Hi! Here is me again, CynthiaT, aka MrsPeel, delighted to be back so soon to share some of the most beautiful LOs in digi-land! Not a very easy task but a very rewarding one, there are so many inspiring artists all over the galleries! Come share my delight:

Imagination by Dawn Inskip by nagato caught my eye the very first look I had to the gallery, love the hand painted background, the mixture of  the flower with the painted leaves, the cute photo and the whole dreamy but not quiet look….amazing punch of blue with the delicate drawn/painted elements make for a perfect balance…love it.


Fly Little Bird by Iowan is one of those pages that make me go running buy everything she used, so complete, everything so perfectly placed, love the duplicate photo in two different textures, the extracted one so cleverly placed with the wings, the string circles binding the perfect clusters with so many little bits, all in perfect harmony! The way the tittle blends into the background as to not disturbe the eye distracting it from the images is the perfect finish for this absolutely amazing page!!!!


Let You Fly by Dalis is just beautiful, perfectly scrapped, and with so much feeling in her journaling, one that I, and I’m sure most of you who are parents too, share. This feeling she portraits so wonderfully in this page, the colours not being totally dark but somehow in waiting….I am a step ahead with my daughter, as I have already started having to let go, let them fly and make their own mistakes is something that as a parent we all find difficult & even terrifying…this page tells the story in perfection. Dalis pages are always full of beauty and more than often thought provoking, in this one the composition is amazing, almost simple, one would say, and then start discovering all the little addings…amazing shadows which always crown this girl’s pages…an amazing artist.


Dreamy Eyes by Svetlana87  is very much of a dreamy page indeed…it caught my eye with the deep orangey reds, the dimension she has given the page with the super blending, and the little photos plus the miniature elements all put together the dream with those gorgeous clouds…an amazingly dreamy page indeed.


Bournemouth by corrin came straight to my heart. Though my heart is still very Brazilian, living in England for over 20 years and having had the opportunity to travel around a bit, I am a bit of an adopted Brit, and love seeing landscapes of the country well represented in digi-scrapped pages…this one is so beautiful, the image to start with is breath-taking and her seamless blending makes this page “frame-able” (like my friend Jen says! LOL) a gorgeous page of one of the most beautiful locations in England.


 coffee love! by Ferdy  is probably not the night cup I should be drinking before I say goodnight to you all LOL, but most certainly a page with all the fun, the enjoyment of the beverage I sure share the passion for (and I’m quiet sure most of you too!) I love Ferdy’s pages, no matter of she takes on blank space or very full ones, she always manages to paint a smile in my face and lift my spirit. In here the alpha and word art are so much fun, and the happy feeling carries on with the many photos, the perfectly placed elements & framed main photo with the journaling, completing it all with cute word strips…along with the coffee, so much to be loved in this page!!!!


And with this happy feeling I say goodnight, I hope you like these pages as much as I did, if you can, click on the page tittle & author link and leave them some love, they sure deserve it! Until the next time from me, have a great rest of the week! 🙂











6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – 4th of June

  1. oh Cynthia, you’re a sweetheart!! thanks soooo much for the kind words about my page!! <3 #coffeeholics

  2. Thanks so much for choosing my page -woot, woot- and congrats to all the other scrappers who received this honor today.

    Off to tell all my friends and relatives!

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