Finger Pointing- June 28, 2022

Hello all! It’s Addie (agoymerac) here with today’s shout outs! It is always such a pleasure to look through the galleries–so many amazing layouts out there!!

The first page that caught my eye was “time to unwind” by Ernie88. How adorable are the photos paired with the matching nautical anchor paper? Love all the little details on this darling page!

Next, “Canopy” by magnolia is a real show stopper! Loving the soft colors mixed with a fresh design.

Next, “Herbie” by jmgesi is so darn sweet. Of course, I love the adorable kitty, but working the photo into the letter h and the additional details are just perfect!

Next, “lambs 2022” is so very sweet and perfect! The barn with the lowered opacity is fantastic on this lovely page!

Next, “going in circles” by wsprite_ad is such a great design, and I love the title and little photos of SAT testing moments. Such an important story to document!

Finally, “June Scraplift” by Thuria has so much fun layering that it really caught my eye! I love the crinkled background paper and the pops of teal with that adorable photo!

Thanks so much for reading. Please pop into the galleries and give my shout outs some love! Have a wonderful day. -Addie

Finger Pointing- June 25th


Hope everyone is having a fantastic day/night, wherever you are. It’s night time in my side of the world. It’s getting hot here in Tokyo, we’ve reached 36°C (96.8°F). Summer is screaming right in our face. My eldest just finished her 3rd term of school and she’s officially done with 11th grade, where did the time go?

Anyways, here are my top 6 for today. This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive. Have a great weekend! 😉

Splash by adrianita
Could this be any cuter? Love the white space, so simple yet so beautiful. The touch of colors flash the white space here. Great work and such an adorable photo!

Sweet Day by tracermajig
Love the intricate design. All those elements are quite a list. Such a fun gorgeous page with so much to look at and appreciate. Just wow! The stitches all around and just about everything here is amazing!

Sunny Skies by grandmak
I just adore the design here. The big photo on top and how she decorated it with small photos along with perfect embellishments is just awesome. Also worth mentioning are the beautiful layers of elements with sequins. The background paper adds beauty to the page and the hints of summer colors are beautifully done!

Sea by MrsPeel
One of my fave scrappers who always amaze me with her talents. What a great way to showcase the photo with her daughter. Love the photo treatment which goes well with the Mixed Media kit she used. Love the vintage feel of the page together with the minimal elements she used here. Perfect as always!

Happy Singapore GIrl by Lynn Grieveson
One of the sweetest, prettiest, and stunning page. Love the blending on the background with all the splats and brushworks. The tiny vintage photo with postal stamp frame, the messy stitches, and just about everything here is amazing. Love the photo of her, the dress goes well with the colors. So many great details too.

Live in the moment by RJMJ
Wow! What a masterpiece! So much to look at yet sooo fabulously done! Love the paint of the face/photo too. The brushworks, bits of splash and dots/spots just screams awesomeness. She nailed it!

Thank you for taking the time to browse the pages I’ve picked. It would be lovely to give them some well deserved love in the galleries. Great job overall, well done ladies!

Beth ^-^

Finger Pointing – June 24th-

Hello wonderful people!!! Hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are! Here the weather is finally hot, even if climate disaster has made even more extreme the fact that London can have the 4 seasons in one day…at least most of the day is more comfortable for these old bones! It is (nothing new here LOL) extremely late, early hours of Saturday, so I will try get this as brief as my heart allows!

Starting with Happy Days by cfile, an awesome, super elegant composition shinning from the old photo to the minimum detail, love how she brings elegance to a busy background, delicate embellishing with fabulous shadows… all together marvellous!

Next is a Hybrid Junk Journal Page- Seahabilited by Rachel Jefferies, I know many of you, like me, love designers who scrap, and if you have a passion for journals and wonderful creativity, you ll be as amazed as I am with this right now! I haven’t taken to my hybrid in a while, but this is inspiration enough to get to it!  Love the stitched piece of fabric in contrast with the seahorse, the stamps and those gorgeous text paths Rachel creates are perfection in the whole thing! Rachel also has a video of her making of this beauty, you can see it here. 

Another super fabulous talented lady who has been inspiring us for as long as I have been around, is wombat146 with Beach Day. Love Ona and love big photo pages, both together here are making music in my heart!  The way she paired the amazing photo with the big dots paper is brilliant, the gorgeous little cluster with the elements is sweet and perfectly shadowed, everything here makes me smile, so beautiful!!!!!

