Good evening every one! Hope you are all having a great weekend, the weather has started getting better here in London and I’m enjoying having the windows open almost all day ! Almost forgot: Cynthia T, Mrs Peel here , on the quest of sharing some of the awesomeness of the galleries around digi-land, and, trust me, tonight has not been an easy job to decide! So many amazing talented scrappers, in every style  the galleries are tonight packed full of so much love in memory keeping, works of art & both paired together too….  so, after being immersed in a sea of beauty, and today more specifically a very colourful, mood lifting wave, I have a few I would like to share with you:

Little Fish by alannabanana caught my eye from the thumbnail, such an amazingly fun composition, so intelligently layered as in to have quiet a lot in the page, but so well composed, through this visual beauty she has created the  feeling of the summer and even the water movement feeling is here! This is so well done, that even though the photo isn’t a big one, does not get lost amongst all those layers…most definitely a mood lifting page that has got me in the best of summer moods!


tranquility by dawninskip  is an impressive show of how less is more when done skilfully….I am not one with the ability of blank spaces and always amazes me when I find pages like this, the gorgeous photo, the delicate ornate frame, the flowers with the green so beautifully shadowed that seems to be part of the image, the off centre composition , little tag & word strip, all makes it stand out by the amazing texture of the background…


 AJC13_13_Journey by snowdropz   is another explosion of color, love all the blending going on in the background, the big single flower on the side is the perfect complement for the vintage image which despite on being black & white seems to be filled with color, so wonderful the background work is here that it makes the magic happen. The quote is also something that I have experienced & come to learn in these past 10 years…the whole page is a silent song…


London by Sannn is a page I will have to lift as soon as I get some time…I am so in love with this kit, and there are so many amazing pages with it, and when scrapping it I was like a child in a sweet shop, not knowing what to use first…these two background papers so gorgeous, but it never occurred to me to combine them in such way! with so much talent she introduces the photo which blends with the city mini scene going on…. love the British black cab just peeking out of the border, and to make it all into the perfect feel of the city movement are the fun circles so cleverly placed…. a perfect city page!


 I love the 80’s by Ferdy  is another injection of happiness & color! I make no secret of my admiration for this young lady, and here is a show of why: the composition is made to draw the eye to travel along the page, the flairs popping up all over, those wonderful lines with the curved corner, it transports me all the way to my early 20s, all the music &  fun of the decade in the super cute elements which will make anyone who lived the times have a huge smile of recognition painted in their faces by now…mine sure is there! She has most certainly caught the spirit if the 80’s and added a super fun factor with the photo!


 Last but not at all least
Creativity by Orkan is one of those delightful art pieces, the quote so truthful, the image impacting and so beautiful with an added quality that makes it a stand out in my books, one that never fails making me fall in love with the page: it looks like something done by hand.I love the hand painted feel and also is not just about the two central images, but the possibility of discovering something new every time one looks closer…this to me is beyond words!

And so I say good night, hope you enjoyed looking through these beauties, click on each of the LO’s tittle to get to their galleries & leave them some love, they certainly deserve it!  See you soon, enjoy the weekend!

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