I couldn’t resist! I had to put it in the title!! I am not a big Star Wars peep, but know so many that are major Star War fans and this is the official day! lol  I really tried to find some Star Wars type layouts, and this was the closest, at least it is in space right? Dids Moonlight shadow is fabulous photo just alone, then the type text path, gives it the pure wonderful wow factor:



The eyes grabbed me. The textures and delightful blends held me and drew me in.  Always Nate by bbe is grungy in a superb way! I am impressed with it all!



I really do try to find new artist, new galleries and dig deep for Finger Pointing…I do, but it would be a shame to not include this page Selfie by akizo.  She has an eye for detail and adding elements to bring the page together in just a cohesive way! I admire her immensely, and this page is another reason:



epic HAIRCUT! look at the title and swoon with me!! I love it all funky and laying on top of it’s self, and then the whole grown up feel! raquels!! you hit it out of the ballpark with this! I so plan on lifting this page, like tomorrow!! epichaircut



The colors are so not what you “expect” for pow wow…I am used to the browns and earth tones and this made me want to explore the page! I love the very very slight oval or circle around the perfectly placed mat she (I think it is clipped) the photo too. This is a gorgeous page! Pow Wow by solysombra33




Just look and keep on looking! This is a woman I want to sit and just listen or watch! This is so darn creative in my eyes! I lvoe it, her and this page! Me by beedee01, you are amazing!


Off to bed with me, and I hope the 4th is with you today too!

~never lose your joy


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