Hello Everyone!
Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far.

This week has been incredibly busy: my birthday, my DD birthday and a Spring Break here

(Brazil has opposite seasons of north hemisphere countries,

so when it is summer here it is winter there and the same with spring and fall) and the all kids have a week off of school in this week.

Here are todays picks, I so hope that you will be as inspired by these pages as I am!

Strong by Scrappie Irene

I really adore all Irene’s heritage layouts:

She always use her old family pics preserving her family history to save memories for future generations.

She knows how to dealing with those precious and one-of-a-kind family photos.
Somehow, they seem to belong to another era, which they do!

It’s pretty well known that Heather is an amazing scrapper so the fact that she made today’s list is no surprise!

The game board approach to showing her time line is awesome and  I love how this page tell about her life story,

and the chapters within it, showing the major milestones that she’ve gone through!!

 Boy by aichaku  

Great photo blending, great title work (love the way that she play words and letters) and the words

that she used encourages him to keep going, growing and being a good person!

 Discover Life by tammybean  

This is so beautifully done, there are so many great details, but the reason

I picked this page was not only for the awesome design but for the strong message behind this!

 les bottes d’Ewenn DPg by morgane

I LOVE the large single photo and the fabulous treatment of it.

I don’t think it gets more simply perfect than this.

storytime by justjen

The photo is beyond precious,  I LOVE the whole overall soft feel to the blended masked photo,

the blue color completely pops and really draws your eye in.


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  1. Oh my goodness thank you so much for choosing my LO amongst such talent!!!! I am so honored and my morning is complete!!!!!!

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