Here my heart sings loud, very loud…. XoXo by Saar is not just a delight in technique but one of the most beautiful pages on motherhood I have seen in a long time…. of course, this being Sarah’s, it could only be the very best! She is a new mum and I haven’t had the time or health to stop to catch up properly with her, so you know how happy this makes me! I should add, this is not the last page she posted, all her pages deserve a place here, I chose this one because I think it reflects the beauty of the past few months in an amazing way….. the gorgeous pastels she is using for consistency make the whole page soft and warm, the photo treatment is perfection in tandem with the colors, and (I know I am being repetitive…but can’t find another word to define her talent!) the perfection of Sarah’s layering and clusters shines as always…. this is pure awesome!!!!!

Another one of my super  favorite people, one of my very first idols back 10 years and inspiring since, HeatherB with You are One of a Kind, a gorgeous, super dynamic page portraying her son with brilliancy! Love the take on the template, the way she made the greens work with the blues, those gorgeous clusters and the wonderful shadows all around, plus how amazingly she shows that a masculine page can have flowers galore…. marvellous all together!!!

A more recent arrival in our scrap families, but one who has gotten the hearts of many of us with her creativity, Mywisecrafts with This Beautiful Life.  Once again, big photo gets my heart all the way, and the way she has blended here, the perfection of every bit of space harmoniously making the whole, the cluster with subtle shadows, lots of different textures , all in perfect sync, marvellous!!!!

Last but not least (big time no least!!!) is The Hunt by seniorgal,  a fantastic blend of a scene that feels so like being in the middle of the country side England some years ago, beautifully placed in a gorgeous array of pinks and muted yellows, wonderful details with little clusters mixing different types of elements and a very modern tittle that somehow looks so at home in the page, love the way it seems to shine and light up my screen, gorgeous page!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do! I will leave you now as I think I did something, not sure what, that messed with the settings of my mouse and is not letting me right click or copy and paste so I did the whole post using two different browsers, hope all is ok, I have checked many times, but my neurological issues might have missed something… I’m running later than usual, I ll stop here, but, please, take a minute or two to leave some love in these awesome pages, get inspired and inspire, have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for joining us!!!



Finger Pointing – June 23rd

One of the things I love about the digital scrapbooking community is the sheer variety of scrapping styles and the way different artists make use of the same papers and elements and create wonderful, unique art. I often look at the work of others and think “Wow! I never thought to use it like that!” Each of my shout-outs today has an element of that Wow! Let’s take a look…

Fly by Mother Bear is really beautiful with the muted pinks and dashes of teal, green and brown while my eyes are guided throughout the page by the floral clusters. Such sweet images (what I wouldn’t give for those curls!) and the shadowing on the title work is impressive. So, so pretty!

Artist in Paris by Norma is a fine example of a page that, to me, looks like a painting! It’s an interesting piece of work with the detailed blending and mix of colours that totally bring it to life. Amazing!

Quite the contrast is Picnic Day by sucali. Neat layers, decisive placement of embellishments and tons of white space make this piece of art so easy on the eye while the brushwork and scatters add a playful element. A wonderful, classic page!

The design of Are We There Yet? by NLD Designs depicts a tale of what it’s like to travel some distance with young children! The mapped backdrop and all the topical elements are perfect for the subject matter and the green, black and beige colour palette works so well. Beautifully done!

I always tend to think that a black and orange colour palette means one thing… Halloween. Challenging by caapmun proves me wrong! A great horizontal design anchored nicely with a great choice of embellishments. Very striking!

I don’t always find extractions easy to do by blackkathy has done a tremendous job with her page entitled Beachy which also incorporates a refreshing mix of coastal elements that are different to the norm. A gorgeous “school’s out for Summer” kinda page!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the pieces of art that I’ve brought to you today and that they inspire you to document some of your own stories. When you get a spare moment, please click on the links above and leave a comment or two for the artist – comments are always appreciated! Till next time, take care and happy scrapping!

Gallery Standouts June 22nd, 2022

Good Afternoon everyone!  Kari here! I hope it is a lot cooler where you all are than it is where I am at here in Wisconsin! the last few days it is has been unbearable in the high 90’s and I am literally sweating in places where sweat should not be! Very uncomfortable to say the least! Sticky icky ewww! as my son would put it! My poor service dog, Neelix, has been laying in front of the fan with his belly up in the air so the cool breeze will blow upon it cooling him off a bit! I am praying for cooler nights in the forecast later this week!

It has been a crazy month this month in our family, and I can not believe June has seemed to just fly by! Has it seemed like that to anyone else? In the past few weeks, the kids have finished up school for the year, started summer vacation, started summer school, gotten summer jobs, I turned OMG… 40!!…. my fiancee hit a Kamikaze crazed deer on the highway the other night who almost tried to kill him! (totaled the front of his new mustang..but that’s a story for another day)… and so much more!

