Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. I am just hopping by to show you a selection of gems that I found in the galleries!

S_not-Good by Armygrl
Jawdropping! What an incredibly beautiful and creative page. It immediately caught my eye in the gallery. I love all the graphic elements, the handmade feel of it and the overal black and white color scheme with just a few splashes of pale colors.  I sure hope you are feeling better now Armygrl. It’s SO not fun to be sick but I do envy you for being able to create something as gorgeous as this page while feeling sick as a dog [yeah I spotted him catching the rain drops!]. I swear I wouldn’t be able to if they gave me a million dollars. Brilliant title too by the way!


Best Friends by Keley Lopes
I just love the happy and fun energy of this page! Of course those awesome pics are a big reason why but how about those fun wordstrips and bright colors and the cancan dancers and the funky trail of doodled flowers?! Such a great mixture of elements, styles and textures!


Graffiti by dianepsmith
I am in awe at how that incredible graffiti was blended and worked into this page! The paint splatters and swirls make it look as if the graffiti belonged there all along! I also love the title work!


back to the 80’s by misslovescraps
This page truly brings me back to the 80’s. Believe it or not but after seeing it I HAD to put on Level 42…hahaha. Of course it caught my eye because of it’s vibrant colors but once you get over the shocking pink you’ll see what a super fun cluster is up there. So much detail too with the tiny beads and buttons, tapes, word strips and cute little stars and how about that awesome photo!


He Shoots He Scores! by jesslynn0902
I just love the strong design behind this page that really is just a photo and a block of text when you brake it down to it’s basics. It’s the clever use of brushes, fonts and font sizes, colors and other shapes, like the ellips from the ball and the ‘triangles’ from the arrows, that makes this page into so much more! I also LOVE the photo and fantastic story. An amazing page in every way!


Life Is Beautiful by HeyJude
I love the ancient Roman statues in their heavily textured surroundings combined with paint, stitches and modern elements! The well placed pops of red add such great interest to the page and give it extra dimension. I agree that life is beautiful HeyJude and so is your page! Wowzers!


And that was the last one for today. I hope you like my picks and that these pages will inspire you. If so, then please leave some love for the artists that are so kind to share their work in the galleries!

Have a wonderful day and Happy Scrappin’!

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – April 20

  1. Thanks so much for noticing the bball page I made for my son. It was a very special moment that I wanted to make sure to document 🙂 Happy Easter!

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