Hello, everyone! Katherine here bringing you tonight’s Standouts! I’m getting in kinda late so I’m going to get right to my choices! I hope you are inspired by them!

I really LOVE the ultra clean look in Vivre’s good morningThe photography is absolutely spectacular here as is all the little bits that have been included on this very simplistic, gorgeous piece of art!

From ultra clean to just the right amount of grunge-y . . . next up is Travel Dutch Choice by mum2gnt. I really LOVE the composition here with everything clustered in the upper right hand corner! The layering and brush work is absolutely divine! And the color palette . . . PERFECT as perfect can be!

I absolutely fell in love with the little guy in Page 3 by mum2gnt! What a little cutie pie! The expressions that were caught here caused this one to jump out of the gallery at me! And I LOVE that she kept the composition simple and the embellishments to a minimum. Really causes the photos to stand out even more!

I absolutely fell in love with this next layout start here by Ana.Paula! The design is nothing short of brilliant! LOVE the photos! The little guy’s smile is absolutely infectious! And I so love all the doodle-y bits! Not to mention the colors! LOVE the colors!

Next I have Complicity between brother and sister by myla. Such a striking layout! Really love the composition and the muted color palette with the red! Gorgeous! Just gorgeous!

And finally I have Skyfall by Tinkelbel! Love the graphic feel to this! The black and white color palette was the perfect choice for this! Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Well that’s it for me, for now! I’ll see you all in the galleries next week! Have a truly wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 9

  1. Thank you Katherine! I lifted a beautiful page of Jopke. I ♥ to make such miniatures!
    Congrats to the other girls too!

  2. Oh my good grief! I am dancing my pants off around the room! (not a pretty sight!!) **2** pages here! WOW! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! Thank you!!!!! You truly have made my day! THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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