Hi you all! It’s almost 2 am over here and I seem to be glued to my chair in front of my laptop! I was sitting here almost all day, I had a lot to prepare for the INSD sale and the upcoming digidare – my first one –  at the digidareblog. I hope I did everything right and maybe some of you will play along with the dare this week! But now it’s time to let me show you some creativeness I found in the galleries tonight!

After typing this is felt so tired, couldn’t think clear anymore, so I finished this post in the morning after a good nights sleep ;).

Wild and free by Shayenne27 What a great movement in this page! Love the monochromatic approach and the use of many brushes to express the feeling of being wild and free. Wonderful!

free-and-wild shayenne27 oscraps

Delicious start by beccasue71 A beautiful C&S page! Simple and very effective. Love the repetition of the circles here. Love the way the frame is placed around it all!

delicious_start_beccasue71 tlp

Look up by judy in SD This one is stunning! It’s almost like the viewer has been shot away in a rocket flying through the gallaxy! This could be a wallpiece! Love it!

Look_Up_judy in SD oscraps

PL 2014 week 11 by namaste Owww, how romantic is this!! Being asked on the beach on a sunny day! Great pictures here and how lucky to have a photographer near ;). Beautiful!!

Week-11-3-namaste oscraps

1978 saved by a cow by dawneephay This one got my attention right away as I entered the gallery. The shattered ‘mirror’pieces with the cows head sticking through it and the title made me curious enough to read the whole story. And a story it is, about how a cow can safe your life! I can relate to your story Dawnee! My son experienced the same injury two years ago by playing soccer and falling on his own elbow, rupturing his own spleen. He played the second half and went to the hospital after the game finished. The tension of his muscles kept the spleen together and that’s what saved him the doctors said. Would he have been gone home to sleep, like he originally wanted, he woud have been dead for sure. This recognition makes this page even more special! I’m glad you made it and are healthy and alive!

1978savedbyacow dawneephay designer digitals

Love by sokee I love how the pieces of vellum are used here, they look so real! Like everything else looks real on this page! Brilliant shadowwork! The triangles tumbling down give a lovely colorful touch! A beauty!

CR-Love_edited-1 sokee p&co

A late post this time, I hope you like my choices and don’t forget to leave the artists some love, while visiting the galleries! Have a great INSD weekend, I’m off shopping!

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