Finger Pointing – December 8

“You should never drink wine and wrap presents. Also, if anyone gets a remote control for Christmas, I’m gonna need that back.”

Disclaimer #1: This didn’t happen to me.
Disclaimer #2: I did, however, wrap my pen into a gift today.
Disclaimer #3: Twice.

For anyone who needs a little break from flying reindeer and jingle bells (raises my hand), you’ll notice my choices today are not Christmassy. But they are beautiful!

Gum Flowers by JodyT

My first pick really pops out at you from the galleries! The watercolor floral embellishments are perfect together with the cool masked photo. I love how she used the frame and the way she added the tiny title. Lovely!


Just Have to Read by honeyandcheese

I love the simplicity of my next gallery stand-out. The font she chose for her journaling is perfect, and creating three separate journaling spots is so clever. The fun paper strips help make this layout a best seller!


Here and Now by huyentrang43

First, those pics are adorable! Her tiny clusters are so cute. I love how she added the chevrons. She finished it off with an awesome title and just a couple pretty paper strips. Great page!


Philanthropy by Kimberly27

My next pick is a lovely journaling page. This artist’s story is perfectly highlighted with cute ellies and cool paint. I love the colors she chose, and that little framed raccoon is wonderful!


Well Loved by LeeAndra

I love how the artist used the cut-out mat in this next lovely layout. Her clusters are spot-on, I love the vellum envelope. Great layers of elements and paper… pretty page!


Peppermint Bark by cla5694

While technically a holiday page, the fun colors in my last pick are so non-traditional I figured I could sneak it in! I love the background paper, and how she incorporated the collage frame. I love those stamped trees and the tiny arrow! (Minty) cool page!


They may not be full of mistletoe and holly, but these pages are definitely stand-outs. And the artists deserve a shout-out, so stop by their galleries and leave them a little holiday cheer! Merry Christmas y’all, I gotta go wrap up a few more office supplies.

~ AmaneseFe


Finger Pointing – December 7th

Happy December!  DivaMom96 here today bringing you some wonderful layouts from around the web.  I love this month so much.  No only is it the Holiday Month supreme, but it’s my birthday month and I feel like the whole world is celebrating.  I had so much fun browsing the galleries today.  Gorgeousness everywhere!!  I hope you enjoy my picks; I certainly had fun picking them for you!

Cozy Christmas by Olivia24

This layout looks like it should be the cover of a Christmas book!  All the old fashioned elements and goodies caught my eye, but I was drawn to the beautifully extracted photo inside the wreath.  Perfectly done!  Love everything about this one!

Deck the Halls by Ernie88

Look how GORGEOUS!!  I love all the beautiful gold paper, the frame and that wonderful word art!  And what an adorable little boy!!  No question that he believes in the magic!  So beautifully scrapped; this is a memory to treasure forever!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland by sandra-9663

I love when layouts are inspired by Holiday songs.  I saw a lot of them in the galleries today, but this one stood out because of the fantastic image blending!  I love the couple walking hand-in-hand through the snowman, with snowflakes and music drifting around them.  So perfect!

Christmas Memories by mywisecrafts

I fell in the love with this layout the moment I saw it!  Such gorgeous artwork all around the page – whimsical and dreamy all at the same time.  And that little face!  I love  how she put a fun Santa hat on the little one’s head and added the elf feet at the corner.  So many cute things all throughout this layout.  Just fantabulous!!

Get Your Merry On by shunnstergirl

I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous pocket pages, but this one is exceptional!  Where to start the accolades!  The wonderful wood/cork background paper; the different directions of the WordArt and elements; the adorable photo; the amazing clustering; ROTATING THE WHOLE THING ON AN ANGLE!  Really, this is perfection!  BRAVA!!!

