Hey everyone, Kate here with my picks from the galleries today, I hope you enjoy them πŸ™‚

BFFlunch by yellowpeep

Oh my, giant multi-coloured polkadots, yum! This page certainly jumped out of the gallery at me with all it’s happy, cheery colours! Super composition and I love the eclectic mix of retro patterns, embroidered bits and pieces, scribbles and vintage paper pieces all thrown in together. Super use of the journal card just placed on the side of page and creating a visual triangle with the two rectangular photo frames.

yellowpeep bfflunch

Me & Timmy by d2vasquez

What a super composition again in this page, the blocked design on the right is cleverly balanced with the title text, the full stops referencing the black polka-dotted paper at the top. Great use of limited colour pops to add balance and life to the page too.

d2vasquez - me and timmy

I Am Just Me by chocochoco

We’ve had big polkadots, now it’s time for some big stripes! I love the layered washi-tape feel to the background here and how the journalling is placed along one of the stripes and the title layered over the top. The photo cropped by the edge of the frame adds a candid feel to the page, as if we’re just catching a glimpse of something more.

chocochoco - i am just me

Rise and Shine by criostirado

This page has an almost stained glass feel to it, the colours are so vibrant and luminous! A super mix of painted papers and more three dimensional elements at the bottom here, I’d love a mug with this design on – I’m sure that would help me start the day with a smile on my face!

criostirado - rise and shine

Perfectly Imperfect by Mary H

From a riot of colour and expression, to a more subdued, self-contained layout this time. The soft muted colours and the photo processing help to create the feeling of a perfect, peaceful little moment.

mary h - perfectly inperfect

Rainy Days by JenEm

Such an evocative layout! The use of the big, moody photo as a background is perfectly judged, with just a little additional paint and splatter around the cluster, and of course those lovely glistening raindrops! Super colouring on the titlework adds just a touch of colour, hinting at the possible rainbow to come.

jenem - rainy days


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