Ahhhhhh.  A breath of fresh air here in Minnesota today.  I finally got to open the windows and the sun was shining bright in the sky.  Yay for spring.  And yay for spring breaking out all over the galleries these days!

Beach King by lingovise

And doesn’t this one just Sing Spring!! Love the great blending and all the awesome spring elements.  It all just pops so gorgeously against the grey just like flowers against the brown dead grass in Minnesota right now.


Life is Like a Grapefruit by Tinkelbel

I think this artist is really something special.  I loved so many of her pieces in the gallery today.  However this one with the great color choices was my favorite, even if I didn’t know that life is like a grapefruit.



You Got Married by blinks14

Clever clever.  Love the use of the IMs and the color scheme is perfect with the black frame and title!!



Little Sprout by Justagirl

I love love the energy goin’ on here!! So perfect for that adorable little sprout.  The repeated theme of plant sprouts in the back was so smart too!




100% Cute by GrantandLaurensMom

Yes yes that puppy head is cute, but my favorite part of this design is the simple layout with the bright colors against the black.  The black back ground, then the bright elements and then the b/w picture on top really make the picture pop off the page.




Hope by MommaTrish

I’ll tell you all a little secret…this is my fav page of the day.  I mean I love all the other pages but this is the kind of page where I say to myself “Geeze!  I wish my art looked like that.”  I adore EVERYTHING going on here from the title to the circles to the way the journaling follows the circle, the artsy, the fact that the picture is in the crosshairs (so to speak), ack  ALL OF IT.  LOVE




Well that’s it.  Yup.  Saved the best for last.  Hopefully it has inspired you to run off and rock your own pages.  Have a lovely evening.







5 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 4

  1. Thanks for much for the Gallery Standout. What a fabulous surprise! … Hey … and I’m from Minnesota too. I really enjoyed having a glimpse of spring today too. (Even though there’s still plenty of snow on the ground!)

  2. Oh my… look at those lovely things you said about my page. *blush* Thank you so much for featuring my page. I haven’t had a GSO in forever so you have totally made my weekend.

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