December Christmas Doll Challenge by DeLoris

I love snow globes, and when I saw this layout in the gallery, I couldn’t resist taking a closer look.  The more I looked the more I fell in love with all of the beautiful artwork, elements and Christmas cheer.  The blending is just fabulous!  And I love her hanging greenery in the upper corner.  And that train heading into the photo is wonderful!  Just beautifully done!

Merry Holiday by Dalis

Finally, I leave you with this beautiful layout containing all the wishes and joys of the season!  I love how she decorated her simple wreath with poinsettias, greenery and berries.  Adding the beautiful word art (especially the clipped stack at the bottom) took it to a whole new level.  Great background paper and paint spats, too.  Gorgeous!

That’s it for today!  I’ll see you around next year – have a joyous, healthy and safe holiday season!!  Happy scrapping!



Finger Pointing – December 6th

Happy Monday!  I know Monday’s can be rough, especially if you have had the weekend off…. so I’m here to spread some Monday evening cheer.   The galleries are bursting with all these gorgeous layouts.  It was so hard making my selections tonight, I could have easily picked all of them….


SSL Dec 4 by bcgal00

Ok…all I can say is WOW!  I love how the photo is ripped in half to represent the side of inner self fighting with each other.  Making the photo 2 different tones is brilliant.  The moodiness with the bright colors just further enhances that in reality, this is real life.  We take the good and the bad together and we still have this beautiful life.  Don’t hide the dark, it’s the dark that pushes us to the light.  There is hope and this artist captures reality with the hope she still has….POWERFUL!

I realize that not all may share the intrigue that I have with how our mind works, so my next shout is….

Fun by Shannamay

I love the use of the white background.  It makes these bold geometric shapes just pop of the page.  This looks like pure fun and the artist’s choice in papers and elements captures the full essence of fun!

Wintry Weather by Bryanna

This layout captures the innocent wonder of a little babe all snuggled in warm as he takes in the world around him.  The white on white cluster is stunning!

I just realized that all these white backgrounds really appealed to me today…. maybe a white Christmas is on my brain (except I’m in Florida, so not happening here. LOL).

Day 3 Lift Challenge by DonnaRCarroll

All these super cute adorableness in the galleries.  I just can’t help but point them out.  I love all the paints used in the background and the blending of the larger photo.  These adorable photos are perfectly placed and those subtle splashes of red are perfect.

Universal Studios Vacation by KingsQueen82

How awesome is this?  First of all, the time it takes to strategically place these elements is worthy of a shout out on its own. Such a clever a fun way to document one’s vacation.

12 Tags of December. Tag #2 by DivaMom96

All this wonderful purple caught my eye first. I LOVE purple and then I really looked at this marvelous tag.  How gorgeous is this??  Look at that cluster in the lower left corner of the tag.  How about the paints around the edge of the tag.  Based on the title, I can only assume there are 10 more tags to go and now I’m curious to check those out as well.  I’m still swooning here…

I hope you enjoyed my selections for the night.  I hope you are as inspired by them as I am.  If you have a moment to spare, swing by and leave these wonderful artists some love and holiday cheer!


See you around the galleries!



Esther (mywisecrafts)

Finger Pointing ~ December 5, 2021

Good Morning Scrap-land!!! I hope this morning finds you cozy, warm, and ready to see some gorgeous pages! I have been really enjoying all of the galleries as they are filled with the cutest pictures of Christmases past, and Christmas is my favorite time of the year.  I have my tree ready to decorate and our creché is out.  I am hopeful that this year will be much better than the last two years as we get back to normal. Let’s talk about a few pages here!!!

As always, if you would, take some time, click through either the title or the photo, and leave some love for our artists!

First up is this beautiful piece of art!

Ana Santos “The Magic of Christmas”


I was drawn to the wonderful watercolor effect on the page, and that fabulous picture turned to a painting! Her title is wonderful and the blending and shadowing is amazing! I can almost smell the hot chocolate she MUST be drinking!

