Hi dear GSO visitors, it is late again, as I am almost always…there was so much to see in the galleries tonight! I had to narrow my twelve choices down to six pages. It was hard, but I did it…LOL. I have to get some sleep, so let’s see what I’ve found tonight!

Go! by Lily-10 is a page that shows Lily’s scrappingskills. With just some brushes and perfect placed scribbles Lily managed to show movement and depth in her page! It looks like the boy is coming out of a slidewaytunnel. The wordart finishes it of. Gorgeous, very well done!!

There she goes!! by Hondachicc a picture doesn’t has to be perfect or perfect sharp to be useful on a page. Hondachicc proofs it with this page. The girls is speeding around on her socks in a sockrun, the fun she has is clearly visible and Hondachicc added just the right words and elements at the right places to get speed in the page! A true beauty it is!!

The every day me by ViVre what a lovely me page ViVre managed to make! It is soft and yet not too sweet, has a perfect balance of colors and artsy backgrounds and the picture is placed beautifully in some of the blocks. I love all the little blocks, don’t you? Just beautiful!!

New day by Nikki Epperson a wonderful page with lots of brushes and stamps, beautifully added together to compose a perfect balance! I love the paperbackground and the pieces of text peeping thru. Together with the stitches, the butterflies and some text it is a true standout!

Fly by Ulrikaulrika is elegant, simple and a lovely ‘father child’ page! The scribbles/circles take me to the picture were it all happens, the little one is flying! I love all the patterned papers used to pretend there’s a minibook. Lovely!!

Bros by Thursnext aaah, big boys, no children anymore, so goof around boys! I can so relate to this picture, my boys are about in the same ages. Having fun together is important, especcially when one is in the army and about to leave again! A beautiful way to document this precious memory! I love the way Thursnext used the brushes and transfers and I am totally fond of the font used in the title!! Marvelous page!

Did I mention it was late and I have to go to bed?? Well now it is even later (3 am over here in the Netherlands) and I have to run!! See you next time! Oh…. and leave the artists some love if you visit the galleries! Have a nice Sunday!!

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