Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Here are my picks from the galleries tonight, enjoy!

Today’s Outfit by sue.falstaff

Super simple composition here given life and a sense of rhythm by the placement of the photos, I love that the images are all similarly cropped in almost identical poses with the focus on the changing clothes.  An unusual choice of subject matter, and one that I think would be really fun to look back on a years to come!

sue flastaff - today's outfit


Be Inspired by oldvwblues

This is a gorgeous artsy, collage style page, all the pretty colours on the white background create such a light, fresh and uplifting feel here. The mish-mash of borders round the edges of the page really help to anchor the whole design.

oldvwblues - be inspired


Vertigo by dotcamkari

This is such a striking layout, the huge swirl with the twisting, turning, spinning journalling combined with the dramatic paint and the title almost pushed to the edge of the page by the maelstrom in the centre instantly create a sense of drama and loss of control which perfectly illustrates the misery of vertigo. I sincerely hope that dotcomkari finds some relief from the awful Meniere’s symptoms soon.

dotcomkari - vertigo


Picasso Once Said by Justagirlwithideas

I love this quote and Justagirlwithideas has combined it perfectly with all the painterly masks and paint splashes on this layout – the result is a gorgeous, arty, colourful page!

justagirlwithideas - picasso once said


One year old by Ulrikaulrika

I can’t read the journalling here but the letter like composition really caught my eye (along with those super cute baby photos!). The little touches of embellishment around the photos add just the perfect amount of detail to the page. Absolutely beautiful!

ulrikaulrika - one year old


Veggie Lovers by breeoxd

Such a fun mix of bits and pieces here, the sepia effect on the photos works perfectly with the vintage style seed cards and prints and I love the fun journalling about the veggie loving hounds!

breeoxd - veggie lovers


4 thoughts on “Finger Pointing ~ May 12

  1. Thank you so much!!! What a great Mother’s Day surprise to be included here! Thank you again!! Vicki

  2. Thank you so much for choosing my layout hun! Oddly enough I made that layout durring lesser vertigo spell.. seems as if lately i spend more time on the spells then off… but I am a guina pig for a new drug .. so we’ll see..

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