Staying with the Christmas theme:

Maggie Mae “Radio Flyer”

I was completely entranced by the nostalgic goodness of this page. I had a radio flyer wagon when I was little so that helped me to feel this most wonderful moment in their lives. There is so much visual interest in this page – from old-fashioned ephemera to the photo, to the little holly berries and paint splashes in the back, this page is top-notch!

This next one is so bold and bright!

Seattle Sheri  “Thankful” 

The bold contrast of the dark green and the gold ornaments and flowers is amazing! I have always been in awe of Sheri’s shadowing talent! There are so many beautiful elements used, but they don’t take over the photo and the memory! I love the sparkly background too!!

TrishD “This Life”

I think sometimes that I am drawn to the pages that show techniques that I wish I knew how to do! I have never been able to perfect or even slightly accomplish the watercolor/painting blending and backgrounds! I just look at the blended watercolor background and am amazed at her talent. I love how she uses the rectangles to bring attention to the main elements of the page.

We’re still in a Christmas mood, and this one is just TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

Lisa Campbell “Not Amused”

I could not pass up this adorable page! The picture of her cat is just perfect for the title. I have a few ‘not amused’ photos of our dogs, but this cat really has the face down perfectly!!!! I love that she used old-fashioned colors and prints and surrounded this unhappy cat with happy beautiful elements. What a juxtaposition – and it works “purr” fectly!!!

And our last Christmas page is this beauty!

Iowan “2021 This Had to be the Best Christmas”

This fun little page by Iowan is full of layery goodness!! It looks like they had a lot of fun taking their family Christmas card. She has done so well with the pile of elements on the left side. I thought her use of a stitched-down border to contain her journaling was so perfect – and the little stapled tag is a wonderful addition.

We’re heading to warmer weather for our last page!

Katell “A World of Wonder”

I’m not exactly sure where they are as I don’t read French (I think). It looks like it might be Egypt as I see a little sphinx! I love the way she used a drop cap for her journaling and a smaller title that didn’t take away from the photos. The blending of the photo of the building is perfect and I like how she used just enough elements without muddying up the vacation photos!

And oops – I picked 7 today! Oh well – sometimes it’s really hard to cut down the choices!!!

And here’s where our tour ends for the day! Have a wonderful week, and be kind! Life is hard lately!

Finger Pointing- December 4th

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the LAST month of 2021. Things are still chaotic with this never ending pandemic. I could only hope that 2022 will be a much better year for all of us. This is my last post for 2021 and I would like to wish everyone a fantastic and safe holiday season. I’ll see you next year for sure. 😉

Hope your weekend is awesome wherever you are. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s amazing standouts.

Winter by IntenseMagic
The photo is so adorable! Beautiful clustering, love all the flowers and how she laid everything perfectly. The sides add beauty to the page. Feels like I can touch the page.

Be Bold by bjc
WOW! The photo treatment is just divine it totally caught my attention. Beautifully cropped/grained big photo. I’m enjoying all the brush works on the right side including all the splats.

Christmas Eve 2020 by Annsofie
I just love how this is done. Beautiful Christmas page, the composition and simplicity makes the page more appealing in my opinion. The green background paper really stands out.

Joyful by mediterranka
Another stunning page in white space. Super love her composition here, I’m a sucker for white spaces, love all the circles and the template she used. I totally agree with what she said. Amazingly sweet photos.

Take a Break by Dorci
The reflection and blending is breathtaking! WOW! I so enjoy looking at her page, this is so relaxing. Great job! Beautiful quote to remind everyone to “take a break, pause for a moment and reflect”.

Family heirloom by Lidia G
Absolutely wonderful heirloom page. Great composition, love the paper lace cut-on and the vintage feel of the page. The clustering of elements are nicely done.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my top six for today. It would be awesome to give them some well deserved love in the galleries.

Beth <3

Finger Pointing – December 2nd, 2021

Hello December – the month of cold days and long nights for the Northern hemisphere. But I do hope these GSO picks warm your heart and spark your creativity!

