Welcome to Saturday!! Lovely little Saturday. Claire here bringing on the inspiration this time.

Good GOLLY MISS MOLLY is this ever COOOOOL.  I just love the grungy urban effect for the subject and scattered here and there photos and bits.  The title is soooo perfect.  I just can’t say enough about this one!!
Bus is Awesome by Akizo

Funny how these two share some similarities with the use of the cards and the card holders.  And yet they are so completely different in the over all effect.  Back Then is so soft and dreamy with the pinks and blues and soft floral elements.  Of course the biggest similarity is that they are both brilliant, lol.

Back Then by Natascha

I will be the first to tell you that I am such a goober head for a great heritage photo so of course this one just reached out and grabbed me from the gallery.  But it’s not just the photo that made me take notice. I adore the title and how it plays against the photo.  So very well done!

I Treasure You by Mishou

LOVE LOVE the use of the chevron patterns in this one.  First of all the way they point into the picture and then the way the journaling is highlighted by using pattern paper to fill in the chevrons on the journaling side is just too good. Ouuuutstanding design!

34 by teeleedee

Talk about your perfect crops!! The way the design mimics the picture creates such a wonderful sense of movement and balance. The pops of orange and simple color scheme just adds to the fun!

Skating Fun by Margje

Time does march on and what better way to document it than to use two pictures with similar poses from different times.  And I simply love Rebecca’s great design too.  The simplicity with little peaks of yellow and green are so refreshing!

Time Marches On by Rebeccah

Well time has marched on and that is all.  I hope you can carve out a little time this week-end to scrap, but if not keep recording those oh so important memories!




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