Wow, the time just flies! When did it end up being August 1st? Well, let’s gone with it then. After my picks for today, I’m gonna enjoy this weekend,  hope you have a nice one too!

ajaabney’s Peaceful

Did I ever tell you that I LOVE books? This one is no exception. Here we are getting a peek into her diary, I almost feel like a voyeur. And the depth she has created, the shadows are perfect, the elements well chosen. Gorgeous!

Nzingha’s Jump Jump

So much fun, full of energy! This is pure joy!

makabe’s Focus

You just know that there is something going on, with the elements and the wordart used, you just want to know more. Loving the composition here.

Marlen’s Spass

The bits of blue all over the neutral colors of the background and the photos, make this an eye-catching layout!

Nettie B’s Value

Did I also tell you that I love papers too? Awesome job on the shadows. It kinda looks like my desk with papers and folders strewn over it. I also like how she wrapped the folder. This is a great page!

CCA’s Where The Sea Ends

Could you imagine yourself just on the edge of the sea, where everything just stops being the sea? I thought this was a cool concept, even more how she portrays it!

gonewiththewind’s It’s A Jungle Out There

Great flow created with the “bridge” between the photos, the layering is awesome, the photos perfect for this kit, very fun page!

Diaantje78’s My Boy

I truly enjoyed the layering here. But did you notice the ribbon? No? Take another look, she twisted the ribbon under the partial extraction, how clever and creative!! Ha I’m starting to feel twisted myself!

t_a_l_i’s Deep In Thought

Beautiful photo, the saturated colors go so well with the papers. I also love the placement of the few elements and journaling within the lines.


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  1. Wow! Such talent and I am so honored to be included here. Thank you so very much, Sandra. It’s totally made my week!! 🙂

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