So, Thanksgiving is over and whether or not you braved the mall over the weekend, Monday has come bright and early – and as you reach for your daily cup of coffee you might also want to grab your laptop because today is Cyber Monday!
In the meantime, here are some galleries goodies to tide you over:

…on the run! by casbury

My first choice is so funny! I love the motion and the photo effect here!

INSPIRE by foxeysquirrel

Breathtakingly beautiful. LOVE the soft and dreamy feeling, and the winter tones.I so LOVE her work!And can you believe that she painted the lady herself?!!!!YES!!!!

Unseen by sbpoet

Sharon is a fantastic artist! I try not to pick her pages but they always catch me…LOL
I always love her creativity… this one is no exception!Love the colors, the elements, the brushes, alpha…everything!

 Her Boots by marnie333

Really LOVE the simplicity, the primary colors and the Mondrian look here!Love the side by side look at then and now photos!


Putting Up The Tree by misserin

WOW! This is pure gorgeousness!  Great composition and totally cute photo.I just love how she put everything together.Love the beautiful wood background paper and her design. Simply amazing in every way!

 Winter season by Lucia K.

What a sweet scene!This page makes me have baby fever. I love babies photos like this!The lighting, and the soft elements are the perfect touches for this page.

That’s all for me for today — Happy Cyber Monday to all and I’ll see you next wednesday!

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  1. Goodness, this is so awesome it’s really such a pleasure to receive it from an artist like you!!! a big hug!!!

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