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This is Beth, a.k.a. kewl_jive, bringing you today’s gallery standouts. Half of the year has gone and we are now beginning the 3rd quarter. Before we know it, it’s Christmas time once again. One of my favorite times of the year. How was your weekend? Hope you all had a great time. We had a wonderful weekend with my daughter’s sportfest last Saturday. It was fun and all the parents participated in the event. It’s starting to get hot here in Tokyo and most of us are anticipating the summer season.

It was so hard to pick my top six pages from the galleries, everyone’s pages are beautiful.

Here are my faves for today 🙂

London…by Marleen
This is breathtaking! I could frame this and hang it on my wall. I adore the brushworks and how she processed everything here. Gorgeous work! A tutorial on how she made this would be great! Love this.

Crazy About These Moments by EllenT
Precious photos and such a great design. Love the elements she put on both sides of the page. The brush works around and the shadows really blended well. Love the artsy layering she used with the beautiful kit and the color combination is great too. It really stands out!

Love-s by caroline
I fell in love with this page when I first saw it at MSA. The clustering is so amazing, love how she tucked everything in the middle here and the shadows too. Love the circular design, it doesn’t look cluttered at all. It’s great that she used a B&W photo to highlight the page and the different ways to say ” I love you”. My fave is “Mahal kita” which is how we say it in the Philippines, my homeland.

Welcome! by Lorenza
Gorgeous scene! Perfect extraction and design. Feel like I could reach out and touch her. Love her choices of elements here and the beautiful bird on the left. Feels like the bird is serenading the little girl.

Take me to the beach by Traumelfe
Soo amazing in every way. Love the colors, it screams summer and I am so ready for summer. Love the great pic and the use of elements on the right side. The photo is priceless, great work!

May faves by kahoogstad
Gorgeous! I love her list of favorites and the use of different fonts. I wish she would list all the fonts she used here hehehe. Love the design, splats and ellies she used here. Such a fantastic page.

As always, thanks for taking a peek at the pages I’ve chosen. If you have time, it would be fabulous to stop by and give them some love in the galleries.

Have a nice day/night!

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  1. Thank you very, very much kewl, you make my really happy!
    It’s great that you like my page! 😉


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