Happy Sunday everyone. I hope your day is as sunny as mine even if it’s something other than the sun that’s shining on you!
Of course I am not here to talk about the weather but to show you the pages that stood out in the gallery for me today.

As always I had a bit of difficulty picking just 6 but I am happy to be able to tell you that I finally decided on my picks so here we go and I hope you enjoy them:

Happy Moments by quietangelsb
Wow-ee-wow-wow! What a beautiful page! I love the yellow stitches alongside the photos, great detail, and the title work is just PERFECT! Also love the look of those rectangled photos and their yummy bright colours! It’s all SO pretty and it’s making me long for the beach!


Sunset together by Amson
Sigh! I swear I can look at this page all day long! It’s SO pretty! Not only do I think that photo is breathtaking but look at how perfect the golden text and splatters go with the colour of the sun setting in the water! I also love the look of the blended in newspaper print, that cute little cluster on the right where the button is as blue as the sky above and that handwritten quote in the clouds. Perfect in every detail if you ask me.


March Overview 2013 by Bellerose
Holy hot bananas! What an awesome recap page of March 2013! I love that every photo has a bit of journaling on it and how they seem to be ‘carelessly’ tossed all over the page! And did you see Bellerose stuck flowers in there and beads and leaves? I truly think this is amazing! So much detail, so cool!


Read Me A Story by judy in SD
The fun font, beautiful color scheme and that fantastic photo are the things that immediately made me want to take a closer look at this layout and I am SO glad I did. What a wonderful project this is  that Judy is writing about!


School Days – Everyday by Charlize
The fun vibe of this page just jumps right at ya in the galleries. I love the sense of energy and excitement! I also love the tilted photo that is used in different sizes which I think is very dynamic and the combination of shapes and brushes here!


Peace by nfenchak
My oh my Nadine what an amazing page! Everything about it is just perfect, the element placement the subtle pops of color. When I read your journaling it gave me a lump in my throat and goosebumps all over. This is beautiful beyond words! I am in awe at how you kept everything so modest while you gave it such depth and emotion at the same time.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

2 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – March 16

  1. Thank-you so much for choosing my layout. I had to look twice when it came up on my Facebook feed. It made my day!

    Samantha (user name Bellerose 🙂

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