I have been away from the scrap world for a little bit, and it felt so good to bepop around the galleries, see the new releases and once again be awed by the immense talent and abilities of all ya’ll! You should all be so proud of yourselves, each and every one that got a page done! Hip hip hoorah!

Cheers of victory go to this page by Romy(who I thought was vacationing a million miles away, but still manages to come up with stunning pages) men of strength.  It was for an ad challenge over at Mscraps, and I am just bamboozeled how she can make such a work of art and the bits of color (such an unusual color) for a sea page.  But perfect:


Wow! Simple but oh oh so wonderful. This page caught my eye and made me hit control + sign to make bigger, because I wanted to know more about the page.  The simple brush stroke of paint draws you in, the elegance of the silver alpha is just marvelous and the whole idea of the page Oh Five One Seven by WendyBretz is magnificent!


Double dipping with this fantastic water page by amandavanbeek, called Pool Waves.  Doesn’t it look just like a page torn out of a magazine?  I love all the journaling and have to admit to being divinely jealous of that pool! She blended the swimming photos so wonderfully, and really took advantage of the double page spread!


Kaboom by YBH! This page is an exclamation point in process! I mean KABOOM! I so love the cool photo treatment of her nephew, and all the fun all over! I mean super heros are da’ bomb anytime, but look at all the goodies! Pure delightful!


Printing books is one of my passions, and the cover always stumps me! I saw this and was so inspired and although I am not (YET) traveling to New Zealand (be on alert all my friends down under, one day I AM GONNA!!) This page is just so clean and fresh and it tells exactly what is going to be in the book.  I love love love the idea of using the map of where you will go, and the dates all on the cover. Brilliant tracerjamig, your NZ Cover!


One of the benefits to being a Finger Pointer here at the Gallery Stand Outs blog, is stumbling across a new to your scrap artist, and I found hdubois43 today. Her blends and pages thru out her entire gallery are breathtaking and I encourage you to go and see more of her work.  Her Super Cell Storm Over Kansas-the Power of Nature is one that is just wow. Tradewinds, and playball…oh just fantastic.  But the one that introduced me to her is The Post Modern Backyard. Just look at it and enjoy the tranquil and amazing scene she has recreated here. Aaah, that is a sigh of contentment.


That is it for me, I am inspired and off to have some ice cream with my family, and then come home and scrap a page or ten!

~never lose your joy




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