Hello everyone, it’s Mirjam here back again to point out some of the stunners of pages I found in the galleries! It’s a rainy day here and although it’s only three o’clock in the afternoon it’s already kinda dark outside. It felt all nice and cozy to sit behind my PC and just go through the galleries! Now I know I am a bit early posting but I have a dinner date with hubby so I need to set my priorities straight as I am sure you’ll understand!

tbg by marnel
This is such a fun and creative non traditional Christmas page. I absolutely love the tree built up by all these fresh coloured strips of paper and that beautiful layered star on top of it!

Toon Lagoon by hobbes130
What is not to like about this super fun, mega creative page! I just love the combination of colours and that black and white popeye background paper which she made herself aswell as that fabulous Toon alpha! Great shadow work on the elements and wordarts that are so cleverly integrated in the design that I urge you to have a closer look at this page or you will miss some! A true stunner if you ask me!

Brothers Faley by thursnext
The first thing that caught my eye in this amazing layout was that beautifully blend in texture! That’s just such a cool design element! Then I wondered what the antique font and weapon were about so I started reading the journaling and it all become clear! Great story and great page!

Strike A Pose by ehtucker
I love the explosion of elements and colours in this page and the angled black frames that make great focal points and manage to stand out in everything else that is going on here. There’s just so many detail in this page I keep discovering new things with every new glance I give it. Brilliant!

Smile! by Hanazana1
I just love the graphic feel of this page with it’s bold shapes and colours. Great use of brushes and stitches and I love how she used the red elements to lead the eye to that tiny picture and with that making sure it takes center stage in this fantastic page!

Xmas feeling by rarou47
I am in awe with the blending job on the background papers! It’s absolutely fabulous how she also added the wordart and brushes and I love, love, love that red and green against the black and white! VERY COOL!

That’s it for me now. I hope you like my picks and that these layouts will inspire you to some awesome projects and pages of your own. Let’s leave the artists some love in their galleries shall we?
Until next time and have a great weekend!

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