In the US, Thanksgiving is this week…a time to reflect on our lives and really focus on the things we are thankful for.  Here in Denver, it’s COLD…but thankfully, not as miserable as Upstate New York.  So, to honor those buried under piles of SNOW, I thought I’d showcase some layouts featuring great wintery photos.

1.  Rawr: Pull out the sweaters by scrapsandsass – Let’s just start us off today with this AMAZING shot.  I’m hoping it was taken at the zoo or with an extremely long lens…not sure I want to know how close you’d have to get to capture that guy.  Gorgeous shot and I love the colors used in the LO.


2. Christaly-Snowflake Christmas by Corelle- Awwww…I love babies all wrapped up for playing out in the snow.  Kinda reminds me of my favorite holiday movie – A Christmas story…you know, the part where the mom bundles up Randy and he can’t put his arms down?  Anyways…slight side tangent, so back to the LO.  I love the pop of red of the hat.


3. Snowy Holidays Bundle by Palvinka- WOW…gorgeous photo…gorgeous girl and I especially love the clustering work.


4. Winter Wonderland by jetje- What a great day documented.  I know that shooting in the winter can be tough, but not only are the photos great, I can just imagine how fun the day was.


5. Let it Snow by Kim21673 – first of all, I LOVE the photo…love it in Black and white…and I especially love the non traditional colors used.  The title is awesome, as is the cluster of elements.


6. Sweet Joy by Ann06- I’m a HUGE fan of the use of water coloring  techniques in digital scrapbooks.  It’s so cozy, so nostalgic…I’m picturing myself now on a blustery day with cookies and hot cocoa in front of the fire.


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