Hello! Here I am again, in the very early hours of the morning with some gorgeous jewels from the galleries! As usual there is so much talent out there, so, if you find inspiration as much as I do with these amazing creations, you can click in the name & author high lit and get to their original galleries to leave them some love 🙂 So, here they are:

inm by marnel- LOVE this! I accidentally closed the tab with this page and went back 20 something pages to find it…I had to share this with you all. I am so taken with the pocket scrapping “neautrals” I have been seeing for the past week or so…  I admit of being a bit of an element hoarder and love full pages…but there is such an elegance in the neutrals, especially when the artist is someone like Mary here…..her pages are always a delight…and this…well, lets say it was well worth going back lots of pages to find it again (even at 3 am LOL)


Easter Day by alahnasmommy: Another super page!!!! Love the multi photo, gorgeous take on the template, beautiful clusters and shadows, wonderful memory keeping here!


it by Ana.Paula: I’m so delighted to find her page today! I’m always in awe of how much this girl says with blank space scrapping…there is an art of making things simple but still tell a story, give a message…and this girl certainly has the skills for it. Love the photo treatment and the fact that is not a posed photo, beautiful framing and even journaling…gorgeous page!!!


ADHD by scrapsandsass is one of those pages with which I wish it was earlier in the day and I could read the journaling better… Love this page not only as visually is wonderful, with the different textures and gorgeous composition (also lots of stuff from one of my most fav designers ever) but also the journaling touches one of the most discussed conditions of this day & age….even though I couldn’t properly read it, I know in my heart what I will be reading tomorrow.


Smile by Laura ODonell is indeed making me smile! LOVE the photo crop, the composition and, here again: journaling. As you may have guessed by now, am having a blank space loving day! This is one amazing page, very rich in its simplicity, it goes a bit further than making me smile 🙂 LOVE it!!!!


Weekend Getaway by Mother Bear: and I’m still in blank space paradise tonight!!!! I think I love it even more because most of her pages (at least the ones I come across) are fuller, and in here she still keeps that first class layering & shadows, this is just a little bit of that beach & sun coming through here…


I am going to extend my post to one more page tonight, and leave you with this fun, happy and extremely beautiful page: Sunshine by Intense Magic is in sync with the page above…though completely different, both bring me a bit of the holiday I’m so in need of, the sun, ohhh one can but dream, so thank God for these amazing ladies and her artistic skills bringing the holiday to me 🙂 As usual with Jan…a perfect composition , beautiful choices and superb shadows, a happy page all over!


I hope you enjoyed these! have a great weekend! TFL!!!

12 thoughts on “Finger Pointing- April 25th

  1. Thank you so much Cynthia, for choosing my page! Such an honor amongst these amazing layouts. Congrats ladies!!

  2. Thanks so much for choosing my page. So sorry the journaling is a bit blurry/hard to read. Ugh. I think I need to track down that sharpening tutorial.

    1. Kim….don’t worry, as a matter if fact, I couldn’t read because I didn’t have the right glasses on….so maybe oether people can.. I’m also a bit OCD with picking LOs….so if I didn’t “get” what the page was about, I wouldn’t have picked LOL the page is awesome and so are you <3

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