Hi! Hope everyone is well and having a great weekend. The weather changed drastically here in London and I’m feeling the arrival of a (I think will be) harsh autumn, but it mellows with the view of it in the galleries for sure… As the season approaches, the pages start also changing palettes and I’m loving what I see…lots of warm tons and so much creativity, is difficult (as usual) to pick only a few, but here are my picks for today, hope you enjoy them as much as I do:

Portrait by Alegna

This page was made for a challenge in which I have seen creativity unleash in the most beautiful manner, and this is one of the best examples…I love her mask, the way she composed the portrait and altered without leaving herself completely behind….gorgeous, makes me want to lift this to the t!



Longing by Elysah

I was taken by so many art journal pages today, gorgeous takes on the soul and feelings of so many scrappers that are discovering how much of a therapy it can be to just put your feelings down, and so many designers creating products that help us to do it in the most beautiful way, and this page is the example of the encounter from great designers and great artists…Love how not much is needed to give the message , but still the page is full of little details that make it a whole….love the tittle that seems to break the warmth of the color scheme here with cold white, and how the alpha is “broken” given even more the feeling of longing. Amazing.



Secret Me by Nixenkind

This is my kind of page, the thing I love the most: fill a page, be able to use lots of elements and create something fun with movement and lots of info, and in this about me page we have all that & more. Great descriptions that allow to get to know her a bit in one page, lots of detail with fun and movement, and super well combined stuff from various designers but achieving such a harmonious page…gorgeous and so much fun!



ttr by marnel

Here is one of my favourite scrappers, one that never fails to paint a smile in my face even in the greyest of days, and this page does exactly that, make us smile. A happy all about me page again, but in this case she doesn’t need to journal further than the use of the kit’s word strips,love how the photos show her spirit, and the layering and choices for the layering are superb. All these paired with her impeccable shadows…a super well deserved place in here tonight.



good bye by misslovescraps

She not just loves scraps…she becomes the scrap when composing. I admit to being one of her greatest fans, and this page is such a beauty, the perfect composition, the beautiful photo capture, together with the warmth palette and crowned by a wonderful tittle (love that alpha!) and the word arts here make it into something I would love to hang on my walls. I love how she used the journal cards here, another show of how much can be done when we let our imagination fly: perfection comes to mind in this little world of fall.


Last but never least, another one of my favorite ladies. And the page is so great with just a perfect interpretation of the template and super fun theme…I have to say I am NOT a reality Tv fan…but lets forgive her as she added the “guilty” word LOL The page is beautiful, amazing blank space, and so very well scrapped that we don’t need words beyond the tittle…another jewel in the galleries tonight, here is Reality TV by carrie1977


And this is all from me tonight, I hope you have an amazing weekend, thanks for sharing all the beauty and talent from the galleries with us. Remember that you can always get to the original gallery by clicking the high-lit name and author of each LO to leave them some love, they most certainly deserve it :).


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