Hello! Paula here! I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your families!  Here in Brazil we use to present friends and family with a chocolate Easter Egg. And, not just any chocolate egg…Easter eggs average about twenty-inches tall and are filled, of course, with delectable chocolate surprises! Fat and sugar…Sigh. Ah well, this week is a fast week…

Board Games by EkaSyr

Everything here screams fun! Her take on the template is fantastic and the mixture of elements and fun colours is perfec! Love how she hide the background paper and the games behind the cutout circles! Adds depth to the page. That is so super cool.


Our Family by scrap-genie

What a stunner of a heritage page! Love the effect she created with the tree brush on the right.  The tones in the photo are complemented perfectly by the neutral color paper and touches! So simple and perfect.


(be inspired) by Marleen

There’s lots to love about collage! And there’s a such collage feel here… different pieces which create a new, improved, sometimes perfect look. I love the brush work around her shoulder and chest suggesting a dress and the red lips and neck just makes this pop right out of the gallery. Love the city image blended at the neutral  background, it makes the image pop. Also great photo treatment!


Random Challenge April 2014 by naughtsncrosses

Love all Edeena’s page!!!The combination of black and white  newsprint paper, photo and title is so cool!!!! The use of the monotones was such a good idea because it really draws you into the colored photo. Really well done!!


About a Bee by JenEm

The sense of depth in this page is really amazing thanks to the great shadow work.  Love the added colored paint bubble wraps and tiny confettis and how she matches the amazing bee pics with all elements here! The story behind the page put a big smile on my face! I just love to see the ordinary things in pages!


cupcakes3 by FarrahJobling

High Cuteness Alert! To say Good Night, I have this CUTE one! I love the sweet photo series!  The colors choice is outstanding. Very soft and delicate! Perfect for the pics! Love everything about this!


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