I hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Kate here with another round up of some of the layouts out there in the galleries today:

amanadajane’s wish I could be… part of your world

Great mixture of blended and layered photos, I love all the circles and the little bird stamp is the perfect finishing touch.

becca372’s Five

I really like layouts like this that capture a snapshot of everyday life, I try and record my children’s favourite things every birthday but it’s easy to forget  about the grown ups. Great journalling and composition here with the frames up the side, and a fun page to look back on in a few years time.

cayla73’s altered (hybrid) birdhouse

I will admit to having a bit of a “thing” about birdhouses, especially when they are as pretty as this. Such a fun project that I am sure lots of little (and some big) girls out there would love to own.

EmmasMommy’s Summer

I managed to bookmark this twice while searching for today’s gallery picks! I think it’s the rainbow that drew me to this page over and over, there’s such a great contrast bewteen the dirty neutral paper and the pops of colour in the rainbow and photos, the whole thing reminds me of a glimpse of sunlight on a dull day.

justka77’s Feel The Beat

This lept out at me from the gallery, there are quite a few layouts out there with this kit but this was the one that “spoke” to me the most. I love that spotlight and the ambiguity between the moon and the lit windows, there’s something almost surreal about this that makes me keep looking.

kareen’s DANGEROUS

Hot pink, black and white – yum. I love the graphic feel here combined with the “real” sequins and stitching. This could be a poster!

Kawouette’s Baby…

This is so beautifully composed so you are such drawn straight to that beautiful little face just peeking out from the bed and that frame – I keep looking into those eyes! Wonderful neat design.

lesliecoltrain’s splash

That carefree candid photo makes this page for me!

ThereseRydstrom’s still matters

Another page with a great photo, cleverly positioned right on the edge of the frame to make sure it gets our attention. I really like the enigmatic journalling / titlework, it makes me wonder what it was that mattered then (and now).


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