Hello, everyone! Margje here on this super HOT Sunday in July! Yesterday was even hotter! We are not used to having such high temperatures in the Netherlands! Even the nights are hot and sweaty!! I didn’t sleep as good as usual, but I think that I won’t be the only one! Don’t worry I still have my eyes open to spot some wonderful digi candy in the galleries for you tonight!

First up is This little finger by Shannamay! This is so very cute! Look at the little photo of that girl! She shouts, blames, commands, and demands all day long! Sometimes even with 2 pointy little fingers! I once had such a pointing little girl too, also saying “listen to me” all the time! (28 years ago, and now she just had her first little girl) It’s just bringing back memories! I love how she designed the page and did the journaling! This is so great to capture in a page! She will love this when she is older!


Next up I have Spotify addict by Natascha!  The cool composition definitely caught my eye in the gallery! This page just rocks! She likes to make her own Spotify list with her favorite music in different genres! I love how she illustrates it!  A wonderful designed page with a lot to see! Wonderful journalling and title too!


This next layout The tale of an egg from mystampin2003 is a page with lots of journalling! You don’t see that much in a page! It’s a story you have to read, to totally understand the beauty of this page! It’s very creative and unique and I love it all together very much! And what a great honoring to her mother! The message that she gave her children is wonderfully kept this way!


Cape San Blas Storm by crazycat1126  is gorgeous!! I love the shape of that beautiful photo with the orange frame! And I just adore the brushes behind the photo! That cute crab and the fishes are really the only embellishments that it needs! It’s just so beautiful to look at! Wish I could be there right now!


Next up is Favorite Everyday by Dianeskie  Bright, colorful, and fun is this layout! I love the design and the star cutouts. The very creative design, and I also like the soft colors  she used. The doodly title rocks! And then I didn’t even say anything about the adorable photo’s! I came back for it after an early check this afternoon! It had to be here this evening!!


And last, but most certainly not least  Park Adventure by coady  What an amazing scenery and work of art she created here, I love the silhouettes and actually I love everything that’s on here! It’s got a great feel of dept (did you see the shadow work) and I can see this as an illustration in a book! So amazing! Great work!


Hope you enjoyed these pages as much as I do, and remember if so, you can get to their galleries by clicking the name and author of the pages to leave them some love, I will say goodnight (hope this will be a better night) and wish you an amazing week! TFL! 🙂 See you next time!


3 thoughts on “Finger Pointing-July 20

  1. Ohhh I was pointed out to this, thank you so much Margje for choosing my page!! I feel honered 😀 Dank je!! xo Natascha

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