Hit the pause button on your busy weekend and take some time to soak up the creativity of these talented scrappers. I have 5 beautiful layouts to share with you today.

M-WAH! by amandaresende
One of the most inspiring things about Amanda’s pages is the realistic detail. This page is no exception! The hand-cut and perfectly shadowed paper pieces are a brilliant anchor in her composition. The painted paper edge and touches of black ink throughout the design lend a wonderful artistic flair. She pulls it all together perfectly- love this page!

love thing by honeybScrapping isn’t limited to memory keeping. It can be therapeutic too! Check out this fantastic art therapy page. The Spice Girls lyrics in the background made me laugh…haven’t we all felt that scrapping obsession at times? The depth and detail in this page is fantastic. The layout is a great reminder that sometimes you need to create pages that are just for YOU.

Travel by dianepsmith
Such a standout concept here! I really LOVE the globe with the photos on it. Those are some rocking program skills! The reflection really kicks it up another notch too. The layout also adds just the right amount of with the edge and brushwork. Really well done!Sphere-2

Journey by Caramellche

I love the bold composition here. The strong focal photo with a tight crop really draws the eye. By contrast, the small embellishments work to add lots of lovely detail without taking away from the picture. The palette is wonderful too. This is a beautifully executed page.

Week 25 by Kayleigh
Despite the Project Life phenomena that has been sweeping through the industry, pocket scrapbooking isn’t for everyone. If you’re interested in a daily or weekly approach to memory keeping, here’s an inspiring take! I love how the linear grid design allows her to include so many photos but also keeps the page design clean. The simple flash card peeking out marks the week number. The takeaway from this gorgeous page: find a method that works for you and your style.
Thanks for stopping by GSO! I hope you’ve enjoyed the inspiration.

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