Oh my God…I missed you so much last week, but it was for a good cause:I spend a few days in Fortaleza, a city here in Brazil with the most beautiful beaches!
It was my first trip alone with my husband in 15 years…LOL
We were going on 50 days without rain in Sao Paulo, but now the sky is dark and It looks like rain is finally coming to town!
I’m going to be quick with my post just in case a storm begins and I lose my internet connection!

I Want to go to There by talktoheather

The BIG title work and the journaling scattered across the page are really eyecatching! That’s one of my favorite “30 Rock” quote and I use it all the time!LOL

make it count by stampin_rachel

I love how Rachel mixed all the alphas and doodles here!That’s so cool and creative…like always!

Montanavision by AllisonPennington

First the tittle is awesome, second this pic is SO cool!I have no words to describe how much I love this page! It’s so cool!Truly a remarkable layout!

Seeing the world with my pair of eyes by Li Li Wee

Oh WOW!!I’m always in love with Li Li’s pages! I’m looking at every detail here and I really love the feel in this Art Journaling page! It look’s like a CD cover!!!!Love the quote too!

Faith, hope, love by anna-drozd

 I love the elegant simplicity of this layout.! I agree with her 100%: “The most important things in life … faith, hope, love”. Beautiful composition and adorable quote, perfect ingredients for a standout!

season changes by ViVre

Amazing texture!Such a fabulous layout! The title couldn’t be more fitting for this beautiful page! The blues and yellows carried throughout the page work so well with that pop of red!

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