Hi peeps, it’s Mirjam here pointing her finger at a small selection of layouts that really stood out to me in the galleries out there. Believe me when I say there’s loads more gems to be found but these are the ones I picked to show to you. I hope you like my choices.

Cupid is stupid by HeyJude
A great example of how much a page can tell without pictures! I love the arrows pointing left and right, making me think of a rollercoaster of emotions and all the wordart and wordstrips just so perfectly mimic blurbs of thoughts. I love this and I hope that putting these thoughts to paper really helped!


Lovely by Ellie
What a super cute page and beautiful cluster! I love the bold combination of patterns that really make the page pop and there’s so much detail in there yet still that strip of photos takes center stage! Brilliant also, how those little pink flower details at the right of the page add counter weight to the pink in the paper on the left and give the page great balance.


Love you by Gemma85
The sense of depth in this page is really amazing thanks to the great shadow work. And how clever to let that bright red journal card lead the eye to that super cute photo that otherwise might just dissapear in that busy background. Love the added colored paint drips and tiny doodled hearts!


Les pieds dans l’eau by CaroleScrap
Seeing this page was like love at first sight! Wow! I love the freestyling with loads of white space and awesome retro feel going on here. In combination with the elements used and the pale colors it has such a beautiful sense of innocence to it. And how about  that title? It just sounds like a poem: Les pieds dans l’eau [Your feet in the water]. Wow. Wow. Wow.


Bad Day by sbpoet
I swear I didn’t pick this one because of it’s quirky connection to the page above!!!!
Can you believe it’s made by sbPOET and is also about feet? Okay not really feet but close enough.
Anyway…pure concidence!

I picked this page by sbpoet because I just love how she scrapped her bad day. She obviously hurt herself and than she scraps about the event with humor and in a comic book style way. I think the wordarts and strips are so cool and so is the photo crop. The message to me is clear: never lose your joy no matter what!


Walkaway by ChantalS
What a GORGEOUS explosion of colors and brushes in the background of that fabulous ‘simple’ photo! I love the contrast between the 2 of them emphasized by that beautiful journaling. The blue flower and butterfly are the perfect finishing touches and add a sense of texture and depth to the page. Love this!

And that was the last one for today! See you next time!

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