I’m back :). Twice the Claire in one week. Can you handle it, lol.

Mattie Lean On Me by gaylemaupin

Although what attracted me originally was the beautiful design and colors, it turned out that what I loved most was the story.  Such a heartfelt scrap by a proud Momma!  It’s beautiful.


Friends Always by Hanazana

Sigh.  Her proportions are just so perfect.  I mean going large with everything but the photo really makes the photo pop off the page.  So cool!


Harkness Tower by tylertooo

Originally I was not a fan of the dark look when I first saw this page.  But the cool old pic and the line of the journaling drew me in.  Once I clicked, I was hooked.  This is my fav of the day!  Love how this a real story about a real person.   And a story about a picture that became a connection to history for the artist!


This is So You by arimacias

Well I have a new favorite place to go on the web now.  I had not really perused the Pixels and Company gallery until I took a chance on them today and all I have to say is WOW.  There were so many awesome pages!!  This one just totally rose to the top for me though.  I love love the great crops on the pictures and yet the design is really simple and elegant.  Totally allows the pictures to shine!


Cool Chick by Jetjez

Now the colors are cool!! Those bright fun colors are everywhere off the web right now and they so pop off the dark background.  Perfect choice for such a fun subject matter.


Family by NRENOUX

OMGosh how ADORBS is this picture.  Such an awesome pick for this kit.  And what an sahweet kit.  I love the cool diagonal design and fun fun details.



Well that’s it campers.  Hope you got inspired a little here.  Go forth and create….and have a good night!


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