Wonder by Ajm

First up is an art journal layout beautifully executed in a scrapbook style. I am drawn into the dark circle placed on top of the lighter paper.  The red totally pops from the layout but is well balanced. Into my scraplift folder this goes!

Reality bites by Margje

Margje is a master blender.  In Reality Bites, the photo, elements and digital paints weave in and out of one another creating a singular, cohesive piece. The tones are soothing, yet the overall piece has grit and determination – an interesting juxtaposition. I love the graphic-gritty look to this one!

Christmas Tags by Kate

Oh wow!  How cute are these personalized tags?  When I see such wonderful hybrid projects, it makes me want to go out and buy a printer. Each tag with the whimsical character or decoration is expertly crafted and adorned with a little extra bling.  Bravo!  I’d love to have one of these tags on my gift.

Stockings by ChristyHC

Stockings by Christy is merry and bright!  The horizontal flow with coordinating cluster on the lower portion is one of my favorite design compositions.  Look at all those adorable elements, like the big butt Santa on top – and the scale that draws you in for a closer look into all the details…this layout is not naughty at all.  Its very NICE!

Christmas Magic by Cutiejo1

Christmas Magic by CutieJo1 is such a pretty layout.  The use of tags with the bells and star is fantastic.  The soft yellow background paper is warm and inviting. I am also a fan of the curled tag and the lift, through shadows, on the photo.  What a magical Christmas layout!  I love this season!

Biltmore Grounds by Kim517

Speaking of magic…Kim shared her magical adventure to Biltmore with us.  What a lovely pocket styled layout with equally beautiful photographs of a summer adventure.  Be sure to zoom in closer to read Kim’s journaling.

Thank you for joining me in admiring today’s Gallery Standouts!  If you can, please leave a little love and magic in the galleries.  Titles are hyperlinked for convenience.


Lisa (aka Armygrl)

Finger Pointing – December 1, 2021

Hello everybody!  Cheryl here, wishing you a Happy December 1st!  Can you believe it’s December already?  I hope you’re all getting ready for the holidays.  I’ve been shopping a little bit at a time and I think I’m done.  Now, I just need to  wrap packages and mail some things.  The galleries are literally bursting with wonder – I hope you like the art that I’ve chosen for today.  Let’s get this party started!

Welcome Santa by Caro

When I saw this layout, it jumped right out of the gallery at me!  I love the frosty look of the page!  How adorable are the red and white striped pajamas along with the matching paint? The small pictures “stacked” along the side are so eye-catching.

30 Grateful Days by ClaireG.

I’m just blown away by the number of wonderful pictures that our own, Claire, got on this page!  I love that you can still see all of them and I love the warm and wonderful story that she told on this page!  This will be such a keepsake to look back on.  What a storyteller!

Autumn in Macedon by Tissie

The captured light on this page is absolutely stunning!  I feel as if I’m right there, looking up in amazement, as that Heavenly light shines down.  Beautiful blending and perfect shadows and light.   The little flowers, down the side, are the perfect finishing touch.

Fall Magic by Keepscrappin

This big photo page is a stunner!  I love that cement block background and the small picture that is added in on the left side!  The stamped title is wonderful and all of the elements sprinkled around the page are simply perfection!

You’re The Jolliest by Rae

This looks like it could be a Christmas display on the wall to hold cards.  These doggie pictures are THE cutest!  This is such a perfect winter/Christmas page and makes me want to play in the snow.  I love the jaunty striped bow and the “white space” is just lovely.

Cheers 2019 by Tronesia

This beautiful Christmas page is SO crisp – I love the black and white papers with the touches of red!  Just stunning!  The pictures are adorable and what perfect for Christmas memories!  Love that big red title, too!  Cheers!

Well, that’s it for me today.  I do hope you’ve enjoyed my selections and be sure to go leave love for these wonderful artists.  Congratulations to all of them!