Happy New Year !!!!
Paula here with my first post of the year!
I cannot believe that 2012 is here!Time is just flying by so fast…

Sorry, I know I’m a little late….Here are my favourites from the galleries today!

P365/2011 – Week 52 by Cristina

There’s something about polaroid photo pages that captures me and makes me come in for a closer look…
Her photos are perfect! This  clean, simple and stunning page totally caught me!

2011 In Review by Gina

Love Gina’s stuff and love her pages too!
This is a great year in review page!!I especially love the bright colors and the happy photos here !
She made a great job with displaying all things and information without it looking cluttered.


Goals for 2012 by Jenn Barrett

Celebrate the New Year with New Goals!
We all have goals, but few of us have the motivation to think big and fewer still have the know how to accomplish those goals.
The key is break it down into smaller steps.

Getting Big by FrillySpaghetti

That photo is priceless!!
Love the expression on her beautiful face and all that tiny details and shadow work…simply fabulous!

~ mind map #2 ~ by tarthur

Wow this one is just stunning and so magical!This totally grabbed me!
A beautiful explosion of energy & colour.
Just love the colours that she used and the way all elements goes together…the butterflies feel like a freeing of ideas!

One Word by lor

Great page, this just screams creative!This is an amazing piece of art!
I just love the journaling all over the page, wonderful use of the ” DIRECTION word”

I hope you enjoy our little tour through the standouts in galleries today.
Have a great weekend and Happy New Year again!!!!

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    1. I was so nervous about being late with my post because my daughter Isabella went today to Switzerland to another 6 months of studies and I needed to finalize all things before:(
      You always have sweet word to me!!!!

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