes, watery spots and scribbles, Delisak has created great framing around the photo, keeping all the love felt here right there in the frame. Finished off with some word art and a wood veneer, this page has a certain glow about it and, let’s face it, everyone loves a good hug, don’t they?! A lovely page that I’m sure will be looked back on for many years to come!

The moment I saw the thumbnail of My Space by Shivani.sohal in the gallery, I was immediately intrigued. I love the busy-ness of this with the super use of patterned paper, a few coloured embellishments and some journal strips and how none of the detail takes anything away from the colour photo. The black and white shots strategically placed within the spheres leading off the page add another dimension and the title work is fabulous. Yes, the more I study this page, the more in awe I am! Magic indeed!

I am an ardent Project-Lifer so it was fun to see luckyme use a typical Project Life design for her Alex Janvier page. Love the clean lines of this and how the black word art and journaling balance the layout and allow the colourful exhibition art to dominate the page while the white areas allow a resting place for the eyes. A super, neat page!

Moving onto Me circa 1979 by fruitysuet, I particularly like how the photo stands out against the delicate hues of the paintwork and how the bright pink dotty brush brings a little boldness to the layout. A pretty cluster anchors the photo while the thread creates the perfect flow down to a second little cluster. And lots of white space… love it!

I’m often drawn to layouts with texture and Throw by P’tiscrap is a super example. A great design and colour combination, I love the perfectly shadowed vertical strips, each broken to make room for a photo, and how the eye is drawn from left to right. A few splatters here and there and a little date tab bottom right finish this page off beautifully!

Rounding off my post today, Happiness Manifesto by Deekaa, proves that sometimes less is more. The central white strip separates the story from the striking backdrop and the details form an orderly vertical flow. The photo is perfectly cropped  and the pretty pink flower provides the page with a softness. A beautifully understated layout that packs a powerful punch. Totally gorgeous!

I hope one or two of my picks inspire you to document some of your own stories and if you do find a spare moment, please click on the links about to leave a comment or two for the artists. Till next time, have a good week, happy scrapping and take care!