Hi all, Jeanine here, from a beautiful white world! We had some very early snow over here in Holland and I love it!! Everything is so peaceful and quiet when covered with snow. Usually we don’t have snow before Christmas, more often it comes after Christmas, so this was a big surprise! Well let’s see what I’ve found in the galleries tonight, shall we?

Chaos by rarou47 is a great artsy journalpage. I love all the brushes, papers, paperpieces, elements and lovely colors used here. And the use of different fonts and alpha’s adds to the dramatic feel this page gives me. Beautiful!

Exploratorium by Blanulak What a great page, so tranquil, not busy at all, in despite the fact that there are a LOT of triangles! I love the soft colors, the placement of the pictures and all the patterns used. Lovely page!

Believe by EllenT And another artsy page! This one wanted to be chosen because of all the things there are to look at, so many brushes, papers, elements, great shadowing, great journaling, and the pictures of the girl are intriguing, is she sad, hurt, tired or just posing. I keep looking at this one!! Great page!

Time heals by Kim21673 Wow, a pictureless page, very artsy and a great message! Time heals or softens, it may take a while, but it does, one get’s in peace with things gone by…I’m in love with the brushes, scribbles and stitches used here! I love the more or less discreet colors of the background and the red and pink colorpops  in the text and some elements. Chapeau!

2012 DYD cover by RebeccaH A perfect cover for your DYD Rebecca! Shiny, happy, bold! Almost a statement! I love it!!

Christmas Delices by zaza09 Ohhh, this one is soft and beautiful!!! Great extraction of the baby!! Beautiful clustering and shadowing on the right side, love the empty space on the left, great balanced page! How sweet can it get? Perfect page!

So, ladies and gentlemen, these were my choices for this beautifl white night. Give the artists some love if you stroll trough the galleries. I’m off to my bed! Sleep well!

5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing December 6

  1. Oh, thank you very much for showing my LO here!!! I had such a busy day today, I when I finally get to the computer (11pm) – there was this great surprise waiting for me!!! Thank you!

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