Finger Pointing – April 9th

It is so much fun peeking through the galleries at the diverse array of scrapbooking layouts.  I am always amazed at the beauty, creativity, and memories preserved through photos and layouts.

BFFs by Robinoes66

Oh my goodness, those hats and this mother-daughter duo are too cute!  And this layout is all sorts of fabulousness with amazing colors and a great blend of pattern papers.

April24-Avatar-Challenge by Dunkie

Kayaking is so much fun!  And so is this lovely layout by Dunkie!  I enjoy the circular design and how the water trickles outside the circle and flows down the page.

Splendid by Demma_b13

This splendid layout pops from the gallery with its blend of red and magenta colors!  The tilt is a wonderful touch too!

Exploring by Scrapbookmama

The soft, earthy tones in this layout are soothing and the background photo is perfectly blended!

Pricesnow by PictureMom

I think we can all relate to this – sky high prices!  What an awesome example of a photo-less layout documenting life right now.

Mother Earth by Mary-11

There are touches of vintage and rustic vibes in this beautiful layout that I find endearing. I greatly enjoy the mix of 2D “brush” elements mixed with ephemera and the look of 3D flowers.


Thank you for stopping by to ooh-and-aah on today’s gallery standouts.  May you have a fabulous and blessed week!

‘Till next time – Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing- April 8, 2024

Hello all! It’s Addie (AddieG) here with today’s shout outs!

The first page that caught my eye was “Kit Centric” by rache77 with this super clever design and awesome elements!

Next, “spring in the woods” by veer has an amazing dreamy quality to it!

Next, “It’s spring” by AmyL pops with the green against the muted background tones. So pretty!

Next, “life is not a race” by bonnenuit is just delightful from the design to the photo to the elements!

Next, “The Merrill Girls” by scrapchyck draws your eye to the fabulous photo with all the white space. What great layering of elements as well!

Finally, “remember” my pagefrocks has fantastic dimension on this masculine work of art!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie



Finger Pointing – April 7th

Happy Sunday, everyone!! I hope that you’ve all had an amazing weekend!! I’m going to get right to my picks this evening because my internet is going in and out and I want to make sure I can get this posted 🙂 I hope you enjoy these amazing pages!

04-24 Hoi An by pennyh
How lovely is this page!! I love all those gorgeous shades of green and her amazing layering work!! The beautiful colors in those photos just pop! I adore the word strips and the fun arrow detail! This is really so beautifully scrapped!!


Beauty by catgoddess
Oh my goodness, how gorgeous is this!! I have tried a few times to create a page like this and I never can seem to pull it off very well, but this one is super stunning!! Her cluster work is absolutely phenomenal!! I am truly in awe of this page!


Collecting Memories by wvsandy
What an absolutely wonderful photo and such a precious memory! This is just so pretty and so perfectly documented! I adore her cluster to the side of the photo and beautiful use of the journaling prompt. Fantastic page!


Poppin’ Bubbles by FLKaren
I could not love this page more!! The photo is precious and so beautifully blended! I adore the bubbles!! Her cluster work and use of the frames and string elements are just perfection!! Such an absolutely wonderful layout!!


Spring Edition by zippyoh
How beautiful is this!! I adore that big photo and those gorgeous flowers! Spring just makes me happy, and so does this page! I love her floral cluster down the side and her blending with the wood paper! This is so lovely!!

This Beautiful Life by isDK
I am so in love with this gorgeous double page spread! How amazing is that big photo that spans both pages!! I adore her use of the scatter and string across the top with the beautiful florals at the bottom. So absolutely perfect!! Amazing spread!


And that will do it for me this evening!! Hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – April 2nd

Hi all!! Happy April! I hope that you had the most amazing weekend and Happy Easter for those who celebrate. Things around here have been pretty busy and all my scrappy things have taken a back seat to a lot of other stuff, but I hope that will be changing. I have a special request for you all if you don’t mind. We have a few members of our team who have been going through some things and could use some extra special thoughts if you have a moment. If you see us being a little sporadic with posts, that is why. Thank you all for your patience and your support!! And now on to my picks for tonight! I hope you enjoy them!!

Fresh Earth April Berry Blends FWP Kit by lencik_vrdniy
This is such a beautiful page! I absolutely adore her lovely layering and all the wonderful texture. The neutral tones are gorgeous and her cluster work is perfection!! So precious!!


Always by crazycat1126
This is absolutely lovely!! What a wonderful photo and the layout couldn’t be more perfect for it! Fabulous use of the layered paint and those rich colors are stunning! I adore her title work as well!


Artist by palvinka
How adorable is this page! That photo is just the sweetest and all the artsy elements are fantastic! I love the sweet bow tied to the paint brush and her fun cluster!! This is just absolutely wonderful!!


Pretty by sylvia
This layout is just stunning! The red and black looks amazing and I absolutely adore her creativity!! Such lovely layers! The more I look at it the more beautiful pieces I see! Wonderful artistry!!


This Moment by Lizziet5
How incredibly precious are these photos!! They truly make me smile!! Such a wonderful page full of amazing layers and gorgeous clusters! I love all those wonderful word strips and gorgeous shades of blue and green!! Fabulous page!


