Hello everyone. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday as I am, with the people you love! I do not really enjoy that the weather is getting colder here but I have to say that it does cozy up things inside when candles are lit and you can hear the wind blowing. Anywho…I am not here to tell you how I am spending my Sunday although part of it is also the reason I am here. I have been peeking in the galleries and I would love to show some of the layouts that really caught my eye.
Here we go…

Lovebytes by ronnietexas

The hand drawn wordarts and doodles on the notepad paper background are so much fun and so energetic. Makes me think of my old highschool day planners! I love the fun photos and journaling. A super happy page that just puts a big smile on my face. I love it!


Let it Go by d2vasquez

I just love the minimalist colour scheme of this page; the delicate greens with splashes of subtle red and perfect delicate black accents that determine the design. Fabulous brushwork and photo treatment. The scattered elements in combination with the street make me think of thought snippets. I am in awe with how well the emotion’s captured in this page. Amazing!


Purrfection by doggino

What a beautiful layout! Don’t those black and white photos look absolutely gorgeous against that grungy wood background and delicate colours? I also love how the crochet elements, lace doilie, and rolled up fabric flowers add texture to the page and how the pops of pink and yellow aswell as the photos add a great sense of depth. So pretty.


14 Things in 2014 by jenn mccabe

I love making to do lists or better I love crossing out the things I’ve done. This one is so brilliantly creative and beautiful! I love the bright colours and all the little bits and pieces added to all 14 things to do! Such a wonderful and fun combination of products and the subtly added clock is such a clever detail since this list represents the things to do for the whole year to come.


You R Sweet by star74

I know how the background paper of this page looks and I am so in awe at how Claudia [star74] worked with everything that was already there, added her own elements and made the page her own. Plus I love how well the colours in the photo match the colours of the kit. Beautiful page!


mr photogenic by wildblueeyez

How cute is this?! The first thing I saw was that sweet little guy who very much deserves the name mr photogenic if you ask me but how about the design of this page? I am not talking about the arrangement of all seperate elements because I know a template was used but the style! It’s graphic, it’s doodly, it’s playful and it’s so much fun! I love how the title is done, I love the bold yellow. The perfect album cover! Brilliant!


And that was the last on my list. I hope you like my choices. See you next time!

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