Hello everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend, Cynthia T. here, you may know me better as MrsPeel, I’m delighted to be part of this amazing team, and amazed by so much beauty hand by hand with the spring coming very shyly to London. Let me show you some gallery gems then:

summertime 17 by Donnatopia  called my eye from the thumbnail, such a happy, colourful page, not only the photo is marvellous with the dynamic on the water and the boy, but she continued that dynamic with the side paper swirls… absolute delight!



Jar of Hearts by honeyb  is such a beauty full of cuteness, starting by the marvellous patterned paper and following with the clustered elements vertically and in a non aligned diagonal, almost as if they were dropped casually, this photo-less LO makes justice to the song, and even makes the hurtful concept of the song’s jar of hearts into a happy one! Gorgeous!



No 22 Transcend by kygirl  is one of those art journal pages that captures you by the visuals and makes you fall in love with the message, which in here she got across more than perfectly, mixing parts from different designers in such a harmonious way, one could think all came from one kit. An amazing message in an equally amazing portrait.


 Week 22 Page 2 by amadascraps has so much happiness, movement, fun! She has posted a few of her Project’s pages today, and I have to confess it was not easy to make a choice of one…all the pages invite from the thumbnail to click and look closer, a perfect record of memories with dynamic to make my heart sing, the photo treatments are amazing, love her shadows and those stitches,every pixel of this page is amazing.


this is special by misslovescraps … what can I say…page after page I keep finding pages by this amazing girl, no matter what style she picks, she is bound to get you in awe of her art & very often provoke thought….this page is special indeed…I have to admit that I don’t seem to be able to produce “blank space” pages myself, but I admire with a passion those who do it well…in this case, a wonderful show of how often less is more, apart from the fact that the rocking shadows here achieve the look of a paper page, something I pursue in my own pages. A special page indeed!


To finish my favourites of today (not an easy task, believe you me!) but I wont by parr1983 I love a journaled page, even more when is the type I often find myself making, the ones when our heart pours on the page by not only our words, but the choices in visuals. This has beautiful blending, different mixtures of texture and the honest passionate journaling which has also a positive attitude in the end. I love the art word cut in the top of the page, and the font that completes the page beautifully.


And with this I say goodnight, have a great week ahead & I will be seeing you soon!





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