April 2024 Photography Challenge by VinGirl
I just adore this page! Maybe partly because I’m hungry haha Just kidding, but that does look pretty yummy!! I love her use of the thread and stitched elements and the wonderful border around the page! The pops of green are so perfect and play off the the photo beautifully!! Fabulous page!

And that will do it for me tonight!! I hope you enjoyed my picks and will take a little time to leave some love for these amazing artists!! Until next time, see you around the galleries!!

Finger Pointing – March 28, 2024

I could seriously have today’s GSO post be all about food layouts!  There are incredibly delicious pages rocking the galleries!  But I’ll keep it to two then diversify.  Otherwise, we’ll be drooling all over our computers and smart phones and eating something even if we are not hungry.  LOL!

Eating Out by Mocamom

I love a good pocket page because photos are worth a thousand words.  And I have no words for that ginormous, juicy looking burger smack dab in the middle of the layout.  Except perhaps “YUM!”  This whole page is yummy!

I love sushi! By Cinna

I could not pass up this page because of the strong and wonderful use of red!  It is eye-catching and mouthwatering.  In this layout Cinna makes wonderful use of pattern papers that simply POP on the red.  Bravo!  And YUM!

Discombobulated by Mcurtt

I find this piece to be incredibly delightful for several reasons – the color blue in the background paper and “3” that keep the eyes bouncing from one side of the page to the other, the repetition of shapes with the hot air balloon and the lightbulb, and once again, the eyes being led across the page with leading lines.  Well done!  Excellent and intriguing design and composition!

No Rain, No Flowers by CaroR

The split design with the background papers is wonderfully eye-catching as are the darker, almost gothic, undertones of the photos.  Once again, I am drawn to the color red.  Here, red is used in the accent pieces and produce a visual triangle that help guide the eyes around the page.

Self Love by Lisa Rosa Designs

I am such a fan of Lisa Rosa and her flowers!!!  This layout is an example of why – that cluster is draw-dropping gorgeous!  And, I love the art journal vibes focusing on self-love.  Ha – and another wonderful split design with the background papers.  There is nothing but Love, Love, Love for this layout!

African Safari by FLKaren

While the cascading clusters are simply gorgeous, it’s the zebra stripe bow and flowers that steal the show!  . . . along with the use of black and white photos which work splendidly within the layout.

I hope you enjoy today’s picks as much as I do!

P.S.  There may be a big juicy burger in my future for bad food Friday.  LOL!  Thanks Mocamom!

‘Til nex time,

Lisa (Armygrl)

Finger Pointing- March 26, 2024

Hello all! It’s Addie (AddieG) here with today’s shout outs!

The first page that caught my eye was “Ad Challenge” by wsprite_ad. What a variety of lovely photos beautifully scrapped!

Next, “Isola Bella” by janedee shines with a gorgeous photo surrounded by perfect elements and brushes!

Next, “Sydney” by shannonr is genius in the blending of sketches with photos. Amazing!

Next, “Spring Break” by KarenDiamond features a dreamy photo with an absolute spot on color palette and amazing layering!

Next, “just be” my marijke is an artsy masterpiece!

Finally, “adulting” by Kiana just pops with perfection!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie

Finger Pointing-March 18th

Hello My Friends!!!

Hope everyone’s week is off to a fabulous start.  Just popping into your inbox with a little bit of creative inspiration for you!

Little Boys by Breoni

This is totally WHOA!!!  How amazing is this word art in the shape of the silhouette of this adorable little boy.   This really inspires so much creativity! This would be an equally awesome way to journal special events/celebrations.  I love that the photo has a slight sepia tone to it.  It really makes the word art stand out on this dark and bold background.

Touching  Hands  by  wombat146

The photo in itself is powerful.  I love the treatment that applied.  It adds this fantastic grungy vintage vibe and you combine that with the fabulous blending.  Gorgeous art journaling layout!

March Challenge # 6  by Su_Sanne

This artsy layout is stunning.  I OVE the photo choice used here.   The monochromatic design just make the pops of yellow really stand out.  The varying textures used  create more depth.  All in all, a truly stunning layout.

Missing You by Tracie Stroud

Another fabulous artsy/art journaling layout.  I love this photoless page. The background paper choice with the mixed media elements combined with the amazing clustering and diagonal flow of the page, make this layout  utterly gorgeous!

Take Me to Paris by HeyJude

(Ok, so artsy layouts seem to be my thing tonight).  Here’s another absolutely gorgeous artsy layout with a little bit of a vintage vibe.  I LOVE the photo treatment on this photo, it contributes to that whole vintage/retro vibe.  The layering of the ephemera with the floral clustering, really adds  a junk journal effect as well.

Bridging by Roxana

Love the background choice here combined with the mixed media items.  I love the photo that is used and how the use of the mixed media items create the illusion of the continuation of the photo.  The muted palette is perfect for the black and white photo and love the depth that the post of gold add.

Hope you have enjoyed by picks for the night.  As always, if you have a moment, swing by and leave these fabulous artist some love.

See ya in the Galleries!

xx-Esther aka mywisecrafts