Hi! Hope everyone is well and enjoying the proximity of the holidays!It is very cold here in England and I caught my daughter’s cold, which adds to my existing mushed brain more confusion so I may not be as chatty tonight, I’m sure you will understand. So, here are my picks from today’s amazing talent in the galleries:

O Christmas Tree by Trista

Love this page/card! Amazingly clever use of the lights papers plus the centred composition so simple but so perfect, with equally perfect shadows. It definitely stands out in the galleries!


on adventure by justjen

This is another instant fall in love for me! I love this lady though I don’t come across her so often these days and, funnily enough, don’t think I have since started with the blog here, so I am delighted to share with you one of her awesome big photo pages. The image is a wonderful one on it’s own, and adding her perfect skills to the top and bottom of the page just turns it into a treasure of a page. Love the mixing of the alphas. Amazing.


2013 – part 1 by dagi

I love everything this girl makes,the clever use of this template is inspiring. The photos make me smile, love how perfectly balanced this is in general, awesome choice of doodles/elements , the font is gorgeous too, overall an amazing page with a well deserve place here 🙂


Smart by Natascha

Another amazing scrapper/artist, another master piece on memory keeping! LOVE this page in every little detail: perfect composition, amazing handling of color, so much to discover for the ones like me who love to look for different bits & pieces and here it has them all, the word art is beautiful and so is the use of paints…., put that together with amazingly perfect shadows and the journaling= perfect memory keeping hand in hand with creative artistic heart.


Be Brave by swastinadia

Another page to make my heart sing. Though I admire and get inspired by blank space scrapping, in here are the things I treasure most in scrapbooking:  like with Natasha’s page above, there is so much to see, so much story being told.This mother & daughter page is a gorgeous show of skills with the use of so much and still keeping  the page so neat, love the word arts and the framing of the photo plus the beautiful journaling…gorgeous all over.


Create your Dreams by chocochoco

Last but never ever least, this page combines, like all of the above, one of my fav scrappers with one of my fav designers, furthermore, this page is the best ever example of a statement I am on a quest to prove: Art Journaling does NOT need to be grungy, have paints or most of what I have been hearing and seeing for months  being said & showed, This very neat,  clean and amazingly creative art journal page takes the crown as it ticks positive every bullet point in my recipe for success…there are not enough words to praise and express my feelings here, just lots of happiness & music in my heart!!!!


Hope you enjoyed tonight’s post. As Jeanine wisely mentioned yesterday, this is a busy time of the year, so we may not be here every day, still, keep an eye here as some of us have more free time. If you yourself find a minute or two to spare, the original gallery LO’s can be found by clicking in the high lit name and author of each, and I am sure they all will appreciate a word or two.  Best Wishes to you & family , have a great holiday!!!

7 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – December 20th

  1. Ooooooo Cynthia thank you so so much!!!!! I haven’t had time to scrap much so I finally did this week and I am ever so honoured yiu chose my LO !!!! Thank you thank you!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxooxo

    1. I honestly have you as one of the super talented in the whole industry, miss our chats, I need to make time to have a caht, the page is absolutelt amazing…and I also loved the one with the family…..you are a star Hugggzzzz

  2. Eeeeeek!!! Thanks for pointing this out to me sweets, thank you so so much again for you sweet and kind words and for choosing my page!! <3

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