It’s been a long while since I’ve had the opportunity to finger point, so I am quite excited to share my picks with you tonight! Let’s get to it…

wander by Jopke
The texture and blending on this page is absolutely phenomenal! The diminutive title work and single, perfectly shadowed petal accents the photo perfectly. This layout has a wonderful sense of drama coupled with great artistic restraint – a beautiful combination that made for a truly stunning page.


Little Pig Snort by gracielou
From the penciled title work to the fun use of patterned paper, this layout embraces the eclectic. I love the unexpected blue paint as the matting and the punch of black and white for the photo corner. Those elements really add to the funky, artsy look of this adorable page. Well done!

Carnaval by Ferdy
This layout is a riot of color and boldness, just as a Carnaval layout should be. I love all of the detailed elements, especially how the musical notes pull the eye around the composition.  This layout is playful and packed, but it still extremely cohesive because of the repetition in color palette and elements. Stellar page!


Clowns by AnnieBananie
How clever is this page? Using a clown kit to tell a personal story about a pet peeve is so creative. The choice of orange as the foundation color, gorgeous clustering and stark photo processing all made this layout just pop out of the gallery! Notice the excellent use of the visual triangle she formed with the yellow flowers, as it really draws your eye into the page. Great work!


Kissy Face by Kimberly Morris
The red, white and black color scheme is always an eye-grabber, but the addition of those small pops of lime green elevates the punch of this page even more. I love the playfulness of the zig-zagging banners and mix of patterns. Such a cool, fun page!

Thanks for joining me tonight. I hope you enjoyed these standouts. Be sure to leave some praise for these talented ladies!

4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – September 24th

  1. oh Laura, you really made me happy, not only for picking my page, but for your comments about it! thanks so so much!! <3

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