Its about 3:30 am here and I have had such a busy exciting day I can hardly sleep so I figured I would do this now 🙂 Lots of beautiful layouts as always. Here I go:


8 months by CamilaMaria

I love Camila’s style. She has this funky retro touch to a good amount of her pages and just knows how to use color! I am always drawn to her in the gallery! How cute is her puppy too!!!

Its Raining..Hearts by Anetka

Boy does this girl know how to scrap! Love the beautiful use of negative space and gorgeous intricate clustering! Those colors are beyond amazing too!! Flew right to my favs!


The Circus by d2vasquez

What isnt to love here wow! The clustering is adorable, and the creative use of elements really knocks my socks off! Look how she framed the animals!!


cute-a-tude by Joan

This page is so adorable I can’t stand it! The doodles, the extractions! I LOVE it all!!


A day to remeber by Thirtytinytoes

Okay so I always seem to choose her pages, I can’t help it! Definitely one of my favorite white space scrappers! This is SO cute and I think I NEED this kit! Totally sold it to me!


Birthday by Lusy

As far as whimsy goes this girl knows what the heck she is doing!!! I can not stop looking at the perfect extraction and all the movement she really created on this page!


Oh Snap by alb52

I love the urban photo processing and adorabe title! The shadow work is just fantastic too! I want to touch this page!


r&r by Marnel

How cool are these colors and I love all the texture. Totally pops in the gallery!


Joy by RandeeMecham

What a TOTAL cutie! Gorgeous photo, gorgeous colors! I love it all!



2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing (August 3rd)

  1. Yaayyy!! Thank you, Sarah! I’m up way too late too, and this was a wonderful surprise to see before I go to bed!

  2. Wow thanks for picking me! I am new so at first I had no idea what GSO was. How cool! Thanks again!

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