Welcome to another Sunday inspiration moment by Claire.  Hope you all are having a lovely maybe even sunny happy Sunday!

To The Moon by Stampin’Rachel

Such a cute design!! Love the less elemental approach with all the great scattered here and there pictures.  And how brilliant to make some sepia.

Lotus by ninigoesdigi

Um yeah.  Talk about amazing photo treatment and well amazing colors and amazing design.  Yup I’m pretty sure this layout is AMAZING!

Changes (no) by Chickypow

Oh I love finding her page in the gallery.  It so warms my heart.  Her layouts are always so heartfelt and real!  She goes places with her scrapping that I can only hope to go and yet they are so perfectly designed.  Every detail is placed in just the right place!

Heroines by Mrshobbes

Sigh!!  Talk about layouts that touch the heart!  I so love seeing women supporting other women and a layout out celebrating those women is just outstanding!  Not to mention the amazing design!  Don’t you just love the Heroin at the bottom.


Shades of Fall by laluna

Wow.  What beautiful layering!  The shadow work is just perfection!  But what I love the most is how alive the photos are against the dark back ground! (did you see the upside down picture!  Precious!!)

Happy Day by lingovise

SOOO cahute!! Love love the b/w soft picture treatment. It just makes the picture stand out brilliantly against the fall colored background.  And the little owl was the perfect choice!

That’s it.  Now run off and have a perfect day!




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