What a fun job tonight, the Monday after Digital Scrapbooking  weekend!!!!!  I felt like I was at a buffet of excellence in EVERY gallery! Wow, seriously, I had 20 pages up in tabs and had to narrow it down to just 6! YIKES!

I begin with earlofoxford’s GUM(I).  Just look upon this page in awe. I love the perspective of the photo which is by itself majestic.  Then it blends with perfection at the top, the torn paper brings your eye to the bit of history added. Le’ Sigh, but I adore this page:


Big Picture, and big smiles and if this doesn’t make you laugh and smile and well just all around happy, check your pulse! Simple. Awesome and I love every inch! Together by joey, thank you for the extra fun added to today for me!


The photos grabbed me in the gallery,   the tilt of the horizon in the bottom photo made me want to know more about this page. floO6nice’s Sweet Home has a classic scrapbook feel that I love, with a bit of a twist of clustery fun! Her journaling is precious and I would so love to look at that window!


I will not be stopped by hekas.  If anyone stops her, they gotta go thru me first. This page is like a cool breeze on a hot summer night. The wetness of grass in the early morning. It has a heartbeat of awesome that I totally fell for…wow is a small word, but imagine it being said and my mouth left open in total awe!


This page is gonna make you look, then look again. See that crop? PURE dynamic and makes you go, dang, I need to go thru my photos and try this! But wait, JenEm pops this way cool extra frame circle on the page to draw you down that path! My head and heart go together and make this cooing sound of amazement for this page! Journey by JenEm.  I am so thankful for this page!


I think many of the people I meet in the digital world of scrapbooking, are also voracious readers. They love the written word and the images it inspires in their minds.  If we had more time, we would scrap and read more! This page Reading is Dreaming by Ann combines both worlds of reading and scrapping with such wonder! I am also a lover of shoes…tee hee, and want hers! hahha


My 6 picks are here, but oh so many more out there.  I hope you all got great deals this weekend, and have unzipped and are scrapping memories and dreams!

~never lose your joy




6 thoughts on “Finger Pointing – November 3rd

  1. Wow I’m so thrilled you can’t imagine ! Thank you for choosing my page and all the ohter pages are really awesome ! Hugs

  2. Thank you so much, Anne! This totally made my morning, seeing this. Congrats to the other ladies featured here – the layouts are all excellent.

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