Hi Friends! I hope you are having a great Tuesday so far… I know, there isn’t much left, so let’s get started!

Snapshot 2012 #16 by mmbstaley

This layout just popped out at me, and really…what would we (or should I say I) do without the internet these days?  I rely on it on so many levels, including work. I agree that we don’t realize how dependent we really are on it until we don’t have access to it. I feel that way about coffee too.  I love all the paint splats, and how the whole layout looks like it was built somewhere in outer space.  So totally cool.

Learn by twinsmomflor

This layout caught my eye because of the interesting peek-a-boo of the striped paper in unusual places, and the cool use of mathematical symbols and text to represent the beginning of school.  The layering is also really well done.

In the Moment by Adryane

Another amazing layout here. I think that the high contrast photo is really great, especially paired with the guitar with the splash of bright yellow that really makes it stand out.  Turning the title on the side on the right hand side of the page adds a funky and unique twist.

Just Jellin’ by Squeak

Okay, I really can’t believe that I picked a layout about jellyfish for a GSO, but it is just so cool…even if I do find jellyfish kind of oogie!  The subtle but yet bright colors are just amazing and seeing them layered upon one another is kind of how they look when you see them swimming in an aquarium.  This is just very cool and super creative.

Gekkie by AJM

What caught my eye about this one?  Photos. Great, fun, and really outstanding photographs.  The other stuff is just icing on the Gekkie cake.  I can’t read the journaling, but I think I get a very good idea of what she’s going for her.  I love the ‘marker’ style title work too. Well done!

Art Journal Caravan Week #33 by Strawberryredhead

I am so drawn to art journal style pages, probably because I’m not good at doing my own.  I love the quotes on this one and the great mix of greens and blues, and the blended use of text and paint splats.  Very artistic!

That’s it for me tonight!  I hope you liked my choices.  Have a lovely evening!



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