Well enough rambling on from me. Onto the good stuff right? I had a blast searching the galleries tonight from some good old scrap inspration and came across some goodies for you all to enjoy, So here are my picks ,

The first one comes from one of my favorite all time galleries,  The Lily Pad.

Vintage Flowers by JenEm

I love the soft colors here in Jen’s beautiful cluster! and the butterfly is a simple but feminine touch! And all those paper strips are just brillentley done!


My second layout of the night comes from one of my all time scrap ideal’s Miss Trish.

It’s In a Book By MommaTrish


Trish is always so creative and this one is no different! Everything from the title to the design of this page grabbed my attention and drew me in! I have loved watching her adorable kids grow up over the years and I FREAKING LOVE the doodles and title work on this page! it is truly a work of art.


My third choice tonight is that of a designer from Pickle Berry Pop. I just love it when designers use products to create pages as well.


I love her use of blending here and the vertical design! The beautiful flowers give it that garden feel as well! and the title at an angle is a great touch.

My last one of the night tonight comes from the first gallery I really got into when I first started digital scrapbooking, Gingerscraps. I choose a person who is newer to digital scrapbooking as we all got to start somewhere! so welcome to the hobby! I hope you find the community welcoming!


I loved the photo of the cute little baby! and her design here! the off set framing is something I use often!and the colors were pretty as well!


Have a great night everyone! stay cool! Until next time! Enjoy searching those galleries !! and remember to leave comments to those who inspire you!


Kari signing off!

Finger Pointing – June 21st

Happy Tuesday lovely scrappers!  Cheryl here, wishing you a Happy First Day of Summer (to those in the Northern Hemisphere) and Happy Summer Solstice (as Astronomical Summer begins today) as the longest day of the year and the shortest night.  There you have your “summer update”.  How about a Finger Pointing “update”?  Here we go:

First up is Sunset Dinner by KayTeaPea

What wonderful ambiance with the city lights behind this sweet family and the little boy “dancing” to the live music.  I can almost hear the magical, outdoor summer music right now.  The large photo, banner and minimal amount of elements are just perfection!

Next up is One Way City by Anja

This page is just the epitome of “cool” – it’s sort of Steam Punk, (very funky) and unusual and it stopped me in my tracks when I saw it!  I love how she put the almost 3D looking glasses (with the spikes on them) on the woman in front.  Very grungy and other-worldly.

My next pick is Sun Kissed by robinsismai

Another big photo, which I love and this one is the background for the page.  These cute, wet kiddos look like they just came out of the water.   The picture looks like they’re standing in front of us and are having the best day!  The cute summery elements are so perfect for this sun kissed page!

Next up is Flower in Orange by Marleen

I love the minimalist look of this page!   The simplicity is perfection and the texture!  The orange petals on this flower look like fabric – I’m not sure how she achieved this look, but it’s just stunning!  The slight bits of markings are beautifully blended into the page for an added touch.

Next, is Raindrops by Maggiemae

I love the close-up shot of the raindrops on these leaves and they’re right in the center of the page.  The blending around this picture doesn’t take away any of the impact of the shot, but adds to the beauty of the entire page.  It’s just a wonderful and superbly blended page!

My last pick for today is Hero by AZK

What a wonderful tribute page and I personally want to thank Andy for his service.  Be sure to read the wonderful journaling.  This page is fairly minimalist, but has so much impact!  I really love the way the design is placed vertically, along the left side of the page – very dynamic and masculine!

Well, that’s it for me today.  If you get a chance, click on the name of the page and leave these artists some love.  Keep on scrapping and you might find your page on one of our posts.


Finger Pointing, June 20th

Hello all you gorgeous scrappers. Joanna here on the blog to finger point a few gallery standouts I found today.


You Are The Best by Renee

The black and white photos go so well with the colors of this kit and the clustering is amazing.


Let’s Fish by beatricemi

This is a great action photo. The patterned paper circles are a fun touch. The page is enhanced beautifully with the clusters. 


This is Paradise by 01lousmith

These photos are just so adorable. I love how this page is embellished and the tropical feel to the page.


Boys Rule by Scrap-therapy

How cute is this?! The clustering really caught my eye and that pocket with the ellies bursting out if it. The photos are great too.


City Walk by MagicalReality

This page is really something incredible. The colors and detail are just out of this world good.


Together by bjthomas

Such fun photos and great clustering. 


I hope you enjoyed these picks today and I hope you have a great week! Happy scrapping…