Good evening everyone! Hope ll is going well, the galleries certainly show a full range of colours & fun, amazing pages in sync with the season… I have some pages to show, I hope they inspire you as much as it does me! Here are my picks for today:

Blizard Beach by andrea4376

I have to admit not being a big fan of the PLife thing -for myself- but taking the amount of amazing pocket style Los I have seen lately that wOw me…I am considering! And if I was already being tempted. after this particular page I feel more inclined even!!!! LOVE the whole thing here, the grey tones with gorgeous little splahes of colors …there is so much to see here, but still delicate….the photos treatement …everything here is amazing!!!!!


Always being you by PLM

Love the layering, the super cute elements, the clusters and framing…in other words….perfect!!!


I’ll be there for you by Elitka has a feeling of wonderful fun & friendship, a super gorgeous page with a brilliant color explosion! And  here too amazing shadows!!!!


Another marvelous page, Sarah Positive by scrappingramma, whom I have been paying attention lately as I see her in my enabling routes…and I love her pages!  This is a little master piece, with the bits layered, the photo treatment & torn, love how the stitches come straight to the eye (and how can someone not love stitches? LOL) This page is beautiful in every pixel!!!


Every Picture has a Story by Conny S: love her pages, always….and her ability to interpret templates with such skill, to cluster with perfection, photos always gain another dimension with Conny, and this page certainly has all that…absolutely wonderful!


Last but absolutely NOT least: Tia with a gorgeous page: Capturing Life April. Love the blank space here, the amazing little photo and the whole perfectly vintage feeling is present, love all that blank space with the vertical circles…and those shadows!!!!!


So, here is me for tonight, thanks so much for looking, see you soon!

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