Hello!!! Paula here with today’s Standouts!WOW!We are in the middle of November…
I can’t believe the year is practically gone, this year has flown by!
Hope you enjoy my choices as much as I did!

visual poem by sbpoet

Sharon is a stunning scrapper!!!!Love the way that she mixing elements to create pieces of art.
What a cool and interesting quote!She always encouraged us to look beyond the conventional and nurtured our imagination and to think about her pieces.

Lesson Learned by heathergw

I love all the “texture”, the mess, the brushes, the grungy feel and the color palette that she used!Together they compose an AMAZING page!Great message too!

Le Grand Spillage by Bush Girl

This is awesome, Selena!!! I love the glass pouring the tittle.Awesome idea!

Here by Jippo

I must confess that I am enchanted by the clean and simple Leontien’s layouts!Love the beautiful lines, love the simplicity, the photo, the white space and the neutral colors here!

Space Cadet by catgoddess

This is so much fun! That circular cutout is perfect for a outer space touch!The great picture in black & white is so retro!The shadow work is perfect too!

day 7- joys by thimbleberrie

This last one is so simple, but so perfect.I love everything about it.The message touched me deeply, and speaks to me in many ways.

7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 14th

  1. Oooooooooooooooohhhhh!! Thank you Paula. What a wonderful end to my evening – I shall retire to bed smiling.



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