Oh you all have no idea how hard it is to look through a gallery and choose. I mean first of all, I’m sure that almost every layout in these galleries represent someone’s pride and joy. Every one of those layouts are LOVE. And second of all, it never fails that I have added like 30 layouts to my favorites folder that I have to whittle down to 6. (If you see I’ve added something to my favorites, but did not comment, know that it was considered for this post. See if I comment than I can’t just hit the back button to go back to my spot.) So if you don’t see your pages here, take heart. Know that it is just so hard to choose. Anyway, now you want to see what I’ve found today?

Top Dog by Dalis

Okay.   I know what this template looked like before Dalis got her hands on it and I almost didn’t recognize it.  She used it so dang cleverly!!!  And I know that I personally would never have used the metal circle alpha that large, but I love it here!!  (Such a cute puppy head too!)


Don’t Lose Yourself by y_baros

Oh how I love all the beautiful blendy goodness going on here.  And using this image enlarged is just perfect with the message!!


Play On by rima

So in love with the simple and elegant use of elements!  And the color scheme totally rocks with standout black card and pop of color!


Not on My Best Place by Rubia

I have no idea what the journaling says  but I love how encompassing the whole design is.  Love her picture on the side and the arrow and how that is matched up with the clouds on the other side.  Just brilliant!!


Powerful and Strong by omlialie

I just can not get over the very cool use of paper on this layout.  And I adore the black pop for the saying on the side.  It’s the perfect power statement!


Smile by 3littleks

Um WOW.  At first glance this seems to be so simple, and it is, but every element is just placed so right, in the perfect place and size that the layout just sings in the gallery.  I mean look at how that butterfly is flying towards the journaling.  Perfect!!  And who wouldn’t adore that cute cute picture!



Sigh! It’s over.  That’s it.  Inspiration over.  Don’t you wish I could put 30 here too, lol.  Keep posting and you just might be here too.



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