Good evening dear visitors, Jeanine here with some lovely pages from various galleries! Can you believe it is September already? Summer past by like a speedy train, whoosh and gone…..Colder days are coming…the wind will blow and the rains will fall and later on, snow will come I hope! We unfortunately don’t always have snow in the winter in Holland, but I love it, so I hope for lots of snow!! Well let’s see what I’ve found for you tonight!

Bridal Veil Falls by casbury has this perfect combination of an old vintage look mixed with modern design. The page seems to shine and I love the way the colors seem to fade from bright yellow into the blue of the waterfall. Beautiful vacationpage!

Glimpse by hollyinjapan took me in because of the picture of the girl, peeping from behind the frame  into the ‘world’ and after reading the journaling I had to place this one here! The page is sooo delicate and full of love from the mother to the daughter. I love it!!

This week by scrappurple is a very playful page, I love the doodles, the paintstrokes, the stitches and all the pieces and strips of paper around the page. Love the colorcombination of the soft and bolder colors. And the shadowwork is perfect!! Well done!

Quirked ~ Must Wear Bloomers by criostirado. This one is so funny. Can you imagine our grandparents had to dress like this at the beach? And imagine the bloomers getting wet, what would you see??? LOL. Great page!! I love it!

Firts step by krisssz…WOW!! This is a gorgeous page!! The little boy (what a sweety he is!!) seems to walk in a room or near a building, but, there’s no room or building, everything is build up by brushes and other artsy elements. And look at the picture treatment, the painted feel, the bright colors added to his suspenders, the lines that support the artsy feel!! I love it!! It’s GORGEOUS!!

Zelf zitten by Helen, another page with a child looking for balance! I love the darkbrown background and the soft and tender colors of the picture. The treatment of the picture is perfect I think for such a delicate and precious moment as sitting on your own, finding your balance…the splashes, a few buttons, a few tags, some wordart…nothing more is needed, this page is perfect as it is!!

10 thoughts on “Finger Pointing September 1

    1. If you krisssz, and all the other scrappin’girls, wouldn’t have made these gorgeous pages, they wouldn’t have been posted here, so thank you all, scrappers of the world for making and showing your art!
      I really LOVE to stroll through the galleries and see all these yummie pages passing by. It’s an honor to be able to pick some of the most stunning artworks to show to the world!!

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