Do you feel it? INSD!!! It’s in the air. And all this lovely graphic art flying our way means plenty of inspiration filling the galleries!!

Family Matters by Beth Drapper

I adore adore the bright fun colors with this classic design!!  How clever to use the Project Life cards in such a manner.   Love the colors with the picture.


Play Soccer Card by Blue Cat

Soooo cahute.  Love that little soccer player.  I wish someone would send me a card like this!!


 Dear Li Li by misslovescraps

Who doesn’t love a cool artsy twist!!  So cool!!  You could so find this in an art journal somewhere!


Jason by Mullemaus

Yeah.  I don’t know why the color scheme is the same for all these layouts.  I do so love the fresh colors though.  So springy!!  And so pefect for these happy photos.  What a cherub!!


Seaside by yorkiemom

Ah a new color scheme.  See I do like other colors, lol.  But what I adore most about this layout is the contrast of the picture against the colors of the layout.  The picture completely pops!


Change by mum2gnt

Oh so goooorgeous.  First of all the photography treatment is divine!! But the what really drew me in after that was the cool title work and cluster work at the bottom.



Boy oh boy.  This was not all in the galleries.  Hope your INSD plans include a trip there!

One thought on “Finger Pointing – May 2nd

  1. Aaaaaah Claire! Thank you soooooooooooooooooo much! I am so happpy! Of course George – the one in the photo – is looking at this and telling me that it was his face that made you pick the page! ROFL! Well yes, Ok it was I am sure!

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