Can you believe that October is winding down? This month has really flown! There never seems to be enough time to get crafty or creative lately, but a trip through the galleries does help! So, let’s check out today’s standouts!

Carving Pumpkins by js_74
I absolutely love the composition and layering on this page. Everything is just spot on! It’s playful and interesting to look at, but it also manages to keep the photos front and center. Great Halloween treat here!

Character Selfies by tanyah666
This is super creative and a brilliant solution to the problem of what to do with all of those Disney character photos! I adore how the design moves your eye along the page with the carefully placed arrow. The title work is also super fun. Wonderful work!

Silly Girls by NatalieKW
The cool paper play and bold title work are very eye-catching. I love the limited color scheme on this page too, as it adds to the graphic pop of the design. Well done!

ToT by LeeAndra
The balanced, centered composition gives a strong focal anchor to this page that really works. The simple embellishments add a perfectly restrained amount of detail too. Very pretty!

Let’s Party by LenaBrandenburg
I love the storytelling that’s happening in these photos! The addition of the great patterned papers kicks it up another notch too! This is just a perfectly fun page!

Oct. 13 by zinzilah
Can you tell where the photo ends and the layout begins? The seamless quality to this page is so very awesome! I adore the masterfully added element work and witchy mood of this page. So cool!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you were inspired!

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – October 28th

  1. Thank you Laura, made me so happy today, about the door, my husband asked how did you do it, he looked at the picture and went to the door to make sure he remembers it right 😉 